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Luoyang (风起洛阳): Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Feng Qi Luo Yang (Wind from Luoyang) is jointly produced by iQiyi and Liubai Film and Television, directed by Xie Ze, starring Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, special starring Song Yi, special starring Yong Mei, special invitation starring Liu Duanduan, Zhang Duo, Zhang Li, Zhang Xilin, Gao Shuguang, Shi Yu, Ning Wentong, Feng Hui specially starred in ancient costume suspense drama.

Luoyang (风起洛阳) is adapted from the novel "Luoyang" written by Ma Boyong. It tells a series of stories about a group of people from different classes in the Wu Zhou period to investigate the unsettled case in Luoyang. The series has been broadcast exclusively on iQiyi on December 1, 2021.

Chinese Drama Fengqi Luoyang alias Luoyang type ancient costume, suspense production company Dongyang Liubai Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. Through these disturbances, amidst the popularity, spirit, and spirit built up in the story, a squad of God Capital finally re-exhibited a "real" Tang Dynasty atmosphere. Behind the flourishing age—the real splendor is not only the magnificent buildings and huge cities, but also not only the prosperous style of an era, the Chinese clothes and the delicacies, but the people, the spirit of people. 

Luoyang (风起洛阳) tells the story of three people from different backgrounds investigating mysterious incidents in the Zhou dynasty. This Chinese drama stars Wang Yibo. Luoyang is the latest Chinese drama with a mystery theme. The drama tells the story of three people from different backgrounds investigating mysterious incidents in the Zhou dynasty. Here's Chinese Drama Luoyang's synopsis.

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Detail of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Chinese Title:  Fengqi Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Other Title:  ​​Luoyang

Genre: costume, suspense

Director: Xie Ze, 

Screenwriter: Qing Mei, Wu Cong 

Production company: Dongyang Liubai Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Luoyang Historical and Cultural Protection and Utilization Development Group Co., Ltd.

Main Cast: Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, Song Yi, 

Number of Episodes: 39 Episodes

Length of each episode: 45 minutes

Online broadcast platform: iqiyi 

Shooting date: November 17, 2020 to March 25, 2021

Plot Story of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

This drama is set in the ancient city of Luoyang during the Zhou Dynasty. A mysterious incident occurs and is full of conspiracy to overthrow Empress Wu. It started when an informant came to town with his daughter. Arriving in the city, he immediately rushed to meet Baili Hongyi (Wang Yibo) to provide information.

However, he realized that he and his child were in danger. They are followed by a mysterious person who threatens both of their lives. Thus, he tried as quickly as possible to be able to meet Baili Hongyi. The informant managed to meet Baili Hongyi. That made him the first informant to make it into the city in recent years.

Baili Hongyi, the son of the Minister of Development, in Luoyang. Unfortunately, before the information was conveyed, the informant and his son were attacked by the mysterious person. This creates chaos around the market which is the center of trade exchange there.

At the same place, Wu Siyue (Victoria Song) who is the first ring guard of the Kingdom is escorting the Crown Princess for a walk outside the Palace. The chaos also threatens the safety of the Crown Princess. Instead of just targeting informants, several people tried to harm the Crown Princess. It made him act quickly. With the help of several other bodyguards, they managed to restrain the mysterious person.

5th Episode Summary of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Episode 1 of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

The informant father and daughter went to the gods to inform the police and were killed in Nanshi, Neiwei Yuehuajun Wu Siyue took the first step to take away the suspect, but Dali Temple Qing Gaosheng snatched him back from Neiwei on the grounds that the assassin assassinated the Changle county lord. Gao Bingzhu sneaked into the Dali Temple Prison to pretend to be the perpetrators of the Spring and Autumn Daoist narratives, and learned that "the informant's father and daughter are dead, and the great cause of God's Dao will be accomplished." Gao Bingzhu saw a familiar cross-piercing wound from the informer’s body and found a public inspection showing that the informer had come from Xuanshan. Thinking of the informer’s meeting with Baili Hongyi in Nanshi, Gao Bingzhu doubted this. It is related to Baili Hongyi. Neiwei Fengyu Lang Wuyou decided to give Yiyue and Dali Temple joined forces to investigate the murder of the informer. The prisoner was seriously injured and died in prison. Dali Temple pavilion chief Pei Jian wanted to interrogate those who had been in and out of the prison one by one. , Gao Bingzhu stood up and said that the offender was killed by himself.

Episode 2 of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Gao Sheng reported to the sage that the murderer Gao Bingzhu had surrendered to the crime, and Si Yue bluntly said that the case was full of doubts. The saint gave Siyue the Furong Peony Order and ordered her to thoroughly investigate the case as soon as possible. Siyue asked the saint for an order for Neiwei to be responsible for interrogating Gao Bingzhu. Baili Hongyi refused to marry the Liu family, bluntly saying that Baili would continue to cling to the Liu family. When Si Yue entered Lianfang, he saw Han Dongqing and asked Gao Bingzhu to be taken to Neiwei while Gao Bingzhu was taken. Dali Temple recorded that Chen Que assassinated the three Neiwei. Then the target was aimed at Gao Bingzhu, and the two fought in the carriage. Gao Bingzhu clamped Chen Que, and Chen Que was suddenly stabbed to death by a halberd flying from outside the carriage. Gao Bingzhu found that this hand halberd was the same as the weapon used to kill his brothers on Sixteen Nights five years ago. Afterwards, Gao Bingzhu learned from the bad Jing Chouweng that the halberd was forged from Xuanshan brass, and this brass was used to build the Big Buddha in Paradise.

Episode 3 of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Gao Bingzhu is regarded as the murderer of Chen Que and others. Siyue and Pei Jian lead people into the bad well to capture Gao Bingzhu, and Gao Bingzhu takes the initiative to show up. On the day of the wedding, Siyue received news from Lianfang and judged that Gao Bingzhu’s target of this operation was the wedding. After all, Baili Hongyi compromised for his father and married Liu Ran as his wife. With the help of Xiao Niang, the owner of Jishan Gambling Shop, Gao Bingzhu's subordinate, disguised as Liu Zhang, the general manager of the Winter Ministry, successfully entered Bailifu to attend the wedding banquet. After the wedding ceremony, Baili Hongyi asked Siyue about the informer's case and learned that Gao Bingzhu had sneaked into the mansion. Thinking of the news that Gao Bingzhu had inquired about Xuanshan before, he suddenly thought of Grandpa. When Baili Hongyi and Si Yue rushed to Bailiyan's study, Bailiyan had died, Gao Bingzhu was present and became suspects. Gao Bingzhu hijacked Baili Hongyi and escaped from Baili Mansion. Baili Hongyi asked Gao Bingzhu why he killed his grandfather. Gao Bingzhu said that he did not do what he did, and Baili Hongyi would be suspicious.

Episode 4 of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Dali Temple found that Gao Bingzhu had committed repeated murders. Gao Sheng ordered all exits of the bad wells to be sealed off. In order to rescue the bad wells, Gao Bingzhu negotiated terms with Pei Jian. He said that he would catch the real culprit within ten days. Baili Hongyi inspected his father's body and found out that his father had died in poison. Gao Bingzhu heard that Baili Mansion had goods in the Nanshi Dockyard, but he went into the killing by mistake. The man in black appeared with a halberd in his hand and fought fiercely with Gao Bingzhu. The man in black fell into the water and died. Gao Bingzhu mistakenly thought that the man in black was Sixteen Nights. At the graves of the brothers, Gao Bingzhu recalled that he took them out of the bad well five years ago without authorization and caused the seven brothers to be killed. He was deeply saddened. However, when he calmed down, he found that the death of Sixteen Nights was only an illusion. Lian Fang did not receive a warning about the Nanshi Dockyard incident, and Gongzi Chu realized that Lian Fang had an insider.

Episode 5 of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Gao Bingzhu opened the coffin for an autopsy and concluded that the snake venom in Bailiyanzhong was the giant snake venom. As Bailiyan's document files were confiscated by Neiwei before his death, Gao Bingzhu informed that the assassination of Siyuenan City, the death of Neiwei, and Bailiyan's death were all done by Chunqiu Dao. To investigate the case, Si Yue brought Gao Bingzhu into the Neiwei Mansion to look up the dossier. Gao Bingzhu found that there was a difference in the records of "Copper Material" after consulting the files, and he informed Siyue of the key clue that there was a problem with the copper mine. The copper ore needs to be transported from Xianshan to Shendu. Bailang found that the ship transporting the copper ore was from Bailifu, and the purity of the copper ore was not as good as before. This made Gao Bingzhu even more convinced that there was a problem with the copper ore. I learned that there will be a batch of weeping willow boats returning to the capital from Xuanshan tonight.

Character Cast of Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Huang Xuan as Gao Bingzhu

Bad well man, once served as bad deputy, heavy love and righteousness, man of atonement, wherever Gao Bingzhu goes, all righteousness will be kept, all evil will be eliminated, bad deputy commander Gao Bingzhu, who is in the bottom of Luoyang, is bad. Yang Cuo became a suspect in the case and met Baili Hongyi, Wu Siyue and others while investigating his innocence.

Wang Yibo as Baili Hongyi

The second son of Shangshu of the Ministry of Industry, the first glutton in the capital of God, the heart of wood and stone, the person with different talents, where Baili Hongyi has passed, all books must be read, all skills must be solved, in order to find out the truth about his father's poisoning, Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu jointly participated in the investigation of the truth.

Victoria Song as Wu Siyue

He was born in a famous family but concealed his noble status, trying his best to prove the value on his own. As an inner guard of the imperial court, he is not half slacking because of her status as a woman, and she does her best to fulfill her duties and vowed to save Luoyang. He was a childhood sweetheart with Li Beiqi, but later fell in love with Gao Bingzhu, but his love with Gao Bingzhu was a sadomasochistic relationship.

Song Yi as Liu Ran

The daughter of the famous Hedong Liu family, a persevering and affectionate person, where Liu Ran goes, every fragrance will be known, every makeup must be fine, she married Baili Hongyi first and then loved, but her uncle and Baili Hongyi's father The death cannot be separated from the relationship.

Yong Mei as Saint

The emperor, the nine-five-year majesty, the supreme man, wherever the saint reaches, all the treacherous ministers will be ministers, and the world will be peaceful.

Liu Duanduan as Dongchuan King

The king of Dongchuan, the grandson of the saint, has done his best, and the people of charity, wherever the king of Dongchuan visits, everything will be reported, and everything will be known.

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