Honey, Don't Run Away 3 (公子,我娶定你了3) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Honey, Don't Run Away 3 (公子,我娶定你了3) is a costumed love online Chinese Drama co-produced by iQiyi Literature, China Audiovisual Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Super Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., directed by Yang Shitao, and the players are: He Nan, Qiu Shilun, Wen Yuan, Shang Xuan, etc.

Honey, Don't Run Away 3 is adapted from Iqiyi's literary novel "The Lord of Gold, Please Respect Yourself". It tells the story of the richest man in Beijing, Ye Xiaotang, who robs his relatives in a float, "Lai Shang" coldly Tan Hua Lang Mu Jinyan, and at the same time meets "the unfavored prince" Ling Ziran. The story of the case.

This Chinese drama is season 3 of the drama Honey, Don't Run Away. But according to sources I got, the drama Honey, Don't Run Away 3 3 was shot at the same time by the cast, so of course the casting is still the same. He Nan as Ye Xiaotang, Qiu Shilun as Mu Jinyan, Wen Yuan as Ling Ziran and Shang Xuan as Yue You'er, are still reprising their roles in season 2.

It looks like season 3 will have problems that are continued from season 2. Just like some other drama titles, the drama was shot at the same time, but then when it was released it was split into two seasons. There have been several titles that have experienced this. Since the drama doesn't use the original casting, and continues the story from the previous season

My son, I will marry you 3
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Detail of Honey, Don't Run Away 3

Chinese Title: 公子,我娶定你了3 (My Son, I will marry you 3)

English Title: Honey, Don't Run Away 3

Genre: Ancient, Legendary 

Production Company: iQiyi literature, super film industry Co., Ltd.

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Director: Yang Shitao 

Screenwriter: Huang Yeyue, Tang Huan 

Producer: Wang Junhao, Yang Zixuan 

Photography: Guo Qingrui

Starring: He Nan, Qiu Shilun, Wen Yuan, Shang Xuan 

Number of Episode: 12 Episodes

Plot Story of Honey, Don't Run Away 3

The sequel is iteratively improved based on the first season's story and theme. The love is more intense, and the case is more hazy. Ye Xiaotang didn't think twice about scattering his fortune, chasing and intercepting only to "marry," as Mu Jin put it. Mu Jinyan wanted to refuse to welcome them, and the two were "spreading sugar" while researching the case, it was very sweet.

Cast of Honey, Don't Run Away 3

Qiu Shilun as Mu Jinyan

The 20-year-old boy is an incognito and ill-adjusted boy. He has a gentle and honest personality, and has his own logic in dealing with things. He looks like a weak boy, but he is actually a black-bellied man who knows how to retaliate.

Tsuruo as Ye Xiaotang

At the age of 19, he paid a lot of money to marry a wealthy daughter. He was carefree, extremely optimistic, with clear eyes, crooked eyebrows when smiling, daring to love and hate, and always actively fighting for love.

Wen Yuan as Ling Ziran

The 20-year-old nine prince has a ridiculous appearance, but a mirror-like heart. He has a good heart on major issues of right and wrong. He is kind and caring for the people.

Shang Xuan as Yuè Anjing

At the age of 19, as a princess of Yue Kingdom, she grew up like a man, without the arrogance and weakness of a princess. She is good at riding and shooting. She is heroic and brave.

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