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If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆) is a youth inspirational romance drama produced by Mango TV, Bo Entertainment Film and Television, directed by Sun Hao, starring Wei Zheming, Pan Meiye, Zhang Shulun, Song Fangyuan, Shan Lanqiao, Yang Zhiying, Zhao Huanran, etc.

If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆) tells the story of Yu Luxi, an optimistic young girl with unique voice talent, and Lin Nan, a voice actress hidden by the professional elite, who work hand in hand to pursue dreams and harvest beautiful love at the same time. The series will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV on December 9, 2021.

Chinese Drama If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆) genre, youth, inspiration, romance, production company Mango TV, entertainment film and television. the premiere time on December 9, 2021 Directed by Sun Hao, and the producer is Tang Fan. Tu Ming starred in Wei Zheming, Pan Meiye, Zhang Shulun, Song Fangyuan, Shan Lanqiao, Yang Zhiying, Zhao Huanran on the online broadcast platform Mango TV

Plot Story of If The Voice Has Memory

The optimistic young girl Yu Luxi, working hard to become a voice actor for the ultimate dream of life, unexpectedly discovered that her boss Lin Nan turned out to be a voice idol who idolized Mai Da for many years. Yu Luxi followed Lin Nan as his teacher, and the two went hand in hand, traveling together in the world of sound. With Yu Luxi's continuous progress, they gradually discovered the secrets of Lin Nan that were unknown at the time, and the two opened their hearts and gradually moved closer to each other. When Yu Luxi was successful and possessed love and career, Yu's father's Alzheimer's disease made her suffer. She reaped love with her voice, and also recalled the memory of family affection with her voice.

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5th Episode summary of If The Voice Has Memory

Episode 1

The launch of "Lu Yao" has begun, and director Lin Nan is still undecided about the dubbing of the comic film. Producer Zhang Zong declared at the press conference that their dubbing will definitely bring a whole new experience to the audience. Lin Nan will be the first party. After listening to the dubbing several times, he finally made a decision. He temporarily asked the director to change the trailer, and he removed the sound of the comic. When there was no sound from the trailer, the press conference was in an uproar. Some reporters questioned "Lu Yao "The dubbing will be under Mai Wutian. So far, Mai Da’s influence is unmatched. Facing reporters’ doubts, Lin Nan faces the reporter’s decisive answer. 

Yu Luxi is a young girl who works part-time in a coffee shop. Quirky, she often does anime two-dimensional endorsements in her part-time coffee shop. The magnetic manga voice she imitated is especially popular with customers. A customer saw the commemorative badge of "Mai Da" on Yu Luxi's chest and pulled it in surprise Her hand said that she was also a fan of Mai University. At the end of the press conference, Mr. Zhang was very dissatisfied with Lin Nan. He temporarily replaced the dubbing and casting. He thought it was consuming the popularity of comics, and "Lu Yao" was already scheduled in the summer. No one can afford to take the time. Lin Nan is unwilling to show weakness and fight back. He will take full responsibility if the screening period is delayed. The sun is shining on Lin Nan's face, and his handsome profile is fascinating.

"Girl Killer" is not only handsome and talented, he took the position of director at a young age, and even the producer had to give him three points. Mr. Zhang left angrily, and Lin Nan reminded his assistant Zhou Na of the afternoon dubbing class. Enrollment began. Yu Luxi heard that Fengling's dubbing class was recruiting. She simply tidied up and rushed to sign up. It was the first time I saw the production company's luxurious decoration and ostentation. Yu Luxi entered the Grand View Garden like Grandma Liu. Novelty. In order to ease the nervous mood, Yu Luxi decided to find a quiet place to try her voice to find out the feeling. She read the leaflet she picked up. Unexpectedly, Yu Luxi found it by mistake. 

The place turned out to be Lin Nan's changing room! Just as Lin Nan went in to change clothes, he heard someone in the room broadcasting the "heavy money for a child" propaganda content, and his voice was sweet and soft. Lin Nan thought someone was engaging in phone scams and was on the spot So he asked the assistant to quickly find out if there were female liars in the company. The interview was about to begin. When a competitor said that the sound of clothing accessories clanging in the recording studio was not allowed, Yu Luxi decisively inserted the sweater. All the rhinestones were taken off. Just when it was Yu Luxi’s turn to interview, Lin Nan heard her voice and did not hesitate to "invite" her out. Before the interview was over, she was eliminated. 

Yu Luxi chased him to ask why, Lin Nan said coldly-the company does not recruit female liars! Yu Luxi suddenly realized the reason why she was "pushed", she rushed to Lin Nan's car to prove that she was just practicing her voice. Feng Ling's class is not the only one missing her. Lin Nan drove away, the door hook hung Yu Luxi's sweater, Yu Luxi fell to the ground. Lin Nan was forced to stop, this is the last chance, Yu Luxi really cares about entering the dubbing training class, in order to prove his strength, She immediately said some lines in the comics, Lin Nan felt that her attitude was really sincere, and guided her some pronunciation skills on the spot. skillful. Considering again and again that Yu Luxi has a unique voice and strong plasticity.Although the training class was full, Lin Nan called Zhou Na and decided to give Yu Luxi another chance.After receiving the training notice, Yu Luxi jumped up happily!

Episode 2

Thinking that she was going to the Fengling training class soon, Yu Luxi was in a good mood. She cheered up and turned on the voice training mode, tongue twisters, reading lines, as long as she could improve herself, she tried them all. I came to the training class early in the morning, and the door was still open. I saw a few white cats through the glass door. Yu Luxi shouted how cute! Lin Nan used his access card to open the door. Yu Luxi asked him inexplicably. The training class started at 10 o'clock. , Why she is going to go at nine o'clock, Lin Nan bluntly because there are still people who need to feed the cat at nine o'clock! It turns out that the company's notice to Yu Luxi was for her to do the front desk customer service! Who made her like dubbing so much, even the front desk, Yu Luxi Also determined to do it. 

During the day, Yu Luxi was at the company to help colleagues order takeaways and deliver express delivery. There was no technological content. She eagerly watched the trainees who participated in the training relish the pronunciation skills they just learned, and it was really itchy! Lin Nan asked Yu Luxi to order a few takeaways for herself, and signed the papers Yu Luxi brought. Seeing Lin Nan's signature, Yu Luxi's eyes widened, and she was surprised and happy in her heart! Soon, Yu Luxi looked at it. Fei Da, a well-known talent in the dubbing industry, had to ask for Zhang Feida's autograph for a long time to get it. This time Yu Luxi certainly couldn't wait to die. She sneaked into the recording studio and listened outside. In the recording studio, Feida held the mobile phone and kept reading the information back to the information, and did not put his energy into the animation scene at all. 

The tuner patiently reminded him many times that Feida not only did not make progress, but was extremely impatient. Lin Nan immediately stopped Feida’s recording and broadcasting when he saw it. Fei Dadong used his own relationship to directly report Lin Nan to the upper level of the company. When he received unprovoked accusations from the upper level, Lin Nan was also extremely upset. He had already left work, and it seemed that no one was in the company. Lin Nan quietly walked into the recording studio and picked up the headphones to try. recording. Yu Luxi took photos of Lin Nan’s signature with a photo. She asked her friends to help identify the similarity. Her friends confirmed that Lin Nan’s and Mai Da’s signatures were 99% similar. Yu Luxi was crazy happily! I ran into the recording studio and found that Lin Nan was wearing Mai Da’s headphones. 

It seems that Lin Nan is Mai Da! Yu Luxi rushed over excitedly and directly shouted "Mai Da". Lin Nan immediately took off the headphones and repeatedly denied. He has repeatedly clarified that he is not Mai Da, Lin Nan firmly believes that there is no doubt! Yu Luxi reminded her that she will be fired if she continues to call, Lin Nan hurriedly covered her mouth, she blocked Lin Nan's car door, and asked Lin Nan to promise that she would still be there the next day Allowing her to come to work gave an insight into Lin Nan's weakness. Yu Luxi also imposed Lin Nan's WeChat account when she left. When he returned home, Yu Luxi saw the apprenticeship banner hanging at home, and suddenly thought that he hadn't apprenticeship yet.Since he promised not to harass Lin Nan by WeChat in the future, Lin Nan had to delete the unsent WeChat, but at night, he was thinking about how to worship Mai. Great as a teacher. 

During the break of work the next day, Yu Luxi asked her boyfriend Xiaotian how to be successful in apprenticeship. Xiaotian suggested that she read more advanced experience. Yu Luxi saw that Xiaotian sent him a copy of "From the front desk to the boss’s wife. After the road", she yelled that she was unreliable, she obviously just wanted to be a teacher! Yu Luxi was about to delete the document, accidentally pressed the print button when answering the phone, and Xiaotian sent "From the front desk to the lady boss" "The road to advanced advancement" came in from the printer! At this time, Lin Nan went straight to the printer, and Yu Luxi was dumbfounded.

Episode 3

Yu Luxi rushed forward desperately. In any case, he couldn't let Lin Nan see the information sent by Xiaotian. Yu Luxi rushed forward and hugged Lin Nan's leg and shouted "Mr. Lin"! The company's colleagues at the scene were caught by Yu Luxi's crazy behavior. Shocked, Yu Luxi was anxious to become wise, and immediately held a fist at Lin Nan, and begged Lin Nan to accept her as a teacher in public! Lin Nan was annoyed and angry, he directly picked up the phone and asked Zhou Na to fire Yu Luxi immediately! Yu Luxi was ashamed and embarrassed. , Hearing that Lin Nan was about to fire her, he quickly called Xiaotian and asked Xiaotian to take a copy of it. You can't just sit and wait. Yu Luxi knows that Lin Nan is most afraid that she will reveal that she is under the wheat without fields, so he deliberately sends artificial wheat ears to every colleague in the company. "Mai", Lin Nan knew her little abacus and could only keep her in the company. 

Zhao Junran received a call from Lin Nan and immediately rode his "small electric stove" to Fengling to report. The mini version of the small tram carried Zhao Junran's seven-foot body, which was really not quite suitable. The man in the car swayed on the road, and a luxury nanny car slowly stopped in front of Zhao Junran. The electric car door opened. The overbearing president inside asked Zhao Junran to go back to the company with him immediately. Sitting inside was Zhao Junran's old father. Seeing that his father still looked disgusted, Zhao Junran replied that petty citizens like him were not worthy of inheriting the family business. It seems that this son is not saved! The overbearing president has no choice but to let the driver drive back to the company. As the eldest son and always rejected by his father, Zhao Junran spit out the gum in his mouth unhappily. 

A big Mora parked beside Zhao Junran in the wind. It was a luxurious motorcycle that pierced the eyes, with long hair fluttering under the gun-gray helmet, and a motorcycle suit that was swift and elegant. Zhao Junran was going to be stunned. The locomotive girl asked Zhao Junran to pick up the vomited gum. Zhao Junran immediately agreed to bend over to pick it up. Seeing the locomotive girl's back gradually fade away, Zhao Junran couldn't bear to blink his eyes. When Zhao Junran came to the Fengling class, Lin Nan introduced his new colleague and asked Zhao Junran to act as the voice of Yan Zheng's name in the play. When Zhao Junran saw Zhou Na, she immediately recognized her as the dashing locomotive girl. Zhou Na was not interested in Zhao Junran who was spitting anywhere. Soon the Internet reported a bad video of Lin Nan. In the video, Lin Nan's voice was synthesized in a later stage. 

It was obvious that Feida was slandering Lin Nan. Yu Luxi went to Xiaotian for help. Xiaotian used technical means to find that Feida was chatting with three beauties at the same time on the day of dubbing. It was obvious that Feida was at fault first. Numerous media did not know the truth, and crowded together outside Fengling Company to interview Lin Nan, but the door was blocked by water. Yu Luxi pulled Lin Nan quietly to avoid being chased by reporters. At the same time, taking advantage of his meritorious service, Yu Luxi immediately invited Lin Nan for a reward and asked Lin Nan to be her master. Lin Nan finally agreed! Feida recruited the company's senior management to let Lin Nan face it. He apologized, Lin Nan took out the iron evidence that Xiaofei helped her find, and was exposed on the spot, Fei Daxie had no place to show himself, he wanted to "learn" Yu Luxi, Lin Nan pulled Yu Luxi behind him, and very manly reminded Fei Daxi that he wanted to move.

Episode 4

Fei Da and Mr. Zhang lost face in front of Lin Nan and everyone. The two of them held a grudge against it. Fei Da felt that it was because the company cared too much about Lin Nan that he was so arrogant and that no one was given any face. In order to attack Lin Nan, Feida introduced Liang Yichuan from Youlong Company to Mr. Zhang. In Youlong Production Company, Liang Yichuan, the pillar of the company, is also a popular traffic king. I heard that Lin Nan, the master of Fei, is quite choppy. He and his subordinates feel that they can also take advantage of the opportunity to beat Feida. Feida has been dubbing and working in their company. The attitude is also unsatisfactory. Liang Yichuan walked into the recording studio and saw Feida playing with his mobile phone. He deliberately scolded the tuner Xiaopeng for looking at his mobile phone while working into the phone. 

Yu Luxi finally entered the recording studio, and her excitement was beyond words. In order to express her gratitude to Lin Nan, she made sandwiches by herself. The company held a meeting. Lin Nan felt that the theme of Lin Ge's work (Smile of Spring) did not highlight spring, so he asked Lin to revise it as required. Brother Lin was not convinced. He felt that Lin Nan's requirements were too demanding and insisted on making no changes. Lin Nan was very angry and reminded him that he would just stubbornly stubbornly and leave. Yu Luxi heard her colleagues quietly talking about Lin Nan's growing temperament outside the door. In order to help resolve the embarrassment, she quickly used her expertise to make Lin happy. Lin Ge revised the plan and showed it to Lin Nan. Lin Nan still felt that it was too late. The two people quarreled again, and the quarrel became louder and louder. Yu Luxi felt that it was over. 

This time, Lin will surely leave. Yu Luxi hurriedly collected evidence that Brother Lin had been working hard for a long time. She walked into Lin Nan's office with the evidence. Look like. Yu Luxi felt that her eyes had been deceived, and she was puzzled. Her colleague quietly told him that everyone in the company was no stranger to it. Everyone knew that Lin Nan had so many days of "low tide" every month. When you encounter a bottleneck, your temper is quite hot. If someone unfortunately touches Lin Nan's anger, it may not be a good thing. He will receive Lin Nan's small red envelope as a mental loss fee. Last month, Lin Ge received Lin Nan's spirit. The loss fee is more than one thousand. Lin Nan's eyes widened with so much mental damage expenses. It was the first time he heard that he could do this for mental damage expenses. In the evening, the voice actor Liu Ziwei quietly entered the dubbing Peng and wanted to practice more. 

Yu Luxi saw that it was not good to enter the recording studio without Lin Nan's consent. Liu Ziwei was about to put the microphones back. Lin Nan happened to discover the two of them. Lin Nan suddenly stretched his face when he saw them holding the microphone. He felt that the moisture in his hand was not good for the microphone. Yu Luxi quietly explained that Lin Ziwei just wanted to practice more. Lin Nan didn't understand why Lin Ziwei didn't tell him such a small thing. Hearing Yu Luxi whispering that colleagues in the dubbing class were afraid of him, Lin Nan immediately decided to start team building next week. On the day of the team building, everyone was very cautious. Lin Nan first drove the atmosphere and asked everyone to talk about their experience before entering the dubbing class. The friends came together because of the same hobby, and everyone began to talk freely. Yu Luxi talked about her dad who supports her hobby very much in the chat. He also said that she often takes on dubbing tasks and can support herself with the film pay early on. 

Everyone praised Yu Luxi, Lin Nan turned his face and smiled and looked at her with interest. The group was built in a coffee shop where Yu Luxi worked part-time. After the end, I learned that Lin Nan had settled the bill. Yu Luxi rushed over and wanted to return the money to Lin Nan. There was no other people around. Lin Nan frankly confessed that Yu Luxi’s current strength would be paid for the dubbing film. She simply does not support her. There are very few dubbing agencies in China to recruit people. She has almost no chance to dub, otherwise she will not work part-time in a coffee shop. Lin Nan's eyes were fierce enough, and Yu Luxi smiled embarrassedly. At night, Yu Luxi lay on the bed and kept thinking about her master. She felt that the master usually talks less, but the outside is cold and the inside is hot, and her heart must be very lonely. As his disciple, she has the obligation to help the master drive away loneliness, and she has become happy and sunny. Handsome president!

Episode 5

In the evening, Lin Nan holding a book could not help but remember the conversation with Yu Luxi during the day, Yu Lu Xi said frankly that she is no worse than other classmates, as long as she is given a chance, she will definitely prove herself. Lin Nan also said this to Liang Yichuan. Now that they have finally made some achievements, it is time to consider providing opportunities for rising stars. On the second day, Lin Nan took a senior voice actor to train the students. For the first time he received a comment from a professional teacher. Yu Luxi was not happy, and his level was far from it. It seems that there is still a long way to go in the future. Zhao Junran's younger brother came to the dubbing class to convince Zhao Junran to return to the company. The younger brother felt that the domestic comics had no prospects, so it is better to return to the family business as soon as possible. Zhou Na happened to be passing by and heard Zhao Junran’s advice. She came and corrected her unceremoniously. 

Now the domestic animation is no longer what it used to be. Last year, the profit of the animation series exceeded several billion in just one indicator. When Yu Luxi heard the teacher comment that she was dubbing, she was not emotional. She was thinking hard about how to find the feeling of grief. The characters in the comics seem to have been hungry for several days. In order to enter the drama as soon as possible, Yu Luxi decided to go on a hunger strike to find feelings. She was so determined that even the pan-fried ham made by her brother himself did not entice her. In the evening, Yu Luxi, who was hungry, was still looking for feelings. She sent Lin Nan a WeChat message and asked him if he had any distressing past. Lin Nan was thoughtful when he received WeChat. Just as he was hesitating to tell Yu Luxi, Yu Luxi had already said good night. I had been on a hunger strike for a whole day. Seeing the students around me were eating, Lin Nan swallowed gluttonously, worried that her stomach would not be able to live up to her stomach, so she tightened her stomach tightly. 

Finally arrived at the studio, Lin Nan fainted with hunger before he opened his mouth to dub. The crowd helped Yu Luxi up. Lin Nan took the water to wake her up. Yu Luxi's eyes were blurred because of hunger. Nan's hand was bitten so hard that it hurt to despair. After replenishing the energy, Yu Luxi apologized to Lin Nan. Lin Nan said: She does not need to apologize, and being hungry does not deepen her understanding of the role. Now Yu Luxi needs to be empathetic to the characters in the play, only to go deep into the role itself. To find the feeling. So far, Yu Luxi has not actually dubbed in the dubbing studio. She begged Lin Nan to enter the recording studio. On the way to the recording studio, Yu Luxi reminded herself over and over again to stabilize her mood and not to rush for quick success. In the recording studio, Yu Luxi's dubbing was very successful this time. Lin Nan, who was on the side, saw the tears on her cheeks and knew that she had indeed lost her mind. For a long time, Yu Luxi hadn't come out of the play. She thought of her mother's death when she was very young. She remembered that she said a lot on the day her mother died, but unfortunately, she didn't remember it now, just remembered her mother's expression at the time.  

Yu Luxi said more and more sad. Lin Nan comforted her that as an excellent voice actor, she needs to enter the play as soon as possible and of course be able to play in the shortest time. When Yu Luxi heard Lin Nan praise her rapid progress, Yu Luxi gave a relieved smile. Everyone has a bitter history, so does Lin Nan. He thought of his condition and the doctor announced that he had laryngeal cancer. In the future, he might no longer be able to mix in the dubbing session. How desperate he is. Everyone who dreams of dreams must learn. strong. Soon, Lin Nan announced the list of students who had successfully promoted. Yu Luxi lived up to expectations and was also on the list. Everyone happily embraced Yu Luxi and blessed her.

Character Cast of If The Voice Has Memory

Wei Zheming as Lin Nan

The chairman of Xuanji Animation, the big boss of Gao Leng and blind face, the voice actress Mai Wutianxia, ​​was born in a family of Gaozhi, graduated from Ningcheng University, majored in animation, is very sensitive to voices, and likes Yu Luxi.

Pan Meiye as Yu Luxi

Bachelor degree in accounting, a seiyuu rookie, a small fortune lover, a dream girl, grew up with his father, like dubbing, but experienced a lot of setbacks on the way to chasing dubbing dreams.

Zhang Shulun as Liang Yichuan

The chairman of Youlong Animation, Liang Yiyi's brother, elite, sister control, like Yu Luxi, and Lin Nan are competitors.

Song Fangyuan as Liang Yiyi

Bai Fumei, an employee of the Dubbing Department of Ningcheng University and an employee of Xuanji's animation dubbing department, is a dubbing goddess.

Shan Lan Qiao as Zhao Junran

An employee of Xuanji's animation dubbing department, Treasure Boy, loves Zhou Na and wins the favor of the goddess with a sincere heart.

Yang Zhiying as Zhou Na

Xuanji animation marketing director, modern elite female, high IQ and high EQ, like Zhao Junran.

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