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The Longest Promise (玉骨遥) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Longest Promise (玉骨遥) is a costume drama with Li Eryun as the producer, Jiang Jiajun, starring Xiao Zhan and Ren Min, and Fang Yilun, Wang Churan, Wang Ziqi and others. 

This Chinese drama was once known as Jade Bone Ballad (Yu Gu Yao). The Longest Promise is based on the popular Mirror: Zhu Yan novel series, which is a predecessor to Mirror: Twin Cities. A teacher-student connection exists between Prince Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan) and Zhu Yan (Ren Min), the Chi tribe's daughter. Both, however, come from opposing political factions. In the midst of this political turmoil, they both find it impossible to repress their emotions.

The Longest Promise (玉骨遥) is adapted from the novel of Cang Yue, telling the story of the lonely high-definition and cold Kongsang crown prince Shiying and the enthusiastic and righteous red clan princess Zhu Yan. Because of Yihua’s favor, Shiying accompanies Zhu Yan to grow up. Together to guard the story of the Kongsang Dynasty.

The Longest Promise (玉骨遥), a historical fantasy romantic drama starring Xiao Zhan and Ren Min, is one of the most eagerly anticipated dramas. Tencent has released the official promo video for the drama, which has piqued the interest of viewers. Because of her soft and fairy-like demeanor, many people thought Xiao Zhan would be a good fit for this job. Ren Min's bangs are very adorable, and she emanates an innocent girl charm. The two were hailed for their attractiveness, and many people had great hopes for their chemistry.

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Detail of The Longest Promise (玉骨遥)

Chinese Title: 玉骨遥 (Jade Bone Remote)

Genre: Fantasy, Ancient, Romance

Filming location: Hengdian

Director: Jiang Jiajun

Screenplay: Wu Yingying

Producer: Li Eryun 

Starring: Xiao Zhan, Ren Min, Fang Yilun, Wang Churan 

Online Platform: Tencent video 

Shooting date: March 29th - August 4, 2021.

Plot Story of The Longest Promise (玉骨遥)

Due to Yihua's benevolence, the isolated and frigid Kongsang son Shiying and the joyful and righteous Red Clan princess Zhu Yan met and became master and apprentice for three years. Kongsang will perish while Guixie emerges. Shiying believes that Zhiyuan, who grew up alongside Zhu Yan, is the Sea Emperor, and thus personally seals Zhiyuan. Zhu Yan finally passed the jade bone spur over to Shi Ying and remarked that. However, fate changed the day he was spied on.

Cast of The Longest Promise (玉骨遥)

Xiao Zhan as Shi Ying

The lonely and cold Prince Kongsang was also a priest.

Ren Min as Zhu Yan

The enthusiastic and righteous Chizu princess

Fang Yilun as Zhiyuan

The first warrior of the mackerel

Wang Churan as Bai Xuelu

Yecheng White King's Concubine

Wang Ziqi as Qing Gang

The best fighter of the Qing clan

Li Mingde as Zhongming

The Guardian Bird of Jiuyi Mountain

Ye Shengjia as Shi Yu

Lu Yuxiao as Bai Xueying

Han Dong as Da Si Ming

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