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Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

"Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶)" is directed by Zhao Jintao and Wu Wenguang, starring Zhang Huiwen, Wu Xize, starring Niu Zifan, Chen Fangtong, Tian Li, etc., and Qiao Zhenyu, Li Hongyi, Wang Zixuan, Zhao Da, etc. The series adapted from a web novel entitled "Yi Pian Bing Xin Zai Yu Hu" (一片冰心在玉壶) by Lan Se Shi.

Chinese Drama Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶) is a historical romance drama genre it mainly tells the story of Mo Yan, a "genius girl" in Shuzhong who was inspired to become the number one thief. His insight was appreciated by Master Bao, who became a female catcher and formed a happy friend with the proud and cold Master Yu Mao Zhan Zhao Zhan. The two formed the "Royal Cat Dog" CP, revealing the story of layers of conspiracy all the way. The series has been aired on Youku on November 29, 2021.

Reporting from Baike.baidu.com In the Chinese drama Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶), the main star is played by actresses and actors Zhang Hui Wen (张慧雯) and Caesar Wu (吴希泽). Zhang Hui Wen plays a character named Mo Yan, while actor Caesar Wu plays a character named Zhan Zhao. Apart from actress Zhang Hui Wen and actor Caesar Wu, there are several other actors such as: Niu Zi Fan (牛子藩), Dawn Chen (陈芳彤), Qiao Zhen Yu (乔振宇), and Li Hong Yi (李宏毅).

Detail of Heart of Loyalty 

Title: Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶) 

Genre: costume, investigation, romance. 

Production company: Youku Video, Ciwen Media Dongyang Zifeng Film and Television Production Co., Ltd. 

Filming location: Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television City. 

First broadcast: November 29, 2021. 

Director: Zhao Jintao, Wu Wenguang 

Screenplay: Sun Haoyang, Qiao Yifeng, Tong Shuangshuang

Producer: Xue Miao, Wang Xiaobo, Wu Wei, Gao Yi, Tian Chuan 

Starring: Zhang Huiwen, Wu Xize, Chen Fangtong, Niu Zifan, Qiao Zhenyu, Li Hongyi, Wang Zixuan, Zhao Da, Tian Li

Episode: The number of episodes is 24 Each episode is 45 minutes in length

Online Platform: Youku. 

Shooting date: May 30, 2020 to July 28, 2020. 

Contracting company: Yiqi Entertainment

heart of loyalty synopsis
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Plot Sory of Heart of Loyalty

A genius girl who has just entered the arena and inspired to become the number one thief-Mo Yan came to Kaifeng Mansion to reverse the case of the fifth brother who was wronged and imprisoned. However, because of her keen insight, she was appreciated by Master Bao, and she escaped into the public door and became a female arrester in Kaifeng Mansion. The two uncovered layers of conspiracy along the way. Mo Yan not only uncovered the mystery of his own life experience, but also understood the dilemma between "chivalry" and "emotion" in Zhan Zhao's mind.

5th Episode summary of Heart of Loyalty 

Episode 1 Mo Yan rushes to Kaifeng Mansion to save Li Xu

On a dark and windy night, the crow quacked on the roof, destined to have something big tonight. A man in black just ran away from the roof of the Kaifeng government house. The old man who called the watchman found that Lord Bai’s door was not closed. He called Lord White a few times. The seated Lord White did not respond. He walked over and took a look. Lord Bai was already covered in blood and had no breath, the old man was so scared that he screamed loudly and hurriedly called people from the government. 

The deceased named Bai Baozhen came to Kaifeng alone without any entourage. Bai Baozhen died of poisoning. Yuqianzheng's guard with swords, Zhan Zhao, learned of the incident, hurriedly took his subordinates to the scene to check the situation. Zhan Zhao asked his subordinate Zhang Long to wipe off the blood on the table. Zhang Long was surprised. After all, this was all evidence, but he had no choice but to do so. Do as it is. Unexpectedly, Zhang Long wiped off the blood and found the words "The poison doctor blindly saw the imperial mausoleum, and the flying flowers explored the forest to deceive the king". Zhan Zhao immediately guessed the suspect Li Xu. Zhan Zhao immediately made his subordinates wanted in the city of Shuzhong. The six evil Li Xu. 

As soon as Mo Yan entered the city, he saw Li Xu's notice, and he also saw Li Xu's crow. Mo Yan came to a restaurant and asked if the wanted Li Xu had been here. Mo Yan saw the damage to the seat next to him and guessed that Li Xu had fought here. The shop's second person said that at the time, none of the ten people could beat Li Xu. Mo Yan saw a knife mark on the table. If Li Xu wanted to escape while being chased by someone, his only chance was to turn over the window. It was very likely that someone was flying the dragon out here. Mo Yan recalled the scene a little bit. It seems that the people who can fight Li Xu are not ordinary people. It was this person who took Li Xu away, and Li Xu dropped a key before leaving. 

Mo Yan asked who had the best martial arts in Kaifeng. The shop Xiaoer said Yu Mao Zhan Zhao, and the rumors of the rivers and lakes said that Zhan Zhao Kungfu is a must, and she will not be merciless when capturing the fugitive. She wants to see how this person's skill is. Zhaozhan received a letter and hurriedly handed it to Lord Bao Zheng. Now the Criminal Department wants to accept Bai Baozhen’s affairs, but Bao Zheng said that he dropped Bai Baozhen to investigate the case of corruption in Jiangnan. The key was given to the Criminal Department. It fell short, and this case must not be allowed. Now that Li Xu was arrested by Zhan Zhao, they wanted to find a breakthrough from Li Xu, but Kaifeng Mansion’s arrest would not last long. 

After confessing the matter, Bao Zheng went to the wedding banquet. Qin Weiwei is a masterpiece of Kaifeng Mansion. Today is Liu Shilang’s daughter-in-law. At the beginning, people fell in love with Zhan Zhao, but Zhan Zhao never agreed to this marriage. He didn't want to get caught up in his children's personal relationships. At this time, someone came to the back door to deliver food, and Zhan Zhao opened the door and brought the food delivery buddy back. Unexpectedly, this person was Mo Yan. Mo Yan wanted to rescue Li Xu, but as soon as Zhan Zhao walked in from Mo Yan, he knew that she had another attempt. He didn't take her to the kitchen, and Mo Yan didn't hide it. He directly said that he was here to speak out for Ms. Liu Jia. 

Mo Yan wanted to grab the key behind Zhan Zhao when he was leaving, but was discovered by Zhan Zhao. Mo Yan was not Zhan Zhao’s opponent at all, so he could only take a thirty-six plan. For the top count. It was easy to get in, how could Zhan Zhao let her go easily, and finally wrapped Mo Yan into a zongzi. Mo Yancai said that he wanted to see Master Bao, and he was here to avenge Li Xu. In the lobby, Bao Zheng asked who came. Mo Yan said that he was Mo Yan, the seventh evil dog in Shu. Gongsun Ce said that he had heard of the six evils in Shu, but he never knew there were seven evils, Gongsun Ce Mo Yan must have fabricated it indiscriminately. Mo Yan was not to be outdone and asked them to release Li Xu quickly. When Mo Yan saw Li Xu, he quickly called his elder brother, but Li Xu didn't seem to know Mo Yan, so he told him not to drag him. 

Mo Yan asked Li Xu to show himself the credit mole, and Li Xu told Xiaoqi not to make trouble in a panic. It seemed that Li Xu pretended not to know Mo Yan. Mo Yan felt that Li Xu was framed, but Zhan Zhao said that he had seen Li Xu's things at Bai Baozhen's scene. Mo Yan said that Li Xu went in just to steal the account book, and he gave the account book that he found in the tavern that Li Xu had hidden to Master Bao. This account book was an important evidence of the Jiangnan corruption case. Since he found it from Li Xu, Li Xu was even more suspicious, and Master Bao asked his subordinates to push Li Xu back to prison. Zhan Zhao didn't save Li Xu, but instead plunged him into deep water. Mo Xie was driven out of Kaifeng Mansion by Zhan Zhao, but Mo Yan wanted to return to the ledger but Ke Zhan Zhao was unified. 

Gongsun Ce and Bao Zheng looked at the ledger carefully, and they felt that the ledger should be fake. Since some people wanted Li Xu to steal the ledger, they would try to lure the king into the urn. In the evening, Zhan Zhao took advantage of the soldiers inadvertently to come to the room where the ledger was kept. As soon as he entered Mo Yan, he found that there were many institutions. It seemed that it was really not easy to come in and get things. Mo Yan finally got the ledger, but was blocked by Zhan Zhao who came over. Mo Yan hurriedly touched the agency to trap Zhan Zhao here, and Zhan Zhao took Mo Yan in a few strokes. Unexpectedly, they attracted the real murderer, and Mo Yan and Zhan Zhao hurried to chase the man in black. 

During the chase, Zhan Zhao was stabbed by the hidden weapon of the man in black, and Zhan Zhao also missed the opportunity to capture the man in black for the sake of Mo Yan. Zhan Zhao brought the injured Mo Yan back to Kaifeng Mansion. Qin Weiwei helped her clean up the wound. Gongsun Ce said that Mo Yan's body is heavy with the three poisons of non-poisonous body. Mo Yan felt that since he had found the real culprit, he wanted to let Bao Zheng release Li Xu, but Bao Zheng disagreed and the situation had not been investigated yet, Mo Yan said that he wanted to stay in Kaifeng Mansion to help investigate the case. At this time, the soldier came to report that Li Xu had pleaded guilty, and Mo Yan wanted to ask about the situation, but Li Xu was reluctant to say. Mo Yan said that he had decided to close the door for Li Xu. At the beginning of the period, Zhan Zhao still disagreed, but Bao Zheng felt that Mo Yan was talented in investigating the case and allowed it.

Episode 2 Mo Yan followed Zhan Zhao to investigate the case

Qin Weiwei took Mo Yan to familiarize herself with the terrain in Kaifeng Mansion, and took her to the backyard to rest. There is a room here, even if it is the room she gave her. The chaos here is a bit messy, but with Mo Yan's cleaning up, it can be considered a lot cleaner. After cleaning up, Mo Yan changed into catching clothes and went to eat. I have to say that Qin Weiwei's food is really delicious. Mo Yan ate with relish. At this time, Zhan Zhao came over and told Mo Yan to look like catching fast. Asking him to sit with everyone for dinner, Mo Yan came over unwillingly, but everyone was eating and talking about the case. Mo Yan took the initiative to say that he would go to the scene of the crime for a while. 

Everyone felt that this fledgling little girl was too courageous. It is also very wild, so it was taught that Kaifeng Mansion is not more leisurely than the rivers and lakes, and many regulations must be followed by Mo Yan. And because Mo Yan came here, he had to search the street for three months before investigating the case, but Mo Yan said that he came to help the five Li Xu investigate the case. Mo Yan was very dissatisfied with Zhan Zhao’s arrangements, and Mo Yan planned. Taking the opportunity to sneak out from the side to investigate the case, she just happened to take advantage of the soldiers not cleaning to go out, but when she went out, she met Zhan Zhao and his group. She wanted to go over the wall, but when she turned out, she met Zhan Zhao again. She was lucky. Worse.

Mo Yan had to stay in the house to clean up. As soon as she sat down and took a rest, she met Zhan Zhao, who had just returned. By analyzing the fragrance on Zhan Zhao’s clothes and the soil on his feet, Mo Yan knew that Zhan Zhao was going to offer incense for the offering. Bye, Zhan Zhao originally wanted Mo Yan to retreat when she was in trouble, so she told her to recite the rules of yamen, but after a while, Mo Yan had already mastered the rules. Mo Yan was so smart that Zhan Zhao couldn’t tell her at all, so she had to send her a copy. By the way, Zhan Zhao guarded Mo Yan. Mo Yan only wrote four words that he wanted to go to the bathroom, but Zhan Zhao didn't take this set at all. It seemed that I had to copy it first, but Mo Yan fell asleep after copying it, and was still woken up by Zhan Zhao. 

Wu Zichu, the internal guard, came to tell Bao Zheng that he received the decree from the Holy Spirit to transfer Li Xu to prison. Bao Zheng felt that the case had not been investigated, and that Bai Baozhen’s murder case could not be taken lightly. Mo Yan heard their conversation and deliberately went out to meet Wu Zichu. Zhan Zhao wanted to drive Mo Yan away, but was stopped by Wu Zichu. Mo Yan deliberately asked if Wu Zichu had the imperial decree, but Wu Zichu said that there was no imperial decree, but only an oral order. Since there is no imperial decree, Wu Zichu could not do anything, so Wu Zichu had to leave in a desperate manner. Bao Zheng thought this Mo Yan was quite interesting. 

In the end, Zhan Zhao agreed with Mo Yan to investigate the case with him, but he was driven away by the old man when he arrived at the scene of the case. The old man made it clear that Lord Wu Zichu had already said that the case of Feng Sheng’s letter had been handed over to the Ministry of Justice and was not under the control of Kaifeng Mansion. After speaking, he closed the door. Since it doesn't work straightforwardly, it seems we need to think carefully. Mo Yan knocked on the door again. Mo Yan recognized that the old man’s feet must have been wearing Shu embroidery. It must not be cheap. Moreover, he also found that the old man had the same sandalwood scent as the shopkeeper’s wife. It seemed that the two of them had one leg, and the old man was worried that he would not let them in. , Mo Yanhui said more and had to put the two in. 

Mo Yan and Zhan Zhao came to the room. They just need to find evidence that a third person is on the scene. Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan saw the ink on the table at the same time. Generally, some people would replace it with a new one. This is about to run out so soon. Presumably Bai Baozhen has been in contact with others in correspondence, and the two continue to search for clues in the room, Mo Yan It turned out that there was a pinhole on the bookshelf. After comparison, it perfectly matched the poison needle that assassinated him. It seems that someone deliberately killed Bai Baozhen first, and then engraved on the table to blame Li Xu. 

Mo Yan found that there was a book-supply box on the bookshelf, and the only thing that could be opened on the rivers and lakes was Li Xu, so Li Xu should have stolen the ledger first, and the other party stunned Bai Bao to kill him if he could not find the ledger. Moreover, Mo Yan always felt that there was a woman's powdery scent in the room, so she sang a double reed with Zhan Zhao, but the old man was terrified, and he was recruited in two or three strokes. Although the case was solved, Zhan Zhao asked Mo Yan to abide by the rules, and when he returned, he punished Mo Yan to copy the rules and clean up. When Mo Yan was cleaning up, he found Zhan Zhao walked into a room. 

When Mo Yan went in and saw the body, Mo Yan fainted as he thought of the past. After Mo Yan regained his consciousness, Zhan Zhao showed Mo Yan a sachet to see if it tasted the same as Bai Baozhen’s body. After embroidering and smelling the sachet, Mo Yan could be sure that it was the sachet given to him by his daughter. , And Bai Baozhen has been worried about her daughter, wearing this on her body all year round. Mo Yan wanted to take the opportunity to rescue Li Xu from the prison, but he didn't expect Wu Zichu to also come and he wanted to take Li Xu away. At this time, Zhan Zhao arrived in time, and the two were fighting together. Wu Zichu couldn't beat Zhan Zhao and had to be desperate. Leave. After Zhan Zhao drove Mo Yan away, he asked Li Xu for whom he was selling his life. Li Xu sneered and said that he would sell his life to whoever gave the most money. Zhan Zhao saw that Li Xu didn't tell the truth and had to leave. Zhan Zhao wanted to drive Mo Yan away. Mo Yan grabbed Zhan Zhao's clothes and begged him to forgive him. Zhan Zhao also agreed.

Episode 3 Mo Yan gave Zhan Zhao a drug for stealing the ledger

Zhan Zhao took Mo Yan to find Bao Zheng and reported the situation of their investigation to Bao Zheng. They have yet to investigate exactly who Li Xu is doing now. If they still don't know the situation, more people may die. Bao Zheng felt that Bai Baozhen was suspicious. He would not put such an important account book indiscriminately. Therefore, the account book is probably still in the Bai Mansion, and those who want to find the real account book will take Gusu as soon as possible. Zhan Zhao said that he was willing to go to Gusu, but Mo Yan wanted to go with him. Bao Zheng also felt that Mo Yan was very observant, and they had mutual support. 

Since Bao Zheng had both spoken, Zhan Zhao would not refuse. Early the next morning, Bao Zheng warned that Zhan Zhao was involved in many people this time. They might be dangerous when they go to Gusu, so they must be very careful. Mo Yan and Zhan Zhao set foot on the ride to Gusu. There was a place to rest on the road, surrounded by tombs. Mo Yan was a little panicked and even asked the horse to go ahead first. Mo Yan saw Zhan Zhao. After following, he let Zhan Zhao go ahead, carefully following behind. A black-clothed prince also learned that people from Kaifeng Mansion had rushed to Gusu, and the black-clothed man asked his subordinates to give Kaifeng Mansion a message to let them retreat. In the evening, Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan were resting on the side of the road. 

Mo Yan used a stone to make a fire, but after a long time it didn’t burn. Zhan Zhao had to ask Mo Yan to come over and cook with him. Zhan Zhao taught herself, and Zhan Zhao stood behind Mo Yan and taught her hand in hand. The atmosphere of the intimate contact between the two became warmer. Mo Yan also asked Zhan Zhao to teach herself some quick escape skills, which Zhan Zhao didn't want to teach, but Mo Yan still taught her. As the last move, the two of them were very close, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Zhan Zhao hurriedly ended today's practice. Mo Yan also gave Zhan Zhao a piece of his own pastry. Obviously Mo Yan brought a bag, but it fell all the way. Only two were left. Two of them couldn’t fill up alone. Zhan Zhao gave his own buns. 

Zhan Zhao also talked about her five older brothers and three older sisters. They were all heroes. She was brought up by older brothers and sisters when the master passed away. This time Mo Yan sneaked down the mountain, and she missed herself too. Rushing through the rivers and lakes, becoming the famous seventh evil in Shu. Mo Yan also asked about Zhan Zhao's past. Zhan Zhao said that he had stayed in Kaifeng Mansion to make up for a mistake. Mo Yan wanted to keep asking, but Zhan Zhao refused to say it. Zhan Zhao dreamed that a child named Wang Xiaoliu fell into the sea. He was desperately trying to save but also fell into the sea. Zhan Zhao was awakened by the nightmare. Mo Yan and Zhan Zhao continued to rush. The two came to the side of the road to eat, but they encountered a heavy rain shortly thereafter. 

They went to a farmhouse with exhaust gas to take shelter from the rain. Zhan Zhao asked Mo Yan to take off his coat, otherwise he would catch a cold. Zhao Ze helped Mo Yan watch the door at the door. Mo Yan changed his clothes, and Zhan Zhao was also getting wet. Zhan Zhao also bought cakes for Mo Yan. Although Zhan Zhao didn't say anything, he would buy some cakes when he saw Mo Yan likes to eat cakes on the side of the road. The two finally arrived in Gusu, but they had been spotted by the prince’s people as soon as they entered the city. As soon as Zhan Zhao entered the city, they found that these people were stalking him and showing his story.

Yi meets these people face to face and asks why she wants to track herself. These people were entrusted by King Fengning Jin to let him leave Gusu, otherwise he would bear the consequences. Zhan Zhao said that she agreed to leave, but Mo Yan overheard it. She felt that Zhan Zhao didn't want to investigate the case at all, and was a faint official. Zhan Zhao quietly told Mo Yan that she was deceiving them. Mo Yan felt that they just didn't want to protect Li Xu. After all, they were still no match for King Ning Jin, so Zhan Zhao was very angry and left. In the evening, Mo Yan came to the White House alone. Bai Baozhen's daughter Bai Yingyu played the piano because she missed her father, but the second wife asked her to marry Lord Sima as soon as possible. Bai Yingyu would rather die, and the second wife left in anger. 

Since Zhan Zhao didn't help himself, Mo Yan wanted to go to the White Mansion to steal the ledger at night, but was discovered by Zhan Zhao as soon as he went out, and Mo Yan had to go back obediently. Mo Yan was unwilling to give up, so he took the "good wine" to find Zhan Zhao. Zhan Zhao had known Mo Yan's tricks for many years. Zhan Zhao deliberately took the unmedicated wine, and Mo Yan found an excuse to change the wine. After Zhan Zhao fell asleep, Mo Yan hurriedly sneaked into the White House to investigate. She had just got the ledger and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, I met Zhan Zhao again. 

It turned out that Zhan Zhao had already known that she had taken medicine in the wine, and these medicines were of no use to him, so Zhan Zhao followed Mo Yan to the White House. He felt that the ledger was not safe with Mo Yan, and wanted her to give the ledger to himself, but Mo Yan was unwilling, and the two started fighting. The ledger was still snatched by Zhan Zhao. At this time, two masked men also came to take the ledger. The two men were under King Ning Jin’s. Mo Yan took the opportunity to snatch Zhan Zhao’s ledger. They had no choice but to evacuate as soon as possible. The two met Wu Zichu as soon as they left, and Wu Zichu took the two to see King Ning Jin. King Ning Jin asked them to hand over the ledger, but Mo Yan was unwilling. Since King Ning Jin was unwilling, he surrounded them with his hands. Ning Jin proposed to play chess with both of them at the same time. After all, each of them holds half of the ledger, and the loser must present the ledger with both hands. Mo Yan directly agreed.

Episode 4 Bai Yingyu threw herself into the lake and was rescued by Xiao Chen

Although King Ning Jin played chess with both of them at the same time, he saw Zhan Zhao's chess on Mo Yan's side, which is equivalent to that they were playing chess with two of them. King Ning Jin was playing soy sauce. Running back and forth in the middle, playing chess until the morning, of course Mo Yan and Zhan Zhao had already seen the clues and deliberately made a tie, otherwise they would have been hit by King Ning Jin's scheme. As soon as the two left, they discovered that the White Mansion had been burned. They returned to eavesdrop. 

It was true that King Ning Jin burned the White Mansion when he couldn't find other books. Mo Yan asked Zhan Zhao to go down the mountain to check the situation. Mo Yan was still leaning against the bed to eavesdrop, but Wu Zichu saw him. Mo Yan accidentally fell off the top. Mo Yan was tied up by the Big Five and sent to King Ning Jin. Mo Yan had already seen that King Ning Jin had let them go up the mountain. He had already known that the ledger was fake. He wanted to take the opportunity to destroy the White House. King Ning Jin felt that as long as he destroyed the White Mansion and couldn't find the real account book, his goal would be achieved. King Ning Jin also threatened Mo Yan as a maidservant, so that Mo Yan backed back and nearly fell. 

Fortunately, Zhan Zhao rushed over to support Mo Yan in time. Zhan Zhao didn’t understand why King Ning Jin was so concerned about Bai Baozhen’s case. He also suspected King Ning Jin was also involved. King Ning Jin had to say that the emperor allowed himself to handle the case, so he also asked Li Xu to steal it. The ledger, I didn't expect someone to kill Bai Bao directly. He said that he too fascinated Jiading and the young lady in the White House and took them far away before setting them on fire, and did not harm anyone. Before Zhan Zhao left, King Ning Jin told him that he was not the only one who came to this case, and he should be careful. 

After Zhan Zhaohe Mo Yan went down the mountain, he saw the traces of Mo Yan's hand being strangled by a rope, and he carefully helped Mo research medicine. According to Zhan Zhao's analysis, it appears that there are other people who leave the account books besides King Ning Jin and Qingpao. The two returned to the room, and the sky started to rain. Mo Yan felt that Bai Baozhen loved his daughter Bai Yingyu the most. It was possible that she would keep the real account books for her. Now you can find Bai Yingyu to know the situation, besides, the White House is already lonely, the second lady must find ways to marry Bai Yingyu to the Sima House. 

In the evening, Bai Yingyu was chased by Jia Ding of Sima Mansion, and happened to meet a man in white clothes. The man's name was Xiao Chen. Bai Yingyu asked Xiao Chen to help him. Xiao Chen drew out the knife in his hand and fell to the ground. Although Xiao Chen couldn't see his eyes, he worked well. In order to marry Bai Yingyu, the Sima family had sent the betrothal gift early, and the second wife wanted to get the money. Mo Yan felt that the reason why Bai Yingyu was unwilling to hand over the ledger was to protect his father's reputation. Moreover, Bai Yingyu did not trust them. Mo Yan thought of drawing the Qingpao people away to frighten Bai Yingyu. 

Then they would save the beauty by heroes, and Bai Yingyu would naturally. They would give them the account book, and it would be a double-edged thing to find the Qingpao people, but Zhan Zhao felt that he was not sure to protect Bai Yingyu, and several successive plans of Mo Yan were rejected by Zhan Zhao. Bai Yingyu took the maid to the street to buy some agarwood to pay homage to his father. People on the street were talking about Bai Baozhen as a corrupt official before he would be killed. People can only see people's hearts when they are down. The maid accidentally dropped Chenxiang in the shop. She went to fetch Bai Yingyu and walked alone on the street. At this time, Mo Yan, who was disguised as a man, walked over with a squinting look and wanted to molested Bai Yingyu. 

Bai Yingyu was so frightened, Mo Yan forced Bai Yingyu to hand over the ledger, but Zhan Zhao, who asked his hero to save the United States, did not come. Mo Yan approached and heard the smell of ointment on Bai Yingyu's body. At this time, Zhan Zhao appeared and acted with Mo Yan according to the original plan. But Mo Yan felt that Xiao Chen was here and the situation was not good, so he took Zhan Zhao and ran away. Xiao Chen kept asking around with Mo Yan's portrait, but there was no whereabouts at all. Now Bai Yingyu was also heartbroken, and wanted to throw himself into the lake, but Xiao Chen, who was passing by, heard a noise in the lake. 

It was night before Bai Yingyu woke up, and she saw Xiao Chen in the distance. Xiao Chen said to send Bai Yingyu back. In the dark night, Bai Yingyu was a little scared. When Xiao Chen heard her breath unstable, he took her stick to Bai Yingyu, and Bai Yingyu talked about it. After thinking about my own affairs, I wanted to die, but was saved by Xiao Chen. It seemed that this was destined. Zhang Yaozuo and Zhang Feng of the Third Secretary also found out that the ledger was fake. Zhang Yaozuo asked him to take people to Gusu to retrieve the real ledger as soon as possible, but Zhang Feng told him not to worry, and go over immediately without leaving a living. Xiao Chen took Bai Yingyu back to the Bai Mansion, and after a brief farewell, Xiao Chen left again. Zhan Zhao intends to forge a family letter to Bai Yingyu, and then he will be able to find the real account book.

Episode 5 Xiao Chen wants to bring Mo Yan back to the mountains

Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan found Bai Yingyu and apologized for what they did not intend to offend yesterday. They only wanted to find the real account book. Since they could not find them, they planned to go back. Before leaving, Mo Yan handed the forged letter to Bai Yingyu. Bai Yingyu was very moved when she saw the letter. Mo Yan said that Bai Baozhen was just a pawn in the hands of others, and it was only caused by these people abandoning the car to protect the handsome. They still hope that Bai Yingyu can help find the ledger. 

Bai Yingyu said that he would think about it. Before leaving, Bai Yingyu remembered that Bai Baozhen had told herself that if she was imprisoned by Kaifeng Mansion, she would ask her to go to Beijing to find Zhang Yaozuo, who was the third secretary. Mo Yan felt that Zhang Yaozuo's words that he wanted to help her were actually murderous. Bai Yingyu said that when her father left, she gave herself a ledger for her to keep, but she couldn't understand it. Zhan Zhao wanted to borrow it and have a look. Bai Yingyu said that there was a thief at the time, so she threw it into the pond in a hurry. Living Water, it is still difficult to find the ledger. Mo Yanben wanted Zhan Zhao to find it, but Zhan Zhao was afraid of water and could only let Mo Yan go. 

Mo Yan successfully found the ledger from the water. At this moment, countless arrows shot in from the window. Bai Yingyu was stabbed in the shoulder. Zhan Zhao recognized that the arrow was a black feather arrow. It seemed that the chasing three envoys wanted to kill. Quit the mouth. The chasing three envoys have always been very vicious, Zhan Zhao asked Mo Yan to take Bai Yingyu to leave first, and he went to deal with them. Zhang Feng was watching from a distance wearing a mask, but Zhan Zhao was accidentally stabbed in the chest. Mo Yan took Bai Yingyu into the lake and left. Mo Yan asked Bai Yingyu to find Master Bao as soon as she got ashore. She turned back to Zhan Zhao without worry. Before Bai Yingyu came back to her senses, a man stopped her. Bai Yingyu was holding the ledger in her hand and was afraid to write it down. 

On the other side, Zhan Zhao fell into the lake during the fight. Just when he thought he was about to die, Mo Yan traveled over and grabbed the sinking Zhan Zhao. In order to let Zhan Zhao have oxygen, Mo Yan kissed Zhan Zhao. . Zhan Zhao woke up from a coma, and Mo Yan took Zhan Zhao and swam all the way. When King Ning Jin learned that Zhan Zhao was seriously injured, he would ask his subordinates to save him with golden sore medicine. King Ning Jin said that the killer had burned all of their Zhuangzi, so they were also considered to have a common enemy. It was also King Ning Jin who asked his subordinates to bring back the ledger in Bai Yingyu's hand and hand it over to Mo Yan. Mo Yan held the ledger and told King Ning Jin that if anything happened to him, Zhan Zhao would ask them. 

In fact, the reason why Mo Yan left was because she heard the sound of Xiao Chen's flute. She knew that she had been discovered by Xiao Chen, so Mo Yan had to go to Xiao Chen desperately. Xiao Chen is Mo Yan's second brother. Xiao Chen made Mo Yan kneel on the ground just in the past. Xiao Chen said that if he came to the White House half a day late, Mo Yan's life might be gone. Mo Yan said that he came out because he wanted to save his fifth brother Li Xu. Xiao Chen wanted Mo Yan to go back with him, but Mo Yan said that he still had things to do and couldn't leave. As soon as Zhan Zhao woke up, he looked around for Mo Yan. King Ning Jin told Zhan Zhao that Moyan had been punished by her second brother. 

King Ning Jin also deliberately asked if Zhan Zhao liked Mo Yan. Zhan Zhao said that he and Mo Yan are just a cooperative relationship. There was no affair with his children, King Ning Jin breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he himself fell in love with Mo Yan and was worried that Zhan Zhao would rob him. Mo Yan said that he had found evidence that could rescue the fifth brother Li Xu, and he could come out by handing the evidence to Li Xu in Kaifeng Mansion. In that case, Xiao Chen couldn't stop him anymore, so he must go back as soon as possible after Mo Yan rescued Li Xu. King Ning Jin wanted to help Mo Yan up, but was blocked by Xiao Chen. 

Xiao Chen said that he never made friends with bureaucrats and left after speaking. Zhan Zhao was moved to learn that Mo Yan was worried about returning to save her again, and he also changed his mind about Mo Yan. When Zhan Zhao practiced his sword at night, he would still think of Mo Yan helping himself to relieve his anger, and the appearance of Mo Yan would always appear in Zhan Zhao's mind. Seeing that Xiao Chen hadn't eaten, Bai Yingyu took the initiative to send it to him. Mo Yan saw Zhan Zhao taking the initiative to greet Zhan Zhao during training. 

Zhan Zhao knew that Xiao Chen was unwilling to let Mo Yan be caught quickly. He asked Mo Yan if he was going back to rescue Li Xu. Mo Yan nodded, Zhan Zhao There is an inexplicable sense of loss in my heart. The next morning everyone hurried back to Kaifeng Mansion together and took Bai Yingyu away. After taking a break, Mo Yan also cooked porridge for everyone to drink. I have to say that Mo Yan's cooking skills are very good. Xiao Chen was eating, and suddenly found something was wrong. It turned out that Zhang Feng had brought people to chase him. They had killed them this time and took back the ledger. For safety's sake, they can only leave in two ways.

Character Cast of Heart of Loyalty

Zhang Huiwen as Mo Yan

Ranked seventh in the division, the "genius girl" in Shuzhong, inspired to become the number one thief in the arena, and a woman who won't let her behave. He has a quirky personality, sassy and witty. In order to reverse the case of the fifth senior brother Li Xu who was wronged and imprisoned, he entered the rivers and lakes for the first time and came to Kaifeng Mansion. Because of his keen insight, Mr. Bao was appreciated and became a female arrester.

Wu Xize as Zhan Zhao

The first four-rank guard with a knife, titled "Royal Cat", known as Nan Xia, served in Kaifeng Mansion. The appearance is arrogant and cold, but in fact he is bold, loyal, humble and steady. Wearing a red official uniform, a black gauze official hat, a giant saber in his arms, and a token of Kaifeng Mansion around his waist, the sword eyebrows and star-eyed knights are awe-inspiring.

Niu Zifan as Ning Jin

Ning Jin was a prince who didn't like state affairs. Always do things casually, unrestrained and unrestrained; always nagging, often making seemingly unreasonable requests, but in order to hide the true thoughts of oneself. He was resourceful, but when faced with Mo Yan who didn't follow the rules, he was often fooled into bewildered. Gradually, his curiosity about Mo Yan turned into a liking.

Chen Fangtong as Zhao Yu

Zhao Yu, the princess of the Song Dynasty, is dignified and generous on the surface, and is a favorite of thousands of people, but privately, she is a little girl guarded by a sword guard Zhanzhao. She took the opportunity to escape from the imperial cage, and then chased after her capriciously. After a wave of unrest and another wave, she encountered a family turmoil again as a royal family, faced a political marriage with the prince of a neighboring country, and the two cultivated feelings along the way. As everyone knows, there is a romantic and suave Costin lurking nearby, and the tortuous path of love makes people wonder where it will eventually extend.

Qiao Zhenyu as Xiao Chen

The second brother of Mo Yan, an orphan since childhood, was brought up by his master. He was blinded by poisoning when he was 7 years old and has been blind since. Except for showing his rare care and love to the fifth junior brother Li Xu and seventh junior sister Mo Yan, he was indifferent to other people and things. In order to find out the truth about his father's death, he left home and set foot on the rivers and lakes, and thus met Bai Yingyu.

Wang Zixuan as Bai Yingyu

The daughter of Gusu Weaving Bai Baozhen is a pretty lady. His father was assassinated after he found out a corruption case. In order to clean up the charge of Xiao Wu Li Xu, who was planted as a murderer, she was willing to go to Beijing to testify, but she was sent to the frontier for this reason. He was rescued by Mo Yan, Li Xu and Xiao Chen and reborn.

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