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The Blue Whisper (馭鮫記) is a to-be-broadcast Chinese mainland costume mythology TV series, adapted from Jiulu Feixiang's novel "The Legend of the Shark", which is one of the top ten most watched in 2019 Fantasy IP's only award-winning novel works, divided into the upper and lower parts "Meeting with Jun Chu" and "Just like the old man's return" broadcast. Directed by Zhu Ruibin, starring Dil Ruba and Ren Jialun. 

Chinese Drama The Blue Whisper (馭鮫記) filming will start in Hengdian World Studios on February 16, 2021, the opening ceremony will be held on the 18th, and the whole show will be completed on June 6th. This drama is adapted from a novel entitled The Blue Whisper written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. The series has 30 episodes with Historical, Romantic, Xianxia genres.

The Blue Whisper (馭鮫記) directed by Chu Yui-bun, and starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Allen Ren Jialun. Dilraba Dilmurat will play the character Ji Yunh, while Allen Ren Jialun will play Chang Yi. The Blue Whisper itself is an oriental fairy tale that tells the romance between a demon master and a mermaid. Their relationship is both controlled and controlled, after a series of conspiracies and misunderstandings. They must break away from a barrier in their world to keep each other's life safe.

Plot Story of The Blue Whisper

The story is set in the world where humans and monsters coexist. It tells the story of Chang Yi (Ren Jialun) who rescued the immortal fairy of Shunde who was in danger at sea. When she was sent back by the simple and kind-hearted Chang Yi, she was conspired to send her back. Cruelly imprisoned in Wanhua Valley. The psychic Ji Yunhe (Dil Ruba) was ordered to tame the long will. From the beginning, the two were confronted with each other, and gradually fell in love. After conspiracy, misunderstanding, encounter and parting, one person and one demon crossed the love of races, breaking through the shackles. The story of getting married after many difficulties and dangers, and saving each other's lives and common people's lives together.

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5th Episode Summary of The Blue Whisper (馭鮫記)

Episode 1

Above the Nine Heavens, in the Immortal Realm, Heaven and Earth give birth to two clans, Heavenly Immortal Ya is in charge of order, Earth Immortal Jieao often violates the ban. Heavenly Immortals select a group of elites who specialize in educating criminals, and these people are called spiritual masters. It is forbidden to fall in love with the immortals in the four directions of the royal land. This prohibition is regarded as an iron law by the powerful Ten Thousand Flowers Valley, but Ji Yunhe does not believe in this fate. Ji Yunhe wanted to live a free and free life with his beloved, the merman, but he didn't expect them to come to a life-and-death step. Changyi cut off Ji Yunhe's wings and wanted to imprison Ji Yunhe until he died of old age. Ji Yunhe tried to ask Changyi to let her go several times, but he couldn't make Changyi soften, because Changyi no longer believed what she said. A long time ago, Ji Yunhe was just an ordinary spiritual master in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers. He was ordered by his master to arrest criminals everywhere. 

This time, what Ji Yunhe wanted to capture was Gu Huo Niao, because Gu Huo Niao offended Tiangui, Shunde Xian Ji ordered Wan Hua Gu to capture Gu Huo Niao. In order to let Gu Huo Niao enter the game, Ji Yunhe used a fake Zhuyu Immortal Grass to deceive Gu Huo Niao to Wanhua Valley. Gu Huoniao thought that she had found the dream of Zhuyu Immortal Grass and could help her child A Yin practice, but she did not expect Zhuyu Immortal Grass to be fake. When Gu Huo Niao learned that he had been deceived, Ji Yunhe took the bird egg Ayin and tricked Gu Huo Niao into the game they set up. Qu Xiaoxing waited for Ji Yunhe to send out the signal from the imperial department, and set up the formation directly to harvest Gushou birds, while Zhang Xian, who was ordered to supervise the people of Wanhua Valley, was afraid that the feathers of Gushou birds would be injured by the formation. Interfere and let Gu Huoniao escape from the formation smoothly. After Ji Yunhe failed to defend the law, he used Ayin to persuade Gu Huoniao to let go, to atone for Ayin, who had already died in the mountain fire, and not to add more sins. Gu Huo Niao was provoked by Ji Yunhe's sad past, and he blamed himself for A Yin who killed him for many years. 

Ji Yunhe then told Gu Huo Niao that A Yin was rescued by the immortal master and has been reincarnated in the lower world. Ji Yunhe let Gu Huo Niao see the reincarnated A Yin, let Gu Huo Niao know that A Yin's wish was to let the birds fly freely, and persuaded Gu Huo Niao to release the young bird she caught. Gu Huoniao was moved by Ji Yunhe. She was willing to let go of everything and hand over the elixir to the Immortal Master's Mansion to receive punishment. Ji Yunhe also completed her task. After the task was completed, Qu Xiaoxing felt that Ji Yunhe's ability to control spirits was very strong, and wanted to learn from Ji Yunhe, but he didn't expect Ji Yunhe to count as a spirit stone with him. Zhang Xianshi took a fancy to the Guan Guanniao caught by Gu Huoniao and wanted to take it directly, and gave Ji Yunhe a forbidden white talisman in exchange. He didn't expect that Ji Yunbi would not buy him the account of the celebrity next to Immortal Fairy in Shunde. , and directly sealed his mouth with the forbidden white talisman, and snatched the bird back. When Qu Xiaoxing persuaded Ji Yunhe after Ji Yunhe offended Zhang Xianshi, Lin Haoqing, the master of Shaogu, returned to the valley and rushed to take the position of guardian. Lin Haoqing, within the set time, came back to meet with a murderous beast. The elder Dong Lian, who was standing on his side, immediately praised Lin Haoqing in front of the valley owner, Lin Canglan, and wanted to rush Lin Canglan to promote Lin Haoqing as the protector. Elder Mu Ze disagreed with Dong Lian’s statement and argued with Dong Lian. 

Lin Haoqing then used the collected Ganoderma lucidum to please the elders. Ji Yunhe arrived in time and used Gu Huoniao's elixir to prove that she also passed the test, while Lin Haoqing wanted to judge Ji Yunhe as a loser on the grounds that Ji Yunhe had offended Angel Zhang. Ji Yunhe blamed Lin Haoqing for killing the beast, but did not subdue it and hand it over to the Tianshifu to deal with it, which proved that Lin Haoqing lost to her, and she successfully obtained the position of guardian. Lin Canglan was very annoyed at Ji Yunhe's humiliation to Lin Haoqing, but he couldn't embarrass Ji Yunhe in front of everyone. He could only agree to promote Ji Yunhe as the protector and reward her with two treasures. When everyone was happy for Ji Yunhe's promotion to protect the Dharma, Lin Canglan reminded Ji Yunhe that today was the day to pass on the practice, which made Ji Yunhe completely unhappy. Ji Yunhe's immortal servant Luo Jinsang was very worried about Ji Yunhe, because she offended Lin Canglan today, but Ji Yunhe was not afraid, because for so many years, she had been tortured enough by Lin Canglan, and she could bear it. Lin Canglan had been controlling Ji Yunhe with frost all the time. Ji Yunhe embarrassed him in public and offended Angel Zhang, so he took this opportunity to teach Ji Yunhe a good lesson. Ji Yunhe accepted Lin Canglan's torture, but did not forget to bargain with Lin Canglan, claiming that everything she did was for Lin Haoqing. After being tortured, she asked Lin Canglan for the treasure he promised to make clothes for Luo Jinsang. 

A month later, when Ji Yunhe was idly watching Guangji to pass the time, Angel Zhang came to trouble Ji Yunhe, brought the merman caught by Shunde Tianji, and asked Ji Yunhe to open the box in person.  Ji Yunhe knew Zhang Angel's intentions, but she still tried to open the box, but she didn't expect that this merman was really fierce, and as soon as he came out of the box, he injured a lot of spiritual masters and scared Zhang Angel. When Ji Yunhe and everyone were trying to catch the merman, Lin Haoqing shot an arrow at Changyi, Ji Yunhe had to let him show mercy immediately, so as not to break Changyi's tail. Immortal Fairy of Shunde suddenly appeared and saw the scene of the Yuling Masters fighting sharks, so she wanted to hand over the task of training sharks to Lin Haoqing to complete. When Lin Haoqing learned that what Immortal Fairy of Shunde wanted was for the merman to speak and submit to her completely, and to cut off her tail to offer pearls and never return to the sea, she understood that the task was arduous, but she still accepted the task because he wanted to ask Immortal Fairy Shunde. a reward.

Episode 2

Ji Yunhe couldn't get rid of Lin Canglan's control. The appearance of Shunde Immortal Fairy was a rare opportunity for her, so she decided to also participate in the task of training mermaids. Ji Yunhe took the initiative to ask Ying and asked Immortal Fairy Shunde to participate in the task of training the shark. Fairy Shunde saw that Ji Yunhe was so arrogant and did not take the people around her seriously, so she wanted to take this opportunity to teach Ji Yunhe a lesson, so she readily agreed to Ji Yunhe request. Lin Canglan knew Ji Yunhe's thoughts, but thought she would not succeed, and waited for her to be punished by the Shunde Fairy. Lin Canglan remained calm in front of Lin Haoqing. He said that Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe were his right-hand men, and whoever won would be the glory of Wanhua Valley, but he didn't understand that Lin Haoqing had other rewards he couldn't ask for, and he had to ask Shunde Immortal Fairy for it. Lin Haoqing explained that he just planned it a long time ago and did not need any treasures, so Lin Canglan was relieved. Ji Yunhe took over the big task, and when he went back, he and Luo Jinsang started to think of a way to see if they could find a way in those ancient books to train him. When Lin Haoqing was looking for a solution when Ji Yunhe was reading, he first went to Changyi to punish him, but he didn't expect that Changyi was very stubborn and would never give in no matter how he was tortured. 

When Lin Haoqing's punishment was fruitless, Siyu was afraid that Ji Yunhe would make a move, and wanted to help Lin Haoqing to inquire, but Lin Haoqing refused. Lin Haoqing blamed Siyu for destroying the golden amulet when Ji Yunhe opened the box, took back the dagger he gave Siyu, and warned her not to act without authorization. After Lin Haoqing left, Ji Yunhe went to look for Changyi, wanting to heal Changyi's wounds and say goodbye to Changyi. Chang Yi was extremely wary of anyone, and after Ji Yunhe spent a lot of bitterness, he was willing to let Ji Yunhe give him medicine, but he was still a little shy about it. After Ji Yunhe took the medicine, she left a dress for Changyi as a gift for her. After Ji Yunhe showed her goodwill, she wanted to pull out the golden arrow shot by Lin Haoqing for Changyi, but Lin Haoqing cast a spell on the golden arrow, and she immediately activated the spell as soon as she moved, almost hurting Changyi's tail. Chang Yi wanted to use brute force to fight against the golden arrow. Ji Yunhe was afraid that his tail would break, so he used his immortal mark to help Chang Yi block and keep his tail. Lin Haoqing thought that he wanted to escape because of the spell, so he came to stop him, only to find that Ji Yunhe was there. When Ji Yunhe kept Changyi's tail, he reminded Changyi not to use brute force, but to use force to fight. Lin Haoqing came and used the power of thunder and lightning to punish Chang Yi, but Chang Yi listened to Ji Yunhe's words, pulled out the golden arrow with the power of thunder and lightning, and injured Lin Haoqing. 

Lin Haoqing was injured, and Ji Yunhe took this opportunity to once again greet Changyi. Not only did she buy fish for Changyi to eat with the spirit stones she finally saved, but she also tried to heal her injuries. After the golden arrow was pulled out, Changyi changed back into a human body and put away his tail, but because he was injured, he couldn't use the water-repelling technique, and he was very sad. Ji Yunhe was a little unbearable when she saw Chang Yi's appearance, so she wanted to use the Ningxue Pills that she was reluctant to use to hurt Chang Yi. Before Ji Yunhe gave Ningxuewan to Changyi, he was called by Lin Canglan, and Lin Haoqing took this opportunity to tell Changyi of Ji Yunhe's identity, so that Changyi would not be deceived by Ji Yunhe's kindness. After Ji Yunhe went to Lin Canglan and was tortured, when he took Ningxue Pills to see Changyi, Changyi happened to be instigated by Lin Haoqing and saw the token on Ji Yunhe's body, thinking that Ji Yunhe really had other plans for him. Chang Yi angrily pushed off the Ningxue Pill in Ji Yunhe's hand, and happened to see the injury on Ji Yunhe's hand. He didn't know if he had misunderstood Ji Yunhe, so he picked up the token and let Ji Yunhe understand what he meant. Ji Yunhe understood that Changyi was provoked by Lin Haoqing, so she used her kindness to Changyi during this period of time to excuse herself, and explained that as a spiritual master, she also had her last resort, and deceived Changyi to trust her. Lin Haoqing did not expect that Ji Yunhe would solve his problem so quickly. He couldn't help but quarreled with Ji Yunhe at the door, but he still had no intention of giving in. Thinking about how good Ji Yunhe was to him during this period of time, he still chose to trust Ji Yunhe, so he ate the Ningxue Pills Ji Yunhe gave him.

Episode 3

Lin Haoqing knew that sharks were afraid of heat, so he deliberately heated the Siguo Cave, making Changyi feel unbearably hot there. When Ji Yunhe learned about Lin Haoqing's move, he wanted to save Changyi, because the merman repaid him with gratitude, so she would definitely gain Changyi's trust in saving him. Lin Haoqing had decided Ji Yunhe's actions. He deliberately removed the guards, leaving behind a few pretense, in order to let Ji Yunhe save Changyi and be accused of releasing prisoners privately. Ji Yunhe knew about Lin Haoqing's conspiracy, but she couldn't die for Chang's opinion, and she didn't want to miss this opportunity to show her goodness to Chang Yi, so she insisted on saving Chang Yi. Ji Yunhe asked Luo Jinsang and Qu Xiaoxing to lead the guards away, she broke the barrier and rescued Changyi, and brought Changyi back to her residence. As soon as Ji Yunhe settled in Changyi, Lin Haoqing brought someone over to the door. Ji Yunhe then let Changyi stay and went out to deal with Lin Haoqing by himself, which made Changyi very worried. Changyi was worried about Ji Yunhe's safety, so she couldn't help but called Ji Yunhe's name to make Ji Yunhe be careful, which made Ji Yunhe very happy to hear it. Ji Yunhe went out to stop Lin Haoqing, lied that she was not in her room, and did not admit the crime of privately releasing prisoners, but Lin Haoqing did not believe it. Siyu wanted to take this opportunity to help Lin Haoqing get rid of Ji Yunhe, so when Ji Yunhe was not prepared, he injured Ji Yunhe and poisoned her by the way. 

Ji Yunhe was injured by a misunderstanding, and was about to start a fight with Lin Haoqing when Qing Shu came, so she put her long-term intentions in her room and was able to speak, to get rid of her crime of privately releasing prisoners. Lin Canglan didn't believe what Ji Yunhe said, and asked everyone to witness what Changyi said tomorrow, so Ji Yunhe was able to leave Lifengtang. After Lin Haoqing returned from Lifengtang, he asked Siyu Xingshi to ask her guilt, but Siyu still didn't know what was wrong, and wanted Ji Yunhe to die, so angry that Lin Haoqing almost killed her. Lin Haoqing learned that Siyu was poisoned. After teaching Siyu a lesson, he forced Siyu to hand over the antidote. He was going to detoxify Ji Yunhe. Luo Jinsang came back with the poisoned Ji Yunhe. Seeing that Ji Yunhe was so uncomfortable, she cried very sadly, while Changyi endured the pain that pierced her heart and pulled out her scales to save Ji Yunhe in order to repay Ji Yunhe's kindness. Changyi saved Ji Yunhe, but he fainted because of the pain of pulling the scales, which moved Ji Yunhe very much. After Changyi woke up, she was very kind to Ji Yunhe and took the initiative to say her name. Ji Yunhe then told Changyi that she also wanted to leave Wanhua Valley with Changyi and let Changyi stay in her room for a night. Changyi believed Ji Yunhe's words, happily waited for the next day to escape, and shed a lot of tears in return for Ji Yunhe's kindness, because the tears of mermen are very precious pearls. 

When Ji Yunhe saw Changyi's actions, she couldn't bear it. She didn't want Changyi to know that she had betrayed him, so she secretly discussed with Qu Xiaoxing and waited for Changyi to catch her. Ji Yunhe thought that she was fully prepared, but she did not expect that Lin Haoqing had other arrangements, and deliberately released the Xishan Lion Beast to make trouble. When Ji Yunhe was about to go in and let Changyi speak, the Xishan Lion Beast rushed in. She had to deal with the Xishan Lion Beast with Changyi. At this time, Xue Sanyue, the commander of the Wanhua Valley War Department, arrived and conquered the Xishan Lion by herself. beast. After the Xishan lion beast was subdued, Ji Yunhe wanted Changyi to speak out and the matter was also made public. Only then did Changyi know that he had been betrayed by Ji Yunhe, so he refused to say anything. Changyi didn't speak, and Ji Yunhe didn't complete the task. Lin Canglan wanted to use this to ask Ji Yunhe to withdraw from the task of training the shark, but Ji Yunhe did not agree. 

Ji Yunhe argued for herself, explaining that the task was given to her by the Shunde Immortal Fairy, and she would never quit the competition without Shunde Immortal Fairy's instructions, which made Lin Canglan unable to do anything. Xue Sanyue made a clearance to replace Lin Canglan who could not come to Taiwan, and let Ji Yunhe and Lin Haoqing continue to compete, but changed the rules and asked them to take turns to train the sharks. Lin Canglan agreed with Xue Sanyue's method, and handed over the supervisory duties to Xue Sanyue, while he himself retreated at this time. Ji Yunhe could continue to train the shark. She wanted to explain it to Changyi at the first time, but Xue Sanyue banned her for three days because of her previous foul, preventing her from entering the cave. Lin Haoqing thought that Ji Yunhe was banned and he would have a chance, but he didn't expect that he would also be banned for three days and be driven out of the Siguo Cave. When Ji Yunhe left, he happened to see the immortal servant Lishu who came to look for Xue Sanyue, and found that the relationship between them was not normal, so he quietly hid and waited for Lishu's actions.

Episode 4

When Ji Yunhe saw Lishu going out late at night, he took Luo Jinsang to follow Lishu, and found that Lishu had gone under a wisteria flower with an enchantment. Lishu happily sat under the wisteria tree, waiting for Xue Sanyue to come, because this was the anniversary of their acquaintance, and it was also his surprise for Xue Sanyue. Xue Sanyue was very happy to see the wisteria flower, so she kissed Lishu back to express her gratitude, and Ji Yunhe knew the secret of Xue Sanyue. Ji Yunhe knew that Xue Sanyue violated the ban and fell in love with Lishu, so he wanted to use this secret to cooperate with Xue Sanyue. Ji Yunhe went to Xue Sanyue early in the morning and told what she saw in the sea of ​​wisteria flowers, but Xue Sanyue did not wait for her to finish speaking, and then he started directly at her. Xue Sanyue didn't want to be blackmailed by Ji Yunhe, she wanted to kill Ji Yunhe to keep the secret, but Ji Yunhe couldn't beat Xue Sanyue, so she had to run in to find Changyi. Ji Yunhe pretended to run away with Changyi, and when Xue Sanyue broke in, she could let Changyi and her deal with Xue Sanyue together. 

Because of Xue Sanyue's long-term intentions, Ji Yunhe would not be able to solve it for a while, but at this time, Lin Haoqing learned that Ji Yunhe had entered the Sikuo Cave, and brought someone here. Seeing that the time was running out, Ji Yunhe had to kiss Changyi and prove to Xue Sanyue that she was also a violator of the ban, and she believed that she would not tell the secret. Xue Sanyue believed Ji Yunhe and did not say anything about Ji Yunhe in front of Lin Haoqing, but lied that she was curious about what she wanted to say, and asked Ji Yunhe to verify. Xue Sanyue's words sent Lin Haoqing away, but she still didn't believe Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe had to take Xue Sanyue to a forbidden place in Wanhua Valley. After Ji Yunhe brought Xue Sanyue to the forbidden area, he reminded Xue Sanyue that Lin Canglan had put frost on her body, and the frost was the means used by Lin Canglan to control the spiritual master. Ji Yunhe told Xue Sanyue truthfully that she was often tortured by the poison of frost caused by Lin Canglan's teachings, and also explained that all spiritual masters who did not obey Lin Canglan's orders would be buried in the forbidden area. Xue Sanyue had doubts about Ji Yunhe's words, until she found a way to get rid of the imprint of frost flower, and then she believed that the secret of Wanhuagu was true, but she still didn't quite believe that Ji Yunhe and Changyi were lovers, so she didn't dare to take it lightly. Take Lishu's life to gamble. 

In order to make Xue Sanyue believe in her and be the best helper for her to escape from the valley, Ji Yunhe promised to prove that she and Changyi were lovers within three days. In order to win the trust of Xue March, Ji Yunhe went to Changyi every day, and it was delicious and delicious. I offered to Chang Yi, but every time I was beaten by Chang Yi, there was absolutely no way to please Chang Yi. After trying all the methods to no avail, Ji Yunhe took the conch to look for Changyi, mentioned Changyi's homesickness, and once again showed her goodness to Changyi, indicating that she likes Changyi. Changyi believed Ji Yunhe's words, but he couldn't kiss Ji Yunhe directly, because his father said that the person he liked must hug before kissing. After Ji Yunhe finished talking about Changyi, he immediately hugged Changyi, feeling Ji Yunhe's warm Changyi, and hugged Ji Yunhe happily, only then did Xue Sanyue believe that they were lovers. Xue Sanyue believed in Ji Yunhe, but she only regarded her as an ally and did not want to be friends with Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe and Changyi are in a good relationship. During the chat, she asked about Changyi's tail docking, and was ready to carry out her next task of training the shark, but she didn't expect that the tail docking of the merman would not be easy. The long meaning shows that the merman would rather die than keep his tail, because if the tail is cut off, he will be regarded as a betrayal by the clan, and he will never be able to return home. Ji Yunhe learned that the consequences of tail docking were so serious, she really couldn't be cruel and let Chang Yi dock her tail. 

Luo Jinsang saw that Ji Yunhe was soft-hearted, so she wanted Changyi to be willing to cut off Ji Yunhe's tail, so she went to Lishu for help, and let Lishu's headmaster Yi like Ji Yunhe. Li Shu saw that Luo Jinsang trusted him so much, and was very happy to help Luo Jinsang, but his kindness did not make Changyi show his favor. In order to make Changyi believe in him, Lishu told Changyi how he and Xue Sanyue met, and taught him how to please Ji Yunhe. On a special day, Lishu saved the seriously injured Xue Sanyue under the wisteria flowers, and then took good care of Xue Sanyue until the injury of Xue Sanyue was completed. In order to take care of Xue Sanyue, Lishu was beaten and scolded by his clansmen, and still did not hand over Xue Sanyue. Only then did he gain the trust of Xue Sanyue and was brought back to Wanhua Valley by Xue Sanyue.

Episode 5

After Lishu taught Changyi, he began to help Changyi, lied that Changyi was foaming at the mouth, and anxiously went to Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe just told Luo Jinsang that she and Changyi were playing together, but when she heard that Changyi was foaming at the mouth, she immediately ran in to see the situation. When Luo Jinsang was anxious and wanted to go in to see the situation, Lishu stopped Luo Jinshu, explaining that this was his plan, in order to get them to like each other, so Luo Jinsang stayed. Changyi thought that what the lover did together was to take a bath together, because Ji Yunhe had also helped him take a bath before, so he directly washed a lot of Ji Yunhe's clothes in Siguo Cave, and wanted to ask her to take a bath. Ji Yunhe didn't expect that Changyi would misunderstand the matter of bathing, so she had to find a way to stop Changyi, find a reason to explain the past, and prevent Changyi from taking her to bathe again. Luo Jinsang heard Changyi's words outside the cave and asked what the couple should do, so she shouted and said to sleep together. Ji Yunhe didn't expect that Luo Jinsang would make trouble. Seeing that Changyi didn't understand Luo Jinsang's meaning, she let Changyi sleep separately from her. When Ji Yunhe was sleeping, a sudden cold poison broke out, and the whole person was terribly cold and very uncomfortable. When he realized that he had to use his own spiritual power to keep Ji Yunhe warm, Ji Yunhe could sleep peacefully. 

Siyu learned that Ji Yunhe had entered the Siguo Cave privately and had an extraordinary relationship with Changyi, so she reported it to Lin Haoqing, and wanted Lin Haoqing to know about it. Siyu believes that Ji Yunhe and Changyi have an ambiguous relationship, and they must have developed affection for each other, but Lin Haoqing felt that just a little guess would prove that Ji Yunhe was a little wrong, so he asked Qingshu to find a way to test the relationship between someone and the immortal servant. Check Ji Yunhe. Qing Shu, who was in charge of Lin Canglan, wanted to use his lover to test the spiritual master who violated the forbidden law, and he had to start with Ji Yunhe, the guardian of the law. Only then did Ji Yunhe know that everything was directed at her. Knowing Lin Haoqing's intentions, Ji Yunhe tried to explain the matter, accusing Qingshu of making a fuss and not wanting Qingshu to check, but Lin Haoqing and Siyu kept provoking and insisting on checking, so she had no choice. Because long-term meaning is locked in the cave of thinking, Lin Haoqing suggested to start with others, which made Xue Sanyue and Li Shu feel dangerous. Ji Yunhe was also worried about Xue Sanyue and Li Shu, and couldn't help but look at them, but Lin Haoqing discovered her thoughts. Lishu was afraid that Xue Sanyue would be implicated, so on the grounds that he didn't want to stay in Wanhua Valley anymore, he wanted to leave first, but he didn't expect to be caught. 

Lin Haoqing deliberately blocked Lishu's blow and was injured, so that Qing Shu could postpone the inspection until tomorrow, trying to find another way to deal with Ji Yunhe. When Ji Yunhe and Luo Jinsang were looking for a way to hide the lover's book, Xue Sanyue suddenly came to the door and asked Ji Yunhe to destroy the lover's book with her. Ji Yunhe promised Xue Sanyue that the two would go to Lifengtang to destroy the Valentine's Book, but when Ji Yunhe broke the Valentine's Book, Lin Haoqing brought Qing Shu and others to arrest Ji Yunhe who had damaged the Valentine's Book. When Lin Haoqing testified against her, Ji Yunhe took out the real valentine's book to prove that she did not break the valentine's book, but just came over to see if someone came to destroy the valentine's book. Seeing that her plan failed, Siyu threatened Xue Sanyue with Lishu. Unexpectedly, Ji Yunhe had already made arrangements and asked Qu Xiaoxing to rescue Lishu. After Li Shu appeared, Ji Yunhe wanted to test her and Changyi in front of Qingshu, so Qingshu sent someone to get Changyi's blood. Ji Yunhe and Changyi's blood did not approach each other, denying Si Yu's false accusation that they were having an affair. Siyu didn't believe that Ji Yunhe and Changyi were all right, but she didn't expect that Xue Sanyue and Lishu would be fine after the blood test, so she was really dissatisfied, so she shot Ji Yunhe, but she didn't expect to break the Valentine's Book. Siyu kept claiming that the Valentine's Book was fake, so Ji Yunhe picked up the broken pieces and asked Siyu and Lin Haoqing to test it. The result confirmed that Siyu was attracted to Lin Haoqing, so Qingshu had to punish Siyu. In front of everyone, Qing Shu severely punished Siyu according to the rules of the valley, but saved Siyu in private. Siyu didn't want to leave the valley, she just wanted to stay by Lin Haoqing's side to take care of her, but Qingshu refused and insisted on letting Siyu leave. 

Lin Haoqing once saved Siyu's life, and since then Siyu has tried his best to be Lin Haoqing's immortal servant, and even set Lin Haoqing as his direction, and only wanted Lin Haoqing to get what he wanted. Siyu was reluctant to leave the Valley of Thousand Flowers. When she was taken to be tortured, she tried to escape and wanted to find Ji Yunhe for revenge. Ji Yunhe went to see Lin Haoqing, who was grounded, and was asked by Lin Haoqing about the Valentine’s Book. Ji Yunhe then told the story about the transfer of the Valentine’s Book and using a fake Valentine’s Book for blood tests. Lin Haoqing learned that Ji Yunhe used a fake lover to test her own blood, and felt that she was in love with Changyi, but Ji Yunhe refused to admit it. Xue Sanyue came to inform Ji Yunhe that Siyu had escaped from prison, and as soon as she finished speaking, Siyu launched an attack on Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe was prepared long ago and hurt Siyu with realgar, but Kesiyu still didn't give up and insisted on killing Ji Yunhe, which made Lin Haoqing unable to ignore it. Lin Haoqing rushed out of the barrier and killed Siyu who wanted to hurt Ji Yunhe, which made Siyu unable to understand. After the matter was settled, Xue Sanyue gave the rest of the lover's test to Ji Yunhe, which made Ji Yunhe couldn't help wondering if he was really in love with Changyi, so he didn't dare to test himself with a real lover.

Character Cast of The Blue Whisper

Dil Ruba as Ji Yunhe

Half-human and half-demon. Since childhood, his parents were killed and arrested in the Demon Control Valley. They are Lin Canglan's apprentice and adopted daughter, and Lin Haoqing's junior sister. On the surface, it is the majestic left guard in the Valley of Controlling the Demon. It is a strong opponent for Lin Haoqing, the master of the Valley, to inherit the position of the master of the Valley. In fact, it is the best container for the master of the Valley Lin Canglan to test medicine, and it is also a knife to sharpen Lin Haoqing. 

Ji Yunhe was poisoned many years ago by the owner of the valley, and became a pawn to stimulate Lin Haoqing, the owner’s biological son. Ji Yunhe tried to resist but only in exchange for the torture of being on the verge of collapse and losing his mind. In order to survive, she compromised and forbeared and took the medicine every month to extend her life. There is no freedom in life. Before meeting Chang Yi, her greatest wish was to steal the antidote, get rid of the shackles of the Demon Controlling Valley, and live truly freely. Life is not as good as death. She has seen many people during the long years of house arrest, but only one blue head. Hair, the long mind with pure eyes can enter her heart. The innocent and kind-hearted Yuren is her only salvation in this huge cage. 

Ren Jialun as Changyi

King of the North. With blue hair and blue pupils, he is the most mysterious and noble shark in the deep sea. He is pure and kind by nature, never lies, and loves Ji Yunhe deeply. The Shunde Fairy Fairy in distress was rescued at sea, but when she was sent back to the shore with a kind long will, she was sent to Yuyao Valley to be brutally tamed. The princess ordered the emperor to tame the sharks for her. She had three wishes. I want him to never betray, I want him to speak, I want him to walk with his legs open. During the abuse, Changyi has been expressionless and silent, but slowly let go of getting along with the spiritual master Ji Yunhe. 

Be wary, the two people who were imprisoned and imprisoned actually had a mutual affection during the day and night, and Changyi did not hesitate to vomit, voluntarily beheaded for a leg, just to protect Ji Yunhe I. The loyal shark people can only have one partner in their lifetime, and they will never be easily moved by others, but he is disturbed by Ji Yunhe. After learning that Ji Yunhe's actions were all hypocritical betrayals, his anger made him persistent. Compared to freedom, Chang Yi wanted to keep Ji Yunhe in prison forever. With a deep love and hatred for Ji Yunhe, he established the Northern Territory to contend with the imperial court, and Chang Yi from the former pure and cold mermaid became the unpredictable and cold-hearted king of the Northern Territory. 

Xiao Shunyao as Lin Haoqing

Young Master of Wanhua Valley. He is deep in his mind, gloomy and cruel, and is the old enemy of junior sister Ji Yunhe, but in fact, he has loved her since childhood. Junior sister is the only light and original intention in his heart. He exhausted all his strength to endure and dormant, and the whole life of covering up this love is seamless. They are all struggling with the love of the younger sister and the preference of the father.

Guo Xiaoting

Princess of Shunde. The emperor is the same mother and brother, the most favored apprentice of Daguo Shi, is the most noble fairy fairy. Pride and paranoia, arrogant personality, there is nothing you can't get as long as you want between heaven and earth. She is glamorous and voluptuous, and she is the real authority. Her extravagant rule made the people complain, and it was only later that she realized that she was only a stand-in for Ning Xiyu, and even ruined her beauty, which eventually became a pity.

Ning Xiyu

The master of the Great Guoshi, was crushed by the Great Guoshi. This sand is special, the cat demon had a strange thought about Qingluan in my heart; but when it met Xue Sanyue, it was willing to form a bond with her and break the plan for her, and finally disappeared.

Fan Zhen Xue

Sanyue Wanhua Valley Imperial Spiritist. With high strength, he is the number one general in the valley. I very much appreciate Ji Yunhe's ability to control monsters. He is Ji Yunhe's most solid comrade-in-arms sister and right-hand man in the Demon Control Valley, but the friendship between the two is based on the secrets that they have seen each other. Snow March, with a fierce and indifferent character, is melted by the warm spring-like cat demon Dishu, Wai Xue March is always cold and ruthless, and she is like a little woman to Dishu.

Xiaoyao Sanxian

He is proficient in pharmacology. He was a disciple of Tianshifu, but defected because he did not agree with the tyrannical rule of Tianshifu. The accident rescued Changyi who fell off the cliff and helped him become the king of the north. Indifferent and unsympathetic in appearance, unwilling to express feelings, but slowly revealing his sincerity in the long-term relationship with Luo Jinsang.

Wang Dong Daguoji 

He is detached from the world, cold and handsome, and his strength is unfathomable. The frost he has developed can control the life of a clan. Whoever has his support is invincible. Everyone thinks that he is greedy for the beauty of Fairy Fairy in Shunde, but what he sees on Shunde’s face is always another person. That person is Master Ning Xiyu, whom he has always loved so much. After Ning Xiyu’s death, He did not hesitate to make a poison that could control the master of the demon, causing disaster to the world, for a little obsession in his heart, to indulge in Shunde's murder, to send funerals to the people of the world, and for the master's wish, he decided to die with Shunde.

Haiyiyi Lin Canglan

Master of Ten Thousand Flower Valley. The surface is pleasant and pleasant, but in fact it is deep-hearted, foresighted, and everything has been calculated. Lin Canglan was respectful on the surface, but full of hatred in the dark because of the decline of the spiritual master clan, and was squeezed by the rule of the heavenly master for a long time. He focused on recreating the glory of the spiritual master clan. For this reason, he could sacrifice everything, including the righteous daughter Ji Yunhe, including His son Lin Haoqing, including hisself.

Hu Yixuan

The butterfly spirit who spreads his message with flowers, was saved by Ji Yunhe since he was a child, lively and free, innocent, and Xiao Xu's fox and fake tiger. He is the only friend of Ji Yunhe who can treat each other sincerely in the Wanhua Valley. The same sister and everything put Ji Yunhe as the first, and Ji Yunhe was guarded by her side after repeated difficulties. He is proficient in cooking, managing accounts, and reading books.

Tong Lei

He is far away and uninhibited, love to sex, love to see snow scenes and drink fine wine. It was once a radiant giant spirit, and because of the first love with Lingling Master Ning Ruo, the two clans were incompatible. They were suppressed under the ten square formation for a hundred years. After being released, they looked down on the affairs of the world. For the juniors like Chang Yi, Ji Yunhe, and Xue Sanyue, this Tsing Yi woman who never leaves the sword and wine is the one who leads them to grow up all the way.

Ji Chengyu

He is an outstanding student, and he is in charge of a disciple in the National Teacher's House. He has a gentle personality and has no conflict with the world. He was saved by the spirit race. He has sympathy and benevolence towards the spirit race. He is quite disliked by the behavior of the fairy girl torturing the spirit servant. However, Da Guo Shi is his lifesaver, so his heart is full of contradictions. , Only try to make up for the subtleties.

Qing Yao

The little princess of the nine-tailed fox family

The elves and horses dominate the clan, because they have never met a man who can surrender her, and understand the righteousness in their bones, until they met the long meaning, everything changed.


The Serpent of the Long Snake. Anxious to do things, urgently in need of merit, grumpy, and affection for his master Lin Haoqing, in order for Lin Haoqing to not be blocked by Ji Yunhe in everything, he wanted to make Ji Yunhe a place of death, but in the end he died at the hands of his beloved Lin Haoqing...

Qing Shu

Nine Tailed Fox Spirit Servant. Martial arts are strong, loyal to the valley master, and kill all the defectors in the valley.

Jiang Weiyan

The relative and wife of a female official in the palace of the north, was ordered to take care of the master Ji Yunhe, who was under house arrest, but had a disagreement with her.

Qu Xiaoxing

The assistant of the imperial spiritual master Ji Yunhe, is clever and eloquent.

Ning Ruochu 

Fell in love with the demon king Luanniao Qingji.

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