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Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探) is a TV series directed by Zhao Junkai, written by Zhao Xiubin, and starring Zhang Yujian, Liang Jie, Wu Chongxuan, and Ma Li.

Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探) is a Chinese Drama directed by Zhao Junkai, written by Zhao Xiubin, and starring Zhang Yujian, Liang Jie, Wu Chongxuan, and Ma Li. The series premiered on Sunday, December 26, 2021, consisting of 30 episodes with a duration of each episode of 45 minutes.

Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探) tells the story of the southern city of Xiangcheng in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. The head-catcher Kong Xueli and Hao Zuo Fangdong, defying evil, used their modern scientific knowledge and pretending to be the dark forces to start a struggle again and again. 

At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Xiangcheng of the Southern Kingdom was not open to the people's wisdom, and evil forces were rampant. The head-catcher Kong Xueli and Hao Zuo Fangdong, defying evil, used their modern scientific knowledge and pretending to be the dark forces to start a struggle again and again.

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Detail of Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探)

Chinese Title: 热血神探 (Hot Blooded Detective)

English Title: Hot Blooded Detective

Genre: Detective, Comedy, Romance

Production Company: Huace Film & Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Premiere: December 26, 2021 

Director: Zhao Junkai 

Screenplay: Zhao Xiubin 

Starring: Zhang Yujian, Liang Jie, Wu Chongxuan, Ma Li 

Online Platform: Mango TV

Plot Story of Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探)

Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探) is set between the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and the start of the Republic of China, as described in the summary Hot Blooded Detective (2021). (1912-1949). The forces of modernity and antiquity began to coalesce around this period. However, China is home to a plethora of sorcerers, conjurers, necromancers, and other occultists.

And the most of them are con artists. Then a young police officer named Kong Xue Li (Zhang Yu Jian) and a sharp-minded coroner named Fang Dong (Liang Jie) appear. These two gentlemen are working to rid China of stupidity and dishonesty. They employ their intelligence and understanding of current science to solve con artist crimes.

Kong Xue Li and Fang Dong try to prove that supernatural spirits are nothing more than con artists' smoke and mirror tricks. Both had received awful threats as a result of the city's horror and the deaths of its citizens. However, the two of them continue to work hard and find plans to combat the evil. Kong Xue Lie meets a bold and gorgeous restaurant owner in the midst of their fight. Can the three of them put an end to the city's violence and terror?

5th Episode Summary of Hot Blooded Detective 

Episode 1

The surviving investigator Kong Xueli is a new head catcher in Yamen, and he caught the donkey who was deceiving people as soon as he arrived. Yang Guohui, a man living alone, was found buried in a sea of ​​flames. An older brother, Yang Guoguang, was working as a servant in a pawnshop. Lian Haiping is the proprietress of Liansheng Restaurant, a glamorous heartthrob, and many diners come to the restaurant for Lian Haiping's beauty. The county magistrate Chen Tianguan brought the wind to Kong Xueli at Liansheng Restaurant, and Lian Haiping respected Kong Xueli’s wine. Kong Xueli wanted to drink the glass of wine in Lian Haiping’s hand. 

After drinking, he praised it very sweetly, so Fang Dong cursed Kong Xue secretly. Li is the color embryo. Kong Xueli also invited Lian Haiping to admire the moon and chat about life together at night. Lian Haiping accidentally had a bit of fun with Kong Xueli. Chen Tianguan introduced everyone present to Kong Xueli. This Chen Tianguan is not a good official, and he does things all day long. Kong Xueli wanted to respect Fang Dong’s wine, Fang Dong’s Yin-Yang Stomata Xueli was light and thin, and his wine was not sweet, Kong Xueli could feel Fang Dong’s sourness. When leaving, an old man called a vixen and sent an invitation to Chen Tianguan and smashed Chen Tianguan. Chen Tianguan beat the old man severely, and Kong Xueli stepped forward to relieve him. Early the next morning, Kong Xueli went to the Yamen as an errand. 

All the way, the people were burning incense and worshiping the gods. Even the Yamen were worshipping, lamenting that the work was so difficult. Kong Xueli angrily yelled the arresters, announcing that they were upright and upright with the Yamen, and if there were any more acts of burning incense and worshiping the Buddha, they would be dismissed from their posts. Kong Xueli came to Liansheng Restaurant to ask Lian Haiping what gods everyone was worshiping. Lian Haiping said that he was worshiping Fox Fairy, and Fox Fairy posts every year for an ecstasy banquet. People who receive invitations will go there. It’s just that. No one came back for many years, she believed in the fox fairy. Kong Xueli asked Fang Dong if he also believed in fox fairies. Kong Xueli believed that there were no fairies and monsters, but just pretending to be ghosts. 

From Lian Haiping's mouth, he learned that the fox fairies were hosting a banquet in Chengjiagou. Kong Xueli wanted to go to Chengjiagou to find the fox fairy, and wanted to invite the fox fairy to come to the city to have a long table feast to save the sentient beings, but no one wanted to go with him, and in the end he could only go by himself. At night, Kong Xueli came to Chengjiagou alone and shouted to the Fox Fairy, wanting to call the Fox Fairy out. Kong Xueli sat in a temple and waited for the rabbits, and finally waited until the person pretending to be a ghost appeared, but he didn't expect it to be a donkey. Kong Xueli learned from Zhang Luzi that he wanted to participate in the ecstasy feast of the fox fairy and had to receive an invitation. Kong Xueli invited Zhang Donkey to have a drink and chat at home. Zhang Donkey was so frightened that he ran away, only to see someone hanged himself shortly after he left, and he was so scared that he ran back to find Kong Xueli. 

The person who hanged was the old man Kong Xueli met last time. Fang Dong inspected the old man’s body, and Kong Xueli came to a place. After some investigation, he was sure that this was the first place where the old lunatic died. . Kong Xueli was still lying on the clothes, Ling Cha quickly dragged him to the tree, there was a piece of paper pasted there, Kong Xueli found that the fox character was wrong, and immediately understood. Master Chen reported to Chen Tianguan that since Kong Xueli came to Xiangcheng, he had been against the ruffians everywhere, and now there are fewer and fewer people who are kidnapped and deceived. Chen Tianguan was furious, this broke his own rules, Kong Xueli had all cleaned up, and where did he show his majesty. The last time I drank the flower wine, Chen Tianguan thought Kong Xueli was playing with the boss’s wife. Chen Tianguan thought that Kong Xueli was his own. Now he was afraid that Kong Xueli would pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, so he decided to call Kong Xueli a few days later. 

A local woman came to report the crime, and her son Ding Tao was missing. Kong Xueli asked the old woman carefully and learned that Ding Tao limped home that day and received an invitation from the fox fairy's ecstasy feast. Ding Tao laughed at the invitation and went out. He has not returned yet. Fang Dong regards fox immortals as gods, Kong Xueli pointed out that they are feudal superstitions, that is, they suffer from no invitation, otherwise he will go to this ecstasy feast to find out. When catching Xiaogang went home, he found the invitation card of the ecstasy feast in the room and was shocked. Xiaogangniang pulled Xiaogang to find Kong Xueli, thinking that Xiaogang's father had received the invitation of this ecstasy feast and never returned. Kong Xueli decided on the spot to attend this ecstasy feast for Xiaogang. 

Lian Haiping was worried about Kong Xueli's safety and called Kong Xueli into Lian Sheng's restaurant to take care of her. Kong Xueli took off Lian Haiping's embroidered shoes and took them away, making Haiping look shy. I was afraid that there would be no return during this trip. Fang Dong prepared a farewell wine for Kong Xueli, but Kong Xueli didn't take it seriously. These were just deceitful tricks. Kong Xueli went to the banquet and saw the legendary Jiuchi Meat Grove. The beauty is like a cloud. In fact, it should be a romantic place. At this time, a man wearing a fox headgear stuffed Kong Xueli with a lot of gold, hoping that he would pretend to be deaf and dumb and not cut off the fox fairy's fortune. Kong Xueli did not agree, so how could he explain to the people. When the other party spoke harshly, Kong Xueli took off the other party's headgear unceremoniously, unexpectedly it was a donkey.

Episode 2

Zhang Luzi begged Kong Xueli for mercy, Kong Xueli took out his gun and threatened him. As a result, a gun fell on the ground by accident. Zhang Luzi took the opportunity to fight back. Kong Xueli tried to get away. Zhang Luzi and his party chased him, Kong Xueli fell off unfortunately. He couldn't move when he entered a trap and was tragically caught by Zhang Donkey and the others. Lian Haiping still worried about Kong Xueli's safety in her heart, and Fang Dong was a little jealous when she heard it. Kong Xueli told Zhang Luzi that the girl he met for the first time could whisper. The fox's tail is fake and she will wear it as soon as she stands up. Kong Xueli asked Zhang Luzi why he wanted to kill the old lunatic. Zhang Luzi was dissatisfied that the old lunatic had said that in Xiangcheng for the first time, so he had to die. Zhang Luzi did not admit that he was the old lunatic he killed. 

Kong Xueli was not polite at all to point out that Zhang Luzi did it, and there are witnesses. Kong Xueli was curious about what Zhang Donkey did when he caught those people here. Zhang Donkey didn’t conceal what he did. He brought Kong Xueli to the Golden Beach and caught those people here to help him pan for gold. Performance has always been his dream, and he is in ecstasy. The banquet is the best stage. Kong Xueli was surprised to see Lao Gang, this Lao Gang is the father of the Yamen Yamen Xiaogang. Fang Dong was worried about Kong Xueli's safety, so he looked for Kong Xueli's hat and cane in a pit. There were signs of fighting on the scene. It seems that there was a fierce fight before. Chen Tianguan thought that Kong Xueli would definitely not be able to come back, so he arranged for the master to prepare an official document and find a new catcher to come back. He pretended to regret that Kong Xueli was gone before he got married. 

Kong Xueli talked to Lao Gang, asked him why he didn't go back more than ten years after he left home, and told him about the situation at home. In fact, Lao Gang didn't want to go back, it's just that this ghost place couldn't get out at all. It was surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there was only one exit that was guarded by someone. The exit was a cliff. Kong Xueli had a way to help Lao Gang escape, but Lao Gang really didn't want to stay in this ghost place anymore, so she agreed to cooperate with Kong Xueli. Fang Dong chatted with Lian Haiping and got inspired, remembering that he didn't find Kong Xueli's gloves, so there was hope, so he decided to go to Kong Xueli again. On the other side, Zhang Luzi received an order that Kong Xueli must die. Although he liked Kong Xueli a lot, he could only do what he ordered. Zhang Luzi prepared Kong Xueli's decapitation and went on the road. He told the executioner to wait for Kong Xueli to finish his last bite and send him on the road.

Kong Xueli deliberately delayed waiting for Lao Gang to come to cooperate. When he left, he met Zhang Donkey's fox and attracted Zhang Donkey. Kong Xueli hugged the fox to persuade Zhang Luzi to return to Xiangcheng to surrender, but Zhang Luzi disagreed. Kong Xueli jumped off the cliff holding the fox, but fortunately Fang Dong came out to find Kong Xueli to rescue him. Kong Xueli escaped from the dead and returned to Xiangcheng gracefully. Chen Tianguan came to show concern again, and returned to the county office to receive the wind for Kong Xueli. Kong Xueli has something to say. His safe return this time shows that there are no fox fairies at all. They are all lie. I hope you don't believe those pretending to be fools. After dinner today, I will demonstrate to everyone at Liansheng Restaurant. Back at the county office, Kong Xueli arranged for someone to send the letter to the provincial capital, and also informed the family members who had lost their family members over the years to follow his orders tonight, and also asked them to rush to make the items on the drawings.

Chen Tianguan was curious about what happened to Kong Xueli. Kong Xueli revealed that Zhang Donkey was secretly panning for gold on the golden beach, and Chen Tianguan was ready to hear it. Lian Haiping came to Kong Xueli for her embroidered shoes, and Kong Xueli took the opportunity to molest her, making her look shy. At night, Kong Xueli showed the scene of the ecstasy feast at the entrance of Liansheng Restaurant, explaining the principle one by one. There are no ghosts at all. The so-called fox is just a little white dog. Everyone clamored that they were going to the golden beach to copy the donkey's nest. The greedy Chen Tianguan only cared about gold. Lian Haiping told Kong Xueli to pay attention to safety, and she would wait for Kong Xueli to return. Kong Xueli and his entourage went to the Golden Beach to copy Zhang Donkey’s old nest. Although Zhang Donkey ran away, he still captured him and rescued the family members who had been caught. 

When Kong Xueli and his entourage returned to Xiangcheng, they saw a mysterious person working on the roof. Hearing that the people said that they were short of money, they even dropped a lot of copper. The people knelt down one after another, this is the immortal manifestation, Zhang Donkey took advantage of the chaos and fled. The mysterious man is Zhang Donkey’s elder brother. He came to rescue Zhang Donkey after hearing the news, but it was a pity that the golden sand beach where Ziweixing had been operating for thirty years was destroyed in this way. The brother angrily criticized Zhang Luzi for failing to succeed, and Zhang Luzi was also very aggrieved. Kong Xueli was so courageous and thoughtful that he could not deal with it. Kong Xueli was dissatisfied with Lian Haiping and they bowed down for two coins, not to mention that Fang Dong was still yamen's arrest. As a result, Fang Dong scolded Kong Xueli for not understanding their Xiangcheng culture, and quickly shut up.

Episode 3

When Zhang Donkey ran away, Kong Xueli was very depressed. Lian Haiping was worried about Kong Xueli, and sent Fang Dong to confirm. Kong Xueli went to Lian Sheng Restaurant to find Lian Haiping, and heard that someone upstairs wanted to see him. Kong Xueli came to the private room upstairs, but he didn't expect the person to come was the one who gave money yesterday. This person introduced him as Yuan Chunfeng. He was straight to the point. The land of China was constantly fighting and banditry was rampant, so he wanted to unite the people to work hard. Kong Xueli was very disdainful of Yuan Chunfeng's remarks. Yesterday, she didn't reveal his tricks. Yuan Chunfeng wanted to buy Kong Xueli if it failed, so he made a bet with Kong Xueli, using Xiangcheng's 100,000 people as a bet, to see if it was scientifically effective or his own spells were effective. 

Kong Xueli bluntly said that he used ordinary people as pawns and lost at the beginning. Yuan Chunfeng reminded Kong Xueli that Kong Xueli caused a big problem with the Golden Sand Beach, and he didn't need him to act, because Ziweixing hid the dragon and Crouching Tiger, persuading Kong Xueli to do it for himself. Kong Xueli was eating the dishes Lian Haiping personally cooked. Fang Dong came to ask Kong Xueli if he still had contact with the overseas friend Hu Hansheng. Hu Hansheng failed to assassinate Chen Tianguan and was taken to prison. Kong Xueli put down his bowl and chopsticks and went to the prison. Hu Hansheng told Kong Xueli not to worry. He came with a mortal heart. Besides, the revolution must shed blood. Kong Xueli could no longer lose his friend Hu Hansheng, and had to find a way to rescue him. 

When Kong Xueli thought of the robbery, Fang Dong reminded him that Chen Tianguan loved money, and as long as he gave enough silver, he might be able to buy back Hu Hansheng's life. Kong Xueli is embarrassed because he has no money at all. Fang Dong is going to negotiate with Chen Tianguan to see if he can release the people, or call Chen Tianguan. When the negotiation fails, Kong Xueli will hijack Chen Tianguan again, and prison robbery is the last choice. Kong Xueli wondered why Fang Dong helped. Fang Dong had heard about the Revolutionary Party and admired them very much. Fang Dong’s organization bureau asked Chen Tianguan to come to Liansheng Restaurant. Chen Tianguan was nervous when he saw Kong Xueli. He was afraid to go to the hut as an excuse. Then he jumped into the dung pit and escaped. On the way back, he met his soldiers, so he took them back to the Liansheng Hotel to catch Kong Xue. 

Li and the landlord are two people. At this time, his men reported that the Wuchang Uprising had been successful and the court was overthrown. Chen Tianguan was dumbfounded for an instant, Kong Xueli danced with excitement. After the Qing Dynasty was dead, Chen Tianguan couldn't kill Hu Hansheng. He was worried that the Revolutionary Party would settle accounts in the fall. He immediately ordered Hu Hansheng to be released and let Kong Xueli and Fang Dong pick him up together. He even invited a doctor to treat Hu Hansheng. Chen Tianguan has always supported the Revolutionary Party all the time, and is preparing to summon the gentry and celebrities of the county to declare the revolution. Fang Dong still has some worries. After all, the new regime is not stable. In case the court returns, Chen Tianguan changed his rhetoric after hearing this. Chen Tianguan decided to find a way to establish a relationship with the chief governor. He was also a revolutionary party and picked tiles in public. This is currently the most fashionable and useful movement. 

It not only establishes an image, but also triggers a word-of-mouth effect. Kong Xueli asked Marlboro for what Lian Haiping likes in the shop. Marlboro remembered that Lian Haiping liked to watch Jia Baoyu's play. Kong Xueli couldn’t help but imagined that she even pouted to Marlboro to kiss her. The scene happened to be met by Lian Haiping, feeling that the world is getting worse. Hu Hansheng is going to Nanjing, Chen Tianguan told Hu Hansheng to Nanjing, don't forget to say something for him in front of the governor. Hu Hansheng left by boat. Not long after he walked away, suddenly a monster appeared in the lake with fire in his mouth. Hu Hansheng was unfortunately killed. Kong Xueli simply buried Hu Hansheng. 

They were like brothers. Hu Hansheng was from a wealthy family. When studying abroad, he often took care of Kong Xueli, who was penniless. Hu Hansheng was devoted to revolution. He didn't expect that he would die right after the revolution succeeded. Fang Dong comforted Kong Xueli, he did not find Hu Hansheng's body in the lake, perhaps he was not dead, but Shan Hai Jing recorded a monster called Jiuyingguai, the legend called like a baby, suspect that the monster is Jiuyingguai. As soon as the self-righteous magician Wang Daoyi came to Xiangcheng, Kong Xueli met Wang Daoyi in a ruined temple. Wang Daoyi knew about Kong Xueli, after all, in the Golden Beach case, Kong Xueli went straight to Huanglong and broke Ziweixing’s fortune, which has been circulated to the world.

Episode 4

Knowing that Kong Xueli was in a bad mood, Lian Haiping brought him delicious pastries from his hometown and let him taste the taste of his hometown. Lian Haiping comforted Kong Xueli as if a family member had left, but those who were alive had to continue to live. Those who walked like this would feel relieved and encouraged Kong Xueli to cheer up. Kong Xueli took the opportunity to play tricks with Lian Haiping, asking her to fall in love with herself. Chen Tianguan asked Wang Daoyi to come to the mansion for fortune-telling. Fang Dong followed. He heard Wang Daoyi’s words with the word Zijin. This was his wife’s name, but his wife had been missing for three years. He asked if Wang Daoyi had a wife. information. Wang Daoyi assured Fang Dong that there must be news within ten days. 

When Chen Tianguan saw Wang Dao's mana surpassing the sky, he asked himself what his official career was. Wang Daoyi said that Chen Tianguan's future was unlimited, and Chen Tianguan was very happy. In the night, Wang Daoyi once settled in the temple, and saw a child sitting there halfway. He recognized Wang Daoyi. Before Chen Tianguan invited Hu Hansheng to dinner, Wang Daoyi was peeking. Wang Daoyi wondered why the child was sitting here. The child was aggrieved. Dad likes to gamble and sometimes does not come back for a few days. Wang Daoyi said that the child was really pitiful and left. After a while, a dark shadow came and took the child away. Kong Xueli came to Liansheng Restaurant to show Lian Haiping what happened to Yuan Chunfeng's coin rain that night. Kong Xueli noticed that something was wrong with the little bell, and Lian Haiping said that the little bell moved her heart, and she liked having a wife. 

Kong Xueli only then learned that Fang Dong had a wife. He went back to his natal family to attend his brother's wedding three years ago and never came back. Fang Dong used to talk and laugh, but later became so talkative now. Little bell taking some things back, Fang Dong saw his wife's name on it, so he handed the token to Xiaoling and asked her to show it to Kong Xueli. On the other side, Kong Xueli found Wang Daoyi and asked him for questioning. As Wang Dao told the truth, Hu Xuanxuan asked him for fortune-telling, which was marriage, and left after half an hour. Kong Xueli asked about Jiuying again. Wang Dao said Jiuying was a fierce beast, but only killed bad people. As soon as Kong Xueli asked Wang Dao to have a light meal, the Wang Dao agreed, but he did not expect Kong Xueli to prepare absolute light rice with coarse tea. Wang Dao has nothing to do with nothing, let Kong Xueli have something to say straight. 

Kong Xueli took out a piece of paper, and Wang Daoyi recognized that it was the symbol of Zhonghua Mountain, the true shape of the Five Sacred Mountains. Ziweixing was the number one secret organization in the rivers and lakes. The senior brother was called Yuan Chunfeng, but his ability was not worthy of this Huashan map. As soon as the king mentioned that Kong Xueli had destroyed the golden sand beach, this was the source of Ziweixing's financial resources. He was worried that Ziweixing would continue to trouble Kong Xueli and reminded Kong Xueli to be careful. Little Bell ran and gave the token to Kong Xueli. Wang Dao wanted to help Xiao Ling look at her palms. Kong Xueli disagreed and pointed out that Wang Daoyi had something to do with him. At this time, the Nine Infant Monster appeared again, and Wang Daoyi cast a spell to make Jiu Infant. The blame disappeared. Kong Xueli arranged for Little Bell to go to Fang Dong's house to wait tonight. If Fang Dong does not come back overnight, he will come to him tomorrow morning. 

At this time, Fang Dong rushed to find his wife who had been missing for many years. He picked up a burden on the road. He was the owner of Hao Youqian who had caught up with the burden all the way. This person is rich as the name suggests. Hao Youqian looked through the baggage and found that the gold leaf was gone. He suspected that Fang Dong had stolen it, but he didn't care when he thought he had money. Hao Youqian is going to the ghost market this time. Fang Dong proposed to go with Hao Youqian. They drove a carriage and then took a boat to the ghost market. The journey was very weird. They also prepared masks for them at the gate of the ghost market. Early in the morning, Lian Haiping came to Wang Dao to calculate the marriage, and reported the birth date. Wang Dao's expression was heavy. Lian Haiping had committed the evil lone star, and his fate was serious. 

Lian Haiping gave Wang Dao a look at a person's birth date. This person is the destiny of a wealthy man. They are destined to be missed in this life. If they don't want to kill the other party, Lian Haiping must let go. Lian Haiping was so frustrated that Wang Daoyi couldn't bear it, and said that there is a way to change the life chart of the lone star of the evil spirit, which is to fight poison with poison, exchange life for life, and transfer evil star to others, the better the other person's life. , Her fate is good, the birthday I just saw is just right. Fang Dong didn’t return all night, so early in the morning, Kong Xueli rode a bicycle and brought a small bell along Fang Dong’s route, and finally found Hao Youqian in a pavilion, but Fang Dong was not there. The population, Fang Dong stopped but was detained.

Episode 5

Lian Haiping found Kong Xueli and asked him if he liked him. Kong Xueli nodded, and Lian Haiping suspected that Kong Xueli's liking was just talking, and then revealed that the scar on Wang Dao's hand was exactly the same as the murderer of her brother. Lian Haiping asked Kong Xueli to follow him to find Wang Daoyi, but Kong Xueli was about to save Fang Dong and asked Lian Haiping to wait for him to come back. Kong Xueli left in a hurry, and Lian Haiping was very angry, just when Xiaoling came, asked Xiaoling to accompany her to the ruined temple. Fang Dong was thrown into the water by the opponent, but fortunately, Kong Xueli was smart enough to save Fang Dong. Kong Xueli decided to see the ghost market mentioned by Fang Dong, but when the two arrived on the island, there was nothing left. They also found explosives and the fuse had been ignited, and the two hurried for their lives. 

Xiao Lingdang and Lian Haiping came to the ruined temple, but Wang Daoyi was absent. Xiao Ling Dang found a red-headed rope in the backyard, suspected to be the missing Erdanzi, she walked back to meet Lian Haiping, but one accidentally fell into a trap. When Little Bell was about to climb out of the well, she didn't expect to find a lot of silver slips and Erdanzi's clothes, so she simply took them away first. Lian Haiping looked around for the little bells, when Wang Daoyi and Zhang Donkey appeared, the attitude of Wang Daoyi and Lian Haiping changed drastically. Xiao Ling Dang got away to find Lian Haiping to reunite. Hearing their conversation at the door, she did not act impulsively, but waited for an opportunity to act, but saw Wang Dao holding a black cloth to cover her, and even Haiping disappeared. Wang Daoyi also thought that the small bell that fell into the well was not bad, and then sold it with Lian Haiping. 

Xiaoling decided to leave the ruined temple and find Kong Xueli and Fang Dong before thinking of a solution. Kong Xueli asked if Fang Dong had carefully thought about his wife's disappearance for three years, and there was no news. Suddenly, there was a clue, and he was certain that the opponent was in the next big chess game. The two were about to go back, when they met the little bell they found on the road, revealing what had happened in the ruined temple, Lian Haiping was covered with rags and disappeared by the king, Erdanzi's hair rope clothes, and a large stack of cash tickets. Kong Xueli was nervous about Haiping's safety, and told Fang Dong to go back to move the rescuers and take good care of these things. Kong Xueli found Wang Daoyi in the ruined temple and exposed Wang Daoyi's deception in public, telling everyone that there is no magic tricks at all. 

They are all deceitful words of Wang Daoyi, and they must be brought to justice. Wang Dao was not reconciled, and asked Kong Xueli to show evidence. As soon as Kong Xueli led Wang Dao to the dry well in the backyard, this was the evidence, but Wang Dao kicked it down the well and filled the well with stones. Fang Dong approached Chen Tianguan to explain that Wang Daoyi was a liar abducting women, and he successfully moved to rescue soldiers to the ruined temple. Wang Daoyi did not admit that he had seen Kong Xueli, Fang Dong and Xiao Ling came to the backyard, but the dry well had been filled. Fang Dong recognized that the soil was newly buried, but he couldn't do anything about it. When he left, he saw four sheep in the yard. 

This meant that Ming Wangdao had abducted and sold four women. Fang Dong made people take the royal road back to the yamen. On the way, the nine infant monsters appeared again, opened the blood basin and breathed fire, and the little bell blocked the fire for Fang Dong and fainted. At the critical moment, Kong Xueli appeared to attack the Nine Infant Monsters with a cannon and rescued everyone, but unfortunately let the king's road run away. When Xiao Ling Dang woke up, she was surprised to see that even Hu Hansheng was also. It turned out that Kong Xueli was kicked down into the well by the king. The king was guilty of killing him and threw stones into the well, but he found that there was a secret path in the well. Lian Haiping was locked here, and Zhang donkey looked at Lianhai. Ping. Kong Xueli rescued Lian Haiping, tied the donkey in place and pretended to be Lian Haiping. Kong Xueli took Lian Haiping to rescue other abducted women, but these women were frightened and refused to go with them, but Hu Xuanxuan, who was crazy about love, decided to go with them. When preparing to leave, Kong Xueli didn't expect to meet Hu Hansheng. He heard Jiuying's cry as soon as Hu Hansheng was rescued. Everyone followed the sound and found out that the mechanism was set up, not a monster at all.

Cast of Hot Blooded Detective (热血神探)

Zhang Yujian as Kong Xueli

Liang Jie as Lian Haiping

Wu Chongxuan as Fang Dong

Ma Li as Hu Xuanxuan

Liao Yinyue as a Xiao Lingdang

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