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My Heart (卿卿我心) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

My Heart (卿卿我心) is co-directed by Ren Haiyao and Yuan Shuwei, starring Cheng Xiao and Gu Jiacheng, starring Wang Yifei, Yang Ze, Wang Yinuo, Qiu Hongkai, Song Wenzuo, etc. Hai Yitian, Hu Caihong, Wu Jingjing, He Yongsheng, Zhang Gong Special Starred in the costume drama. The series has been broadcast on iQiyi and Tencent Video on December 9, 2021.

Chinese Drama My Heart (卿卿我心) tells a sweet and interesting love story between Lu Qingqing, a "waste girl" who has no spiritual power but is radiant with sunshine, and the prince Nangong Yixin, who is arrogant but wise and heart-warming. Lu Qingqing, a dead girl with no spiritual power and full of vitality, and Nangong Yixin, a wise and warm-hearted arrogant lord.

Detail of My Heart (卿卿我心)

Chinese Title: 卿卿我心 (Qingqing My Heart)

English Title: My Heart

Genre: Costume, Romance 

Production Company: iQiyi, Mirror Space

Filming location: Xiangshan, Hengdian

Premiere time: December 9, 2021

Director: Ren Haiyao, Yuan Shuwei

Starring: Cheng Xiao, Gu Jiacheng, Wang Yifei, Yang Ze,

Number of Episode: 24 Episodes

Length of Each episode: 45 minutes

Online Platform: iQiyi, Tencent Video

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Plot Story of My Heart (卿卿我心)

My Heart (卿卿我心) tells the story of a girl named Lu Qing Qing (Cheng Xiao) who has no spiritual strength but is full of vitality. Then a Prince Nangong Yi Xin (Gu Jiacheng) falls in love with Lu Qing Qing.

This fictional themed drama revolves around a story where everyone has spiritual power except Lu Qing Qing. Despite trying to master it, Lu Qing Qing still didn't succeed. But things start to change after he meets the arrogant playboy Prince Yi Xin who has a soft and wise heart.

5th Episode Summary of My Heart

Episode 1

Everyone in Qiyuan Mainland has spiritual power, except for Lu Qingqing, the second lady of Lufu. On this day, the crown prince ceremony was held in the palace. Lu Qingqing asked her little partner to turn herself into a rabbit and sneaked out of the house but accidentally ran into a carriage. The man in the car is the highest spiritual power in the Qiyuan continent-Jin Wang Nangong Yixin. Rabbit Lu Qingqing watched Nangong Yixin's heartbeat speed up, took a bite of his hand and hurriedly left. In the palace, Lu Hongzhu, the leader of the spiritual force, was crowning the prince, and Lu Qingqing drove the beast into the hall. Ying Xiao rushed towards Lu Hongzhu, and Lu Qingqing resisted for his father, but was rescued by Nangong Yixin who had rushed over. 

Ying Xiao attacked, and Lu Qingqing subconsciously fought back, using her spiritual power to knock down Ying Xiao, and everyone was surprised. Nangong Yixin and the prince combined to subdue and re-seal the prince. While admiring King Jin's high spiritual power, his officials sneered at him for his unconventional behavior. The queen gave Lu Hongzhu the military power of the Second Army of the Spiritual Force on the grounds that a thorough investigation was needed to find out how the fierce beast 梼杌 escaped the seal. When Lu Hongzhu and Lu Qingqing returned to the mansion, they saw auspiciousness descending from the sky on the way.

Episode 2

In the next early morning, Lu Hongzhu led Lu Qingqing to Pray Yuantai to test her spiritual power. Lu Qingqing was tested for a seventh-level spiritual power talent, but she could not use it for some reason. Lu Yunxi visited the prince, and the two talked about Lu Qingqing's seventh-level spiritual power. Lu Yunxi felt that the prince was more agreeable than usual, and was very happy. Lu Qingqing replayed the scenes before and after using her spiritual power, and found that she had come into contact with King Jin, and for a while, she believed that her spiritual power came from King Jin. Together, she and Baihe staged a scene of being assassinated by a man in black on the only way to the Prince Jin’s Mansion. 

After Nangong Yixin left, Lu Qingqing was assassinated by a man in black. In a crisis, Nangong Yixin turned back to save her. Lu Qingqing took advantage of the situation and asked Nangong Yixin to send her back and quickly bit him at the gate of Lufu. After experimenting, Lu Qingqing confirmed that her spiritual power came from King Jin, and decided to continue to find ways to approach him. Qi Yi reported to Lu Hongzhu that his men's plan to pretend to be a man in black to test Lu Qingqing's spiritual power had been broken, and Lu Hongzhu ordered him to find another opportunity.

Episode 3

The King Jin team failed frequently due to poor coordination. Lu Qingqing couldn't help but give instructions. Nangong Yixin proposed a substitution to let Lu Qingqing play. Lu Qingqing performed exceptionally and pulled back the score for the King Jin team. A goal hit, Nangong Yixin protected Lu Qingqing under her body, Lu Qingqing's heart moved, the red dots in her ears flashed with spiritual power, and she used spiritual power to score the goal without notice, but Nangong Yixin blocked him and was fined. End. 

Lu Qingqing continued the competition to win the final victory and won the prize-a porcelain rabbit. Lily informed her that this was a relic left by the queen of Nangong Yixin mother, and a porcelain fox was paired with in the palace of Jin Dynasty. The prince praised Lu Qingqing's skills and promised that she could arrange for the women's Cuju so that she would not have to disguise herself. On the way back to the mansion, Lu Qingqing was attacked by a man in black again. When it was dangerous, a spiritual barrier appeared around Lu Qingqing to block the attack. Nangong Yixin appeared to repel the man in black, leaving a sword mark on his sleeve. 

Nangong Yixin sent Lu Qingqing back to the house, and accidentally discovered that there were sword marks on the sleeves of Lu Hongzhu's Qi Yi. He mistakenly thought that this was a play directed and performed by the Lu family, just to let him put his guard against Lu Qingqing. The queen reprimanded the prince not to contact the king too much, and strongly proposed to elect the prince concubine, the prince had no choice but to agree. Lu Yunxi visited Lu Qingqing and turned away jealous when he heard that the prince promised her to hold a women's Cuju.

Episode 4

Sikongying kept laughing when she learned that Nangong was "taken advantage of". The two analyzed that Lu Qingqing was innocent and not Lu Hongzhu's pawn. Nangong guessed that Lu Qingqing would soon confess to herself. Sikongying did not believe it. The two bet. When Lu Hongzhu learned that Lu Qingqing often went to the Prince Jin's mansion, he was furious and warned her not to interact with the Prince Jin again. Several plainclothes spiritual forces searched for the whereabouts of the spiritual girl in the Desolate Spirit Valley and acted indulgently. The people dared not speak. 

Because of Lu Hongzhu’s life, Lu Qingqing was unable to find King Jin, and was very depressed. On the other hand, Nangong, who had not seen Lu Qingqing come to disturb her, was a little absent-minded. Qingqing was punished and could not go out, so he took the initiative to meet Lu Qingqing at the Yuejiao Teahouse. 

On the second day, Lu Qingqing came to see Nangong Yixin with her heavy make-up, and she was shocked; Nangong took her to Muxinyuan, and Shi Lingli created a romantic atmosphere of blooming flowers, and repeatedly hinted that she could confess, but Lu Qingqing Will always be wrong. Lu Qingqing accidentally mentioned celebrating her birthday for Nangong, but he suddenly changed his face and left indifferently. Sikongying tells Nangong Spiritual Forces to indulge in the Desolate Spirit Valley, and Nangong decides to find an opportunity to remind the prince. Lu Qingqing didn't know why Nangong Yixin was angry, so she wrote to ask him to explain clearly.

Episode 5

At night, Nangong Yixin drinks alone, Xiao Wu feels a little distressed, because his birthday is the anniversary of the death of Nangong King, so he is always alone; at this time, Lu Qingqing appeared as Nangong Yixin’s birthday, giving away the porcelain rabbit won in the Cuju competition. As a gift, Nangong Yixin was surprised and moved. The two pushed their cups and changed their cups. Lu Qingqing fell into Nangong's arms. 

Nangong accidentally ran into the porcelain rabbit, and when she heard Lu Qingqing's warm message, her eyes were red. Nangong Yixin sent Lu Qingqing back to the mansion. Hearing Baihe said that Lu Qingqing had been trapped in a small courtyard for so many years, she felt a little distressed. The next day, Nangong Yixin ordered the little military commander porcelain fox to Lu Qingqing before entering the palace. Xiaowu didn't see the person entrusted the guard Afu to pass it on, and Afu put it by the table in Lu Qingqing's bedroom.

Cast of My Heart (卿卿我心)

Cheng Xiao as Lu Qingqing

After encountering Nangong Yixin, the unskilled girl who had no spiritual power started a counterattack.

Gu Jiacheng as Nangong Yixin

The prince wan, accidentally discovered by Lu Qingqing that contact with her could greatly increase her spiritual power, so she was thoroughly followed, and she was always found by Lu Qingqing.

Wang Yifei as Lu Yunxi

Lu Qingqing's sister

Yang Ze as Nangong Mingyang

Song Wenzuo as Qi Yi

Fu Yaning as Lily

Wang Yinuo as Wan Qing

Hai Yitian as Lu Hongzhu

Qiu Hongkai as Si Kongying

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