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The Flowers Are Blooming (清风朗月花正开) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Flowers Are Blooming (清风朗月花正开) is Chinese Drama produced by Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Next Station Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., directed by Ren Haiyao, starring Xu Jiaqi, Huang Shengchi, Yang Yunxuan, Wu Chao, Song Hanyu, Ma Zhenhuan, Fu Yaning, Inspirational romantic drama in period costume starring Li Jiahui and others. The show will be broadcast on iQiyi and Tencent Video on December 19, 2021.

The Flowers Are Blooming (清风朗月花正开) is also known as Qing Feng Lang Yue Hua Zheng Kai, 清風朗月花正開 , 清风朗月. The series tells the story of eight youths forming a team of Kiba craftsmen to help clients complete various fortifications and chase their dreams.

The Flowers Are Blooming (清风朗月花正开), a Chinese drama, premieres in the third week of December, with Gold Panning, another drama. Kiki Xu, Huang Sheng Chi, Wu Yang, Chris Song, Evan Ma, and Jessie Fu star in the Chinese drama The Flowers Are Blooming.

According to the synopsis for The Flowers Are Blooming, the drama revolves around an intriguing romantic narrative involving architecture. A Chinese Drama, a romantic and historical comedy series, is available on iQiyi and Tencent Video.

the flower are blooming synopsis
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Detail of The Flowers Are Blooming

Chinese Title: 清风朗月花正开 (Breeze and Long Moon Flowers Blooming)

English Title: The Flowers Are Blooming 

Other Title: The moon is clear and the flowers are blooming 

Genre: Costume, Love 

Production Company: Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Next Station Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Distribution Company: Zhejiang Next Station Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Premiere time: December 19, 2021 

Director: Ren Haiyao 

Screenplay: Wu Yang, Wang Xiaobei 

Producer: Yang Bei, Li Xinghua 

Starring: Xu Jiaqi, Huang Shengchi, Yang Yunxuan, Wu Chao, Song Hanyu, Ma Zhenhuan, Fu Yaning.

Number of Episode: 24 Episode

Online Platforms: iQiyi, Tencent Video

Plot Story of The Flowers Are Blooming 

Chen Langyue (Xu Jiaqi), the princess of the Great Xiao Kingdom, was infatuated with construction labor and snuck out of the palace to join the Mu Yu craftsmen team, which was created by the talented materialist Li Qingfeng (Huang Shengchi), and they knew each other's love story. 

Several diverse Great Xiao teens banded together for their individual ideas, and together they reconstructed weird and intriguing structures. They fought and squabbled, but they also warmed up and supported each other. They went through ups and downs, remodeling both the buildings and their hearts. At the end of the day, everyone in Kihanin had their own personal progress and home.

5th Episode Summary of The Flowers Are Blooming

Episode 1

The Great Depression, in the sixth year of Yongjia, the world prospered. The princess Chen Langyue, who likes building construction, took the maid An Xiaoluo and sneaked out of the palace and got into a gambling house "Qianjinfang". It is expected that she will join her team of craftsmen to fulfill her dream of building. Outside the Muyu craftsman team, facing bankruptcy due to mismanagement, a group of craftsmen were asking for pay. The shopkeeper Luo Yi took Li Qingfeng out to appease the crowd and lied that they had received substantial funding from the Zhao family, the richest man in Lin'an. Li Qingfeng went out to find money. Li Qingfeng and Luo Yu first came to Qianjinfang to ask for the final payment. They met Chen Langyue, who was also here. Li Qingfeng and Chen Langyue had a dispute because of their different architectural views. Then Luo Yi took Li Qingfeng and went straight to Zhao's house. 

Although Luo Yi lied, it's okay to meet Zhao Yining. Zhao Yining is the daughter of the Zhao family and a well-known investment businessman in Lin'an. When Li Qingfeng and Luo Yi came to Zhao's house, they saw a long line at the door, thinking they were all for money, but they didn't expect that today was the day when Zhao's family chose a relative for Zhao Yining's hydrangea! On the other side, Chen Langyue and An Xiaoluo learned that the builder of Qianjinfang was expected to be named Li Qingfeng, and the craftsman team was in Muyuyuan, so they found them, but only saw a mess at the door. The debt collector told them, Li Qingfeng and Luo Yi went to Zhao's house, and Chen Langyue, who mistakenly thought that Li Qingfeng was an old man, suddenly lamented that Senior Li was forced by life to become a son-in-law?

Episode 2

After Li Qingfeng returned to Muyuyuan, he saw that Mu Yuan was destroyed, and he was furious. He also believed that Chen Langyue was stealing from a bet at the casino, and Chen Langyue said that he waited for Li Qingfeng’s veteran to return. She will compensate Mu Yuan. It was not until Luo Yi came back with the gongs and drums to announce that Muyu Institute was going to regain its glory, and Chen Langyue learned that this young boy turned out to be Li Qingfeng, so she apologized in every possible way and said that she just wanted to Come to join the Kiba craftsman team. Li Qingfeng believes that the concept is different, and he resolutely refuses to accept it. Luo Yi thinks again that free labor should not be used for nothing, so Luo Yi urges Li Qingfeng to keep Chen Langyue and Xiao Luo behind. 

The first thing to reopen was to recruit talents. Chen Langyue, Li Qingfeng and An Xiaoluo went to the recruitment market, but they came across a pair of officers and soldiers passing by. Chen Langyue thought it was the emperor’s brother who sent someone to look for her, so Leaning on Li Qingfeng’s shoulders...every time the artisans heard Li Qingfeng’s name, they filled with outrage and made various complaints. As a result, no one was recruited at the end of the day. The three returned in angrily. Luo Yi decided not to let Li Qingfeng tomorrow. out. The next day, Chen Langyue and An Xiaoluo went out and posted notices along the road. They saw a butcher bullying a woman and a child by the side of the road, so they stepped forward to help and learned that the woman's name was Han Niao Niao and the child's name was Tong. Tong, they have been bullied by this butcher for a long time.

Episode 3

Luo Yi bought wine and vegetables to celebrate the first fortification of Mu Yuyuan's reopening. After drinking, Chen Langyue and Li Qingfeng found a injured bird under the tree. Chen Langyue quickly asked Li Qingfeng to help bandage it. Li Qingfeng asked Chen Langyue if she liked helping people very much. Chen Langyue replied that helping others would make her happy. Li Qingfeng fell into contemplation. He has always been self-centered, but he has never experienced the joy of helping others. He has changed a lot about Chen Langyue. However, Chen Langyue, who is a deputy capital, has never experienced the joy of helping others. I want to compare Li Qingfeng with each other and draw a sketch map of the transformation. 

Everyone will vote on which one to use. After Zhao Yining heard this, he didn't know what medicine was sold in the gourd, so he went to vote, but even so, the final result was still Chen Langyue winning. Since Chen Langyue and Li Qingfeng worked together, they communicated more and understood each other better. That night, a grudge butcher unexpectedly locked the door of the thatched cottage outside, and then a fire trapped Li Qingfeng and Chen Langyue inside. In the fire, Li Qingfeng wetted her coat and wrapped Chen Langyue tightly and was about to take her out. However, the burning beams of the house smashed down. Li Qingfeng was hit in the back in order to protect Chen Langyue and caught fire at the same time. Anxiously, Chen Langyue hugged Li Qingfeng and used her body to help him put out the fire.

Episode 4

Li Qingfeng was injured, and Chen Langyue refused to let him go to work. Zhao Yining also sent medicine to treat burns. When Li Qingfeng was bathing, Chen Langyue mistakenly thought that the smoke from the room was on fire, so she carried a bucket of water and poured it over. The embarrassed Chen Langyue was ready to go away, but saw Zhao Yining come back after buying the dim sum, so she hid in Li Qingfeng's room, closed her eyes and held a wooden bucket on her head, waiting for him to put on his clothes and leave. Tongtong’s thatched house was finally renovated. Grandma was moved by looking at the newly renovated house, and everyone in Kiyuyuan was moved by grandma’s touch. 

That night, when everyone returned to Muyuyuan, Chen Langyue was at the end. She suddenly took Li Qingfeng's hand, and Li Qingfeng was shocked. But what Chen Langyue wants to say is that she feels someone is following them. So the two followed backwards and caught Dong Ergou, and got evidence of the butcher's arson in his mouth. Then they threatened Dong Ergou to take them to the butcher and finally sent him to the government. Han Curula also mentioned the second fortification-Huancaiyuan. Everyone in Muyu Academy came to Huancaiyuan and saw Liu Yiyun, Lin'an's first talented woman. Li Qingfeng had a good chat with her, but realized that she still had some hidden feelings. Because of this, Chen Langyue misunderstood that Li Qingfeng fell in love with this talented woman, and was a little jealous.

Episode 5

Chen Langyue made pear soup for everyone to cool off, but deliberately made Li Qingfeng's cup extremely sour to express her feelings. Meng Yuanxu was tired from Tongtong's work, so he hired thirty masons to "divide the mountain" out of his own pocket, and hid himself to the side to travel around comfortably, wondering how he should offer Chen Langyue diligence. The expansion of the pond ran into difficulties. Li Qingfeng took Chen Langyue to find a senior, Master Yu who is proficient in water conservancy. Master Yu loved Chen Langyue very much, so Li Qingfeng took Chen Langyue to see him. . In addition, from Master Yu, Chen Langyue learned that there seemed to be a big gap between Li Qingfeng and his father. 

On the other side, Luo Yi and Wang Sheng went out to buy wood, and Luo Yi realized that perhaps Wang Sheng's identity was not simple. The pond problem was solved and the fortification continued. Instead of working, Meng Yuanxu cooked porridge for Chen Langyue, but he heard a shout outside the door that a stonemason's leg was injured by a rockery. Li Qingfeng rushed to find that the pile of rockery was out of order, so he turned angrily at Meng Yuanxu, not working well, thinking Chen Langyue with one heart, Mu Yu Academy does not need such a chief executive. And Meng Yuanxu, who had never received such treatment, left in anger.

Cast of The Flowers Are Blooming

Xu Jiaqi as Chen Langyue

Remarks The princess of the Great Xiao Kingdom, innocent and lively, with a charming appearance. Chen Langyue was favored by the first emperor, and had good relationship with the prince, and was able to grow up brutally in the palace. He was free and easy. Chen Langyue's appearance was strange and beautiful, his eyebrows were as smart as water, his mind was clever and quaint. He is proficient in all kinds of chess, calligraphy and painting. I am full of curiosity about all new things, and my ideas often break the rules. Although I live in the royal family, there is a soul yearning for freedom, unfettered.

Huang Shengchi as Li Qingfeng

Remarks A genius architect, born in a scholarly family, but arrogant and bold. A genius architect has a deterrent to see through everything. There is a gentleman's self-righteousness. Li Qingfeng comes from a noble family and a scholarly family. This has cultivated his good personal qualities but inevitably he is arrogant, but his status as a concubine It makes him sensitive and suspicious, insecure, and the more rebellious and wild he grows up.

Wu Chao as Han Niao Niao

Yangzhou real estate tycoon daughter, gentle and dignified, has the demeanor of everyone, because her parents insisted on marrying her for business interests and chose to escape the marriage for their own happiness. Han Niao Niao, who studied real estate management with his father from a young age, knows the process of construction engineering well and opened a new chapter in his life.

Song Hanyu as Luo Yi

High IQ and higher EQ. At the same time, he has both the sleek market of the people at the bottom and the character of the son of a big family. He has a good personality and a wide network. The dream of being smart and loving money is to one day become the No. 1 giant in Lin'an. [3]

Yang Yunxuan as Zhao Yining

The only daughter of Lin'an local wealthy Zhao Xian. She looks gorgeous, domineering, likes to wear a peony red, and people give her the nickname Little Chili. Zhao Yining is lively, cheerful and enthusiastic by nature. He lacks the gentleness and grace of a woman, but instead has the straightforwardness of a man.

Ma Zhenhuan as Meng Yuanxu

Lin'an City's No. 1 man who has the dream of a hero, has a straightforward personality.

Fu Yaning as An Xiaoluo

Li Jiahui as Wang Sheng

Guo Jinjie as Liao Shisan

Cheng Yi as Dong Ergou

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