Love Never Fails (落花时节又逢君) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Love Never Fails (落花时节又逢君) is Chinese Drama produced by Mango TV and Beijing Hefeng Qingmu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and is co-directed by Zhao Lijun and Yingyinglu, starring Yuan Bingyan and Liu Xueyi, Ao Ruipeng, Xu Xiaonuo, Yang Lin, Jing Yan Jun, etc. co-starred in the ancient costume fantasy fairy drama. 

Love Never Fails (落花时节又逢君) is adapted from Shu Ke’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of the god Jinxiu who wants to cross a camellia little demon red into a fairy, and is finally changed by the little demon. 

Crystal Yuan (Yuan Bingyan) and Liu Xue Yi feature in the Chinese drama Love Never Fails. They previously collaborated on the drama Love and Redemption. Crystal Yuan, on the other hand, was paired with actor Cheng Yi at the time. The two were cast as prominent roles in a drama directed by Yvonne Yang this time.

Ga Ga, also known as 'When The Flowers Fall, We Meet Again' or 'Luo Hua Shi Jie You Feng Jun,' is a Chinese Drama scriptwriter. Mango TV and Beijing Hefeng Qingmu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. collaborated on the Chinese drama, which began filming on June 11.

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Detail of Love Never Fails 

Chinese Title: 落花时节又逢君 (The Fall of the Flower)

English Title: Love Never Fails

Genre: Costume, Romance

Production Company: Mango TV, Beijing Hefeng Qingmu Film and Television 

Filming Location: Hengdian

Director: Zhao Lijun, Yingying

Producer: Tang Fan, Shen Jianguo

Screenwriter: Gaga

Starring: Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi, Ao Ruipeng, Xu Xiaonuo, Yang Lin, Jing Yanjun 

Number of Episode: 40 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Platform: Mango TV

Plot Story of Love Never Fails 

Hong Ning (Yuan Bingyan) confidently confessed to the deity Jinxiu (Liu Xueyi) to be his queen at the Huachao conference held once every 100 years in the heavens, but was told that the fairy is different. She began to confess in order to make a commitment to Jinxiu. The path to infinity. She practiced to heaven in the fall of the flower season, but when she found that he was marrying someone else as his wife, Hong Ning courageously turned around, renouncing the immortal path and forever reincarnating.

To make amends for the previous debt, Jinxiu modified her fate against the sky and allowed her to be born again. The guardian of one life, one life side by side, the mystery of life experience that cannot be avoided, the misunderstanding that cannot be avoided, the blossoming season, the two meet again, Hong Ning is a destined love that Splendid cannot avoid...

Cast of Love Never Fails

Yuan Bingyan as Hong Ning

It was originally the little Camellia demon on Baizhou Mountain. She used to be a black tea guarded affectionately, a demon catcher who fights swords, and a witch who kills gods in an uprising. Love and equality break all bonds.

Liu Xueyi as Jinxiu

The god in the sky, the leader of the flower world, the highest boss of Hong Ning. He was cultivated as a successor to the heavens since he was a child, responsible and mission-conscious veteran officials. The appearance is tall and arrogant, the heart is boring, the mouth is straight and the body is straight, and it is often really fragrant, and it is often shy by Hong Ning to change back to the prototype of the golden peony. Forbearance and affection, for Hong Ning was willing to endure ten thousand heavenly punishments, beautiful and tragic, and finally painfully discovered that his life experience was the biggest joke, and the justice he insisted on was a big lie.

Ao Ruipeng as Kunlun, Bai Ling

Kunlun is a god, with deep affection and righteousness, romantic and unruly, domineering and arrogant, and after passing through several generations, there is no way to avoid the word "love". And Jinxiu are like two sides of a coin, one is the proud man of heaven that many people are looking forward to, and the other is the demon king who dare not look directly at it. Very enthusiastic and active in love, it is a kind of love that pursues every means and uses the deepest affection.

Xu Xiaonuo as Lu Yao

The daughter of the King of the Northern Realm, the most beautiful "Bei Yao celestial daughter" in the Northern Immortal Realm, and a splendid childhood sweetheart. From a proud self, aloft, a princess living in an ivory tower, she has lost love, and transformed into a black lotus with unscrupulous power.

Yang Lin as Bai Cha

An ordinary white camellia of Hua Chaogong.

Jing Yanjun as Lu Jiu

The nine-tailed fox demon in the Northern Immortal Realm is born with three tails. Taking the responsibility of protecting Fairview as her own duty, she fell into great pain because of misunderstanding that Fairview rejected her impure background.

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