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Psychologist (女心理师) is a contemporary urban drama directed by Ke Wenli, starring Yang Zi, Jing Boran, Wang Jia, and Jian Renzi, and starring Ni Ping, Huang Jue, Zhang Ruonan, Dai Wenwen, and Liu Xiaohai. The series will be aired on Youku on November 23, 2021.

Chinese Drama Psychologist (女心理师) is based on Bi Shumin's novel of the same name. It tells about the psychological counselor He Dun founded an independent psychological consultation room after a great change in his career. In the case of one visitor after another, He Dun took a break and unearthed the earth-shattering secrets from a mysterious file confessed by his instructor. With the help of a partner A story that prevented the tragedy from happening.

Starring actresses Yang Zi and Jing Boran, the drama Psychologist (女心理师) is highly anticipated by Chinese drama fans. In addition to the two top stars, several names of players who often become the main characters also make cameos in this fantastic budget drama.

The drama Psychologist (女心理师) is Youku's production work, which means it will be broadcast through the Youku streaming platform. This applies to viewers who come from China, it is different for international audiences. Fans of Chinese dramas from outside China can watch Psychologist's drama through Youku's official YouTube channel. Drama Psychologist will start airing on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 starting at 6 P.M Chinese Standard Time.

Detail of Psychologist (女心理师)

Chinese Title: 女心理师  (Female Psychologist)

English Title: Psychologist

Genre: contemporary, urban 

production company: Yulele Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 

Filming location: Sanya Hainan 

Premiere: November 23, 2021 

Director: Ke Wenli 

Producer: Guo Feng, Gao Xiaoxi 

Starring: Yang Zi, Jing Boran, Wang Jia, Jian Renzi, Ni Ping.

Number of Episode: 48 episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes in length 

Online playback platform: Youku video 

Shooting date: November 2020

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Synopsis of Psychologist (女心理师)

Yang Zi (He Dun) analyzed the causes of the psychological problems of many visitors through psychological counseling, and helped them get out of the psychological haze of the past and embrace the moving story of life again in the corresponding psychological treatment. Along the way, He Dun and the radio anchor Qian Kaiyi (Jing Boran), his unexpected friend Ye Jiahui (Wang Jia), and his girlfriend Tang Lili (Suga Renzi), together in a series of laughs and tears. Healing others also gains self-healing.

5th Episode Summary of Psychologist (女心理师) 

Episode 1

Bustling on the bustling streets, the high-intensity rhythm of modern cities not only brings rapid social development, but also the mental health of the people who sacrificed for it. According to authoritative data from the World Health Organization, many people in modern times have psychological problems, and suicide has gradually become a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored. He Dun is a psychologist at the Yunkai Psychological Assistance Center. Yunkai’s partners have been committed to using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze human emotions, analyze the people seeking help, and then intervene. 

On this day, the leaders of the municipal government visited the Yunkaili Assistance Center. Mr. Yang specifically called Mr. Wang, who is in charge of psychological counseling, to explain, hoping to prove his point of view in front of the municipal leaders and be able to raise funds for Yunkai to go public. Although Teacher Wang disagrees with this view, it is not easy to refute him face to face in front of the leader. During the inspection by the city government leaders, a student made a call for help, saying that she was on the rooftop and wanted to commit suicide. The operator confirmed the location with the students according to the system prompts, but the students could not listen at all. 

At this time, He Dun rushed over, and she changed her questioning method, asking why she committed suicide on such a special day. The girl's thinking gradually followed He Dun, and He Dun stepped forward, first expressing his approval of her emotions, and then expressing his willingness to listen to her troubles and let her stand in a safe place. At the same time, He Dun also locked her in school through the environment around the girl, and the psychological assistance center quickly contacted the police. The girl was persuaded by He Dun to get the equipment. He Dun asked her to rate her suicidal mood just now and now, keenly grasping the weakness that she didn't want to make her parents sad. Qian Kaiyi was rushing to school, and He Dun asked him to find a way to play a song that students liked, which would help ease her emotions. 

He Dun has been enlightening the girl, Qian Kaiyi broke into the studio from the sky and played a song that the girl liked. Under the dual effects of the song and He Dun, the girl finally let go of her suicidal thoughts and walked out of the equipment room. The city leaders appreciated He Dun’s performance very much, and He Dun fully demonstrated his strength and the importance of psychological intervention in this intervention. Teacher Wang introduced He Dun to the city leaders, saying that she was the lover of Ji Mingcong, a well-known psychologist. After get off work, Hutton was buying fruit in the market. The vendors around her were very enthusiastic about her. Not only did they give her mangoes, they also asked her to take home the meat her mother had ordered. 

He Dun returned home and found her mother fainted with blood all over her face. She saw her mother's WeChat chat record as soon as she was about to call. She thought of everyone's abnormality today, and finally knew that her mother was pretending. Houghton pretended to call his girlfriend and said that her mother was injured because of the date. She was going to break up with her date, and her mother woke up immediately. Today is He Dun’s birthday, and his mother’s wish is that she can quickly find a boyfriend, and He Dun had to agree. After making a wish and eating the cake, He mother fell asleep on the recliner again. He Dun heard her whispering to tell Junjun not to leave, which made her feel like a knife. When he went to work the next day, He Dun received a call. 

Teacher Wang knew that she was looking for Zhang Yan and persuaded her to keep the border, but He Dun did not listen. He Dun went to the address given by the little boy on the phone, but didn't want to be troubled and humiliated by Zhang Yan's daughter. He was also broadcasted live, saying that she had destroyed their family and that she had divorced her mother and father. The surrounding people gave He Dun a few pointers, and the little boy also begged He Dun not to let his mother want him. He also admitted that he had divorced his mother and father. The assistance center arrived soon, and He Dun asked Teacher Wang to resign because he violated the confidentiality principle of psychological counseling. 

He Dun was relaxing by the sea alone, and she saw the scene of herself and her brother together from Zhang Yan's daughters and daughters. In fact, the truth is that Zhang Yan has advanced cancer. She hopes to say goodbye to her sons and daughters in this way. Unfortunately, her sons and daughters don't know her painstaking efforts, and all the anger has been scattered on He Dun's body. My best friend sighed that He Dun should not quit her job, but there was an event at the bar tonight, and the two decided to borrow a drink to soothe their sorrows. At the same time, Qian Kaiyi was also worrying about the psychologist who was cooperating with the new show. He called the assistance center to find He Dun, but was told that he had left his job.

Episode 2

The radio colleague found a lot of information for Qian Kaiyi, and asked him to choose a counselor to cooperate with. At this moment, Qian Kaiyi suddenly saw a video about He Dun being attacked on the Internet, and then found her location along the way. In the evening, He Dun and his best friend Tang Lili came to the bar. Tang Lili persuaded He Dun to talk about a vigorous relationship, instead of making herself like a heterosexual insulator all day long, seeing whoever has problems. Hutton said that he also thinks that it is good to fall in love, but only if two people have fate. Tang Lili felt that fate was unreliable, and happiness was striving for her initiative. He Dun couldn't say that Tang Lili could not, so he went to the toilet, just passing by Qian Kaiyi who came to look for her. 

In the bathroom, He Dun saw a black-clothed man swallowing a large amount of tranquilizers. As a psychologist, she couldn't help but pay attention to him. Tang Lili insisted on helping He Dun to get out of the order tonight, and recommended several men to her, but He Dun could find their shortcomings, which made Tang Lili speechless. Qian Kaiyi took the picture of He Dun and asked everybody in the bar. Tang Lili quickly noticed Qian Kaiyi and felt that he was mature, elegant and temperamental. He Dun was stunned when he saw Qian Kaiyi. It turned out that she and Qian Kaiyi were classmates in high school. At that time, Qian Kaiyi was an anchor at the school’s radio station, and one day he played and sang a song. 

After He Dun heard it, he realized that his lyrics were from his diary, and it was his love for the boys he had crushed on. . He Dun rushed to the radio station to snatch her diary back, not wanting Qian Kaiyi to say in public that she was secretly in love with others. Qian Kaiyi was an unbearable youth for He Dun, but Qian Kaiyi didn't know it, and he finally saw He Dun. When Qian Kaiyi walked towards He Dun, the man in black before him suddenly fell down. He Dun hurriedly rushed over when he saw it. Qian Kaiyi reacted and rushed to help, protecting He Dun's head. He Dun arranged for Tang Lili to call the emergency center while constantly giving the man CPR. 

Some people around recognized that He Dun was coming to take pictures, and Qian Kaiyi hurriedly drove them away using them to obstruct and treat them. Soon the ambulance arrived, and Tang Lili went to pick up the car to take He Dun home. He Dun met Qian Kaiyi again. He Dun has no affection for Qian Kaiyi. Qian Kaiyi said that he came to ask for help. It was about Yuna, a girl who had previously attempted suicide. In school, Yuna stood on the high diving platform and was about to jump off, and He Dun appeared behind her in time. Yuna was pleasantly surprised to see He Dun, but she didn't understand why so many people attacked He Dun and she was not sad. He Dun wanted to use his own experience to persuade Yuna, not wanting Yuna to pessimistically think that this world is like this, so she turned around and jumped off. 

When He Dun saw this, she jumped down. She rescued Yuna ashore, but she fell into the swimming pool again because of dizziness. Fortunately, Qian Kaiyi arrived in time and rescued her for artificial respiration. Yuna's mother also rushed to the school. He Dun suggested that she let Yuna receive formal psychotherapy, but she didn't think there was any problem with her daughter at all. Instead, she asked the school to give a satisfactory answer. Yuna's father is the Director of the Education Bureau. He came to tell the teacher not to embarrass the child who had conflicts with Yuna. Yuna got into the car angrily after hearing this. He Dun simply reassures Yuna, and Qian Kaiyi wears school uniforms and rides a motorcycle back home, not wanting to be taken by the police as a minor and into the police station.

When He Dun woke up again, Qian Kaiyi had moved all her luggage into Tang Lili's house. Tang Lili knew that she did not have a job, so she invited her to live with her, which made He Dun very grateful. Qian Kaiyi told He Dun about Yuna's situation, saying that Yuna's situation has not improved. At night, her mother found her slapped her face frantically, so she wanted He Dun to help relieve her. Hutton said that she did not have a suitable studio, but Tang Lili remembered that she was licensed and all she needed was a place. Tang Lili contributed her living room, and Qian Kaiyi took her to buy decorations, which made He Dun had to think of Qian Kaiyi's intentions for herself. Qian Kaiyi asked her if it was because he gave her artificial respiration that night. 

He Dun directly exploded her hair, which made Tang Lili very happy. In the process of choosing accessories, Qian Kaiyi found that He Dun's hearing was very good. Tang Lili said that she was very talented. He Dun asked how Yuna became what she is now, and then Qian Kaiyi told her the process. It turned out that Qian Kaiyi was the teacher of Yuna’s broadcast and hosting class. Now Yuna is facing a critical moment for college entrance examination. As the best student in professional courses, she and another girl in the class often fight openly and secretly, because Qian Kaiyi It is the examiner of their professional courses.

Episode 3

Later, Yuna fell in public during the recital. She insisted that Xiaozhe pushed herself, but Xiaozhe refused to admit it. Xiaozhe's mother was willing to pay compensation when she learned about it, and Qian Kaiyi learned that Xiaozhe's family situation was not good. Until now, Qian Kaiyi couldn’t be sure who Yuna and Xiaozhe lied, but He Dun firmly said that the contradiction between the two girls has not been resolved, and there is still the possibility of intensification. To figure out these is the solution. Important information about Yuna's psychological problems. Qian Kaiyi remembered one thing. When he took his classmates who hosted the broadcaster to the radio station as an intern, Xiaozhe was late but wore a very expensive dress that day. 

Yuna was unhappy at the time. In fact, Yuna had long known that her father bought this suit for Xiaozhe, which made her feel that she was not taken seriously. With the help of Tang Lili and Qian Kaiyi, He Dun's studio was quickly set up. Qian Kaiyi smiled and did the opposite of He Dun, and once again talked about asking her to appear on the show, He Dun directly refused. At the same time, Mr. Ye, the man in black who had been rescued by He Dun, rented the house next to He Dun’s studio. Only such a house can meet his needs for space. After going to work the next day, Qian Kaiyi was told that Director Fei was looking for him as soon as he arrived at his seat. Qian Kaiyi went to meet with Director Fei. Director Fei said that the new show Xinshu Night Talk has a very high momentum, and the audience's expectations are high, and the amount of forwarding has exceeded 10,000. 

As the nation's first night emotional talk show, Xin Fei Ye Hua once firmly captured the hearts of listeners across the country, and the host Wei Lan has also become a mythical existence among the hosts. Qian Kaiyi knows that Director Fei has high expectations for the restart of this show, but he thinks that as a once-famous show, he wants to evoke the memories of those people, so he has already thought about the theme of the first issue. , It is called returning to 1996. Qian Kaiyi described the bright prospects of the show to Director Fei. Director Fei reminded him that he needs to find a psychological counseling expert as a partner, so that he can combine the emotional conversation with the professionalism of psychological counseling, but he knows that He Dun has rejected it. 

Director Fei said that Pantai would add a partner to Qian Kaiyi's program, called Wang Ming. Qian Kaiyi couldn't bear it. At the beginning, he made a news program the first in listening rate. He didn't want Pan Tai to hand it over to Wang Ming. Now his new program has not yet started, Pan Tai wants Wang Ming to join. Come in, it makes him intolerable. Qian Kaiyi went to Pan Tai for theory, and Pan Tai asked him to find a psychologist as soon as possible. Qian Kaiyi and Pan Tai reached an agreement that if he found a psychologist within a week and achieved the highest listening rate, he would return the interview with the previous ace program time to himself, and Pan Tai agreed. Yuna went to He Dun's studio for consultation. 

He Dun keenly realized that Yuna and Xiaozhe's relationship was related to his father's feelings, so he contacted Yuna's parents. Qian Kaiyi ordered He Dun a takeaway. He Dun made it clear that he would not agree to him because of his small favor, and Qian Kaiyi did not force it. Yuna's parents came to Hutton's studio by appointment. Hutton said that he suspected that Yuna's psychological changes were related to the close relationship between his parents, so he asked about their emotional state. Yuna's mother pretended to say that their relationship was particularly good at first, but in the end she couldn't pretend that they were divorced, but she made an agreement and didn't tell Yuna, and she still sleeps together now. 

In the early morning of the next day, Yuna's parents found He Dun again. He Dun suspected that Yuna had known about the divorce, so he would try his best to win the attention of the two. Yuna's parents remembered one thing. Yuna had gone to the store to steal potato chips before and was arrested at the police station, but she only said that it was fun.

Episode 4

At this point, Hutton basically determined that Yuna said that the abnormality had a lot to do with the marital status of her parents. In fact, when Yuna's father wanted to escape the family through a business trip to get a short period of peace, Yuna's mother accused him of failing to abide by the agreement, leaving her alone to face Yuna's explanation. And that day, Yuna heard the conversation between them just late at school. She didn't know how to face the marriage of her parents who had fallen apart, so she chose to escape. In the days to come, as long as Yuna's father gives birth to the idea of ​​leaving the family, Yuna will find ways to make herself injured and ill to keep her father. 

Yuna’s parents did not expect that the two’s handling of emotions would have caused such great harm to their children. He Dun said that the third year of high school is a very important year for many families, and the problems they encounter will be encountered by many families. . Because this year is the time when the children are about to leave home and start living independently. At this time, when the two parents are left alone in the family, conflicts arise. 

He Dun asked Yuna's parents to do a test. First, they said the most serious quarrel in the year and the things that hurt each other the most. As a result, everything was related to Yuna. Hutton said that Yuna was the focus of their conflicts. Although they did not say that they were divorced, their children could be keenly aware of their way of getting along. So she would panic and think it was because of her that she let My parents are divorced, so I have an abnormal reaction and want to save my parents and family in my own way. After Yuna’s parents’ psychological consultation was over, He Dun went to her teacher, Ji Mingcong. She attributed Yuna’s parents’ relationship to emotional chasing, a hysterical desperate search for a solution, but the result was not satisfactory. 

A person who tried to work hard but felt humiliated and shocked in the communication, and then chose to escape. And Yuna made the behavior of wanting to follow her father at this time, which made Yuna's mother feel that she would be abandoned, and deepened the attack on Yuna's father. Yuna is the focus of contradiction, and she wants to maintain the integrity of the family to have these abnormal behaviors. He Dun chose both family therapy and personal therapy, all because Ji Mingcong said before that psychological counseling should not be limited to a certain genre or form. Ji Mingcong was very happy with He Dun's growth and reminded her that she should return to Yuna's personal treatment in the end. Soon after He Dun left, her elder sister also came to Ji Mingcong, hoping to get back a case previously handed over to He Dun, but Ji Mingcong refused. 

The elder sister called someone when she got home and promised to find a way to get the consultation case in He Dun's hand as soon as possible. Tang Lili decided to use the platform of her villa to make a sand table calculation room and a modeling room for He Dun, so she asked Qian Kaiyi to work as a coolie and asked him to put all the more than 3,000 models on it, which made Qian Kaiyi. Constantly complaining. Hutton approached Yuna and told her that in life, she must leave her familiar environment and people in order to get better growth. Therefore, her parents should not be a burden to her, and she does not have to worry about being abandoned. Then, He Dun took Yuna to the place where Xiaozhe’s mother sold barbecue, and told her that the reason why his father helped Xiaozhe was because their family had been helped by Xiaozhe’s father. All this has nothing to do with others. 

In fact, Xiaozhe’s family These years have not been easy. Yuna let go of her knot under He Dun's enlightenment, she took the initiative to apologize to Xiaozhe, and helped Xiaozhe's mother get rid of her, and the happy smile returned to her face. Also because of this incident, He Dun realized that there are still many people who need help. She wanted to do her meager efforts to help them, so she agreed to Qian Kaiyi and worked with him to make the show well. He Dun went home and met Mr. Ye who had just moved. Mr. Ye recognized her as He Dun and introduced himself as Ye Jiahui. He Dun tried to get him to receive psychotherapy, and he could recommend a good counselor to him. Ye Jiahui asked her why she didn't recommend herself. 

As soon as He Dun was about to agree, Ye Jiahui said that he didn't want to be a visitor to He Dun, because according to the regulations, the psychologist could not fall in love with his interviewee. Ye Jiahui sent He Dun home, and he gave her a music box with a scene of He Dun saving himself carved on it. Qian Kaiyi and Tang Lili went home to see this scene. Qian Kaiyi became jealous. Tang Lili felt like a young couple when they joked. Qian Kaiyi hurriedly fled. After returning home, Qian Kaiyi lay on the sofa, and the scene of seeing He Dun at the bar for the first time appeared in his mind.

Episode 5

Qian Kaiyi finally received a reply from He Dun who was willing to do the show together. He felt very happy, and he came directly to the studio with the contract. At the same time, Ye Jiahui, who lives next door, also came to visit. Ye Jiahui thanked He Dun for saving him at the bar, but he did not want the two to be a doctor-patient relationship. He hoped to pursue He Dun and gave him one. Exquisite music box. As soon as Qian Kaiyi arrived, he saw He Dun and Ye Jiahui with some unexplained discomfort in his heart, so he put on sunglasses, shook hands with Ye Jiahui and entered the studio. The next day, He Dun came to Haifeng International Radio. 

The director welcomed He Dun’s arrival. Qian Kaiyi even dressed up to greet him, and personally took He Dun to familiarize himself with the working environment. The two came to the director's room. He Dun looked at the closed director's room, his body tightened unconsciously, and the feeling of suffocation became stronger and he wanted to escape. Qian Kaiyi didn’t realize the other party’s discomfort, so He Dun and herself tried to give a trial round first. Halfway through, He Dun suddenly rushed out of the director’s room and vomited. She had to tell Qian Kaiyi that she might not have been. How to stay in a room without windows for three hours. 

At the same time, there were scandals in the Yunjin Group and the group where Lily was the secretary, and some people on Haifeng International Radio reported that Cao Wanli, the chairman of the Yunjin Group, had derailed the female secretary and was arrested by Mrs. Cao. He Dun immediately called Lily. Lily’s resignation procedures have been completed. She was sitting on the reef by the sea and blowing air. He remembered that the phone call from his mother just now did not show any concern. As long as he could make money from his daughter, Lily did not. I didn't want to pass on the negative emotions to my girlfriends, so I didn't answer the phone. Qian Kaiyi persisted in persuading He Dun not to give up this cooperation so quickly, and he also believed that Lily would not do such a thing, and he also had a solution. 

He Dun stopped to listen. Qian Kaiyi said that he knew Chang Chunmei. He once gave her an exclusive interview in Time Interview. This person is not an ordinary lady. She was once the second in command of the group, now the Yunjin Group. She accompany Cao Wanli to fight for more than ten years. He Dun heard what it meant. Chang Chunmei probably didn't care about the truth of the matter. She took Tang Lili for the benefit of the group. He Dun carefully analyzed what Chang Chunmei did. Chang Chunmei would invite investors out for dinner after Cao Wanli had each meeting with shareholders. This strong woman is not simple, she also firmly stated that their company will never go public. 

On the same day, He Dun found Chang Chunmei. She knew that Chang Chunmei had worked hard for a company for so many years, but she fell into an internal struggle a year before the company went public, so she and Cao Wanli later established today’s empire. He Dun said that this should be the reason why Chang Chunmei opposed the company's listing. Chang Chunmei should be the one who understands the injustice of women in the workplace best. This time she resigned from Lili to make Cao Wanli lose part of her right to speak. Afterwards, she had people withdraw the false remarks about Lili. Lily was not idle either. She brought Ye Jiahui's information to find out and said she wanted to chat. Ye Jiahui graduated from a prestigious school and had a pretty good job in Japan before, but suddenly returned to China and ran into He Dun at a bar. After moving to He Dun's house, 

Lily asked Ye Jiahui what his purpose was, but Ye Jiahui said that his grandmother is in a nursing home near here, and he lives here to make it easy to see her grandmother. Lily was speechless, just in time He Dun came over, and He Dun told his girlfriend that her false remarks had been deleted, and there was no need to worry about work anymore. Lily hugged He Dun moved. Ye Jiahui didn’t mind Lily’s behavior. He left the two for dinner together at home. He Dun agreed and explained to Ye Jiahui that Lili was more impulsive. . That day, Lily had just been dumped by her boyfriend, and she came to the street for a drink, and she happened to have a table with He Dun. A man wanted to come over and talked about some filthy words. He Dun stepped forward to stop him, and Lily directly smashed the wine. The bottle faced the group of men, and the two got acquainted ever since.

Character Cast of Psychologist (女心理师)

Yang Zi as He Dun

Once worked in the "Yunkai Psychological Assistance Center", after resigning, he started his own business. In the restaurant, I met Qian Kaiyi, a high school classmate I had a crush on. Because Qian Kaiyi accidentally broke the star bottle she gave during high school and embarrassed herself in front of the whole school, he was very resistant to Qian Kaiyi. In the show, Qian Kaiyi apologized to himself for what happened back then, and lost the star bottle, so he had a good impression of Qian Kaiyi again.

Jing Boran as Qian Kaiyi

The radio host planned to restart a program that was stopped ten years ago, but was annoyed by not being able to find a psychologist. Later, he met Hutton over the phone and fell in love with her. He invited her to be the regular host of the show, but was rejected . When visiting the live broadcast room, it was discovered that He Dun was suspected of being claustrophobic and could not stay in the enclosed space for more than 30 minutes. He went to request the company to change the live broadcast room. He Dun became the host.

Wang Jia as Ye Jiahui

He Dun and Tang Lili's neighbors. He was calm and silent, smart but lonely. He had a mutilated original family from a young age, a childhood full of fear and anxiety, but he had a happy childhood, and his personality was emotional and even out of touch. Qian Kaiyi is regarded as a rival in love and is called the existence of a knife hidden in a smile. Deliberately approached He Dun, trying to steal the F file.

Sugawara as Tang Lili

He Dun’s best friend, she experienced emotional damage, but did not hit her. She is a strong girl. She has always been optimistic about Qian Kaiyi and He Dun coming together. She is a powerful assisting friend.

Ni Ping as Zhao Xiping

He Dun’s mother, as an important role in her daughter’s growth, her mother, Zhao Xiping, was He Dun’s emotional sustenance. A bad childhood experience plagued He Dun and became the knot of the mother and daughter. In the end, He Dun and his mother Resolve misunderstandings and get out of psychological dilemmas together.

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