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Gold Panning (淘金) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Gold Panning (淘金) is a suspense adventure drama starring Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu, Su Ke, Lu Xiaolin, Li Congxi, Sun Yan, Wang Tonghui, Ding Guansen, Shang Bai, Fan Shuaiqi and others directed by Jiang Zhuoyuan.

Chinese Drama Gold Panning (淘金) is adapted from the classic hot post "1986 Gold Rush" on the Tianya Forum. As the first domestic suspense drama series with the theme of "gold rush" as the starting point, it is set in the mysterious southwestern jungle and uncovers the story of gold diggers that the world does not know. The series aired in the "Mist Theater" of iQiyi.

The Chinese Drama Gold Panning (淘金) is about a man named Bao Jin who is looking for his brother. In 1986, an occurrence occurred that prompted Bao Jin to travel to the Atlai region. Bao Jin intends to search the area for his brother, who was reported missing while gold panning. During his hunt, Bao Jin encounters a number of bizarre events that put his life in jeopardy.

Despite this, Bao Jin was able to piece together a series of clues that led him to Sister Sea. This mysterious location full with jewels turns out to be where he can learn the truth about his brother. Bao Jin had now grasped that the greatest treasures of humanity were courage and kindness. Are you curious about Bao Jin's search for his brother? Watch Gold Panning on iQiyi, which will air soon.

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Detail of Gold Panning (淘金)

Chinese Title: 淘金 (Gold Rush)

English Title: Gold Panning

Genre: Suspense, Adventure 

Production Company: iQiyi Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. 

Director: Jiang Zhuoyuan 

Screenplay: Xu Yue 

Producer: Du Xiangyu, Liang Yu 

Starring: Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu, Su Ke, Lu Xiaolin, Li Congxi, Sun Yan, 

Number of Episode: 12 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Platform: iQiyi 

Chief Producer: Dai Ying, Ao Wenlong

Plot Story of Gold Panning (淘金)

Gold diggers in Simuchang, Gongma Country's gold rush location, must hurry to unearth additional placer gold before the rainy season begins. Wu Jianchao, (Liao Fan) a gold boss who had been saving for his retirement for several years, was robbed of the placer gold he had been saving for. He ran into the annexation of the river part dilemma. All of this was orchestrated by a mysterious gold trader known only as "Owl." Chen Baojin (Chen Feiyu), a novice gold digger, came to Gongma on his own in quest of the truth regarding his brother's accidental death, but was perplexed.

The unexpected "washing" has washed away the gold diggers' hard work and expectations for the season. Everyone was desperate, so they raced to the sisterling old gold field, which had been abandoned for decades, to fight it out one last time. The gold diggers entered the deep mountains and ancient forests, accompanied by the shadow of death, and the "owls" gradually surfaced.

5th Episode Summary of Gold Panning (淘金)

Episode 1

Under the scorching sun, gold prospectors are repeating the heavy gold panning work in the scorching heat on the beach in the gold rush area of ​​Simuchang in Gongma. At this time, Lao Shan, the biggest gold boss in Four Wood Field, and his female mine head, Sister Qiu, attempted to merge the river section of another gold boss, Wu Jianchao. Wu Jianchao is a Chinese, and he is quite prestigious in Sikichang, where the majority of Chinese gold diggers are. Wu Jianchao's partner, Magdeburg, was anxious to release the accumulated gold. He secretly smuggled through channels and was warned by Wu Jianchao. A new batch of "small halves" from China have arrived on the reach of Wu Jianchao. One of them was a newcomer named Chen Baojin. Baojin gradually became acquainted with Zhao Shengli, who was also a newcomer. The two heard from the mouth of "Old Musketeer" Lao Liu that the biggest gold smuggler in Muchanghe was nicknamed "Owl", and privately The high price exchanged for placer gold is much higher than the listed price exchanged for the company.

Episode 2

Baojin suspects that the disappearance of his brother and the dead gold digger may be related to this "owl". Lao Wai caught a gold dealer who came to Yikichang with cash, and the gold dealer confessed that he came here to trade with "Owl". But in fact, the gold dealer's trading partner is Madburg, but it is Lao Shan who points this matter to the mine protection team. At this moment, a search reward jointly issued by Sister Qiu and Lao Shan came from Yikiba - Sister Qiu's son Batul was missing. It turned out that Du Mao, a member of the mine protection team, joined forces with Fort Magde, and the two of them failed to smuggle alluvial gold, so they decided to do a big vote, kidnapping. When the gold diggers from the entire Simuchang were looking for Ba Tuer, Du Mao found Sister Qiu and demanded a huge ransom. Chen Baojin, Zhao Shengli, and Alai broke into the forbidden area of ​​Sikichang - "Guidong" in the back mountain in order to find Batuer. There, the three found the frightened Batul. But he was wronged by a group of gold diggers, saying that they were the real murderer who kidnapped Ba Tuer. Because these three "little halves" belonged to the Wujianchao reach, in order to force Wu Jianchao to submit, Lao Shan chopped off a finger of the insurance gold in front of everyone, but Wu Jianchao did not take action.

Episode 3

Sister Qiu killed Du Mao after learning that Ba Tuer had found him. Wu Jianchao saw through the connection between Fort Magde and the kidnapping incident and drove it out of the river. He suffered so much for the security deposit, but he didn't get a penny when the wages were settled, and was dismissed by Wu Jianchao with two packs of alluvial gold. Zhao Shengli accidentally bumped into the desperate Magdeburg Boss who was looking for a grocery store to sell gold dust, which caught Alai's attention. Wu Jianchao always went to the "Ghost Cave" in the back mountain alone. Bao Jin did not know that the reason why they were able to find Batuer before was precisely because Wu Jianchao rescued the child in the cave. It turned out that Wu Jianchao hid a person in the "Ghost Cave". This person was half wounded and half crazy, and lost his memory. This person is the elder brother Baojin was looking for, Chen Xiangdong.

Episode 4

Magdeburg was coerced by Lao Shan, forcing him to go to Wu Jianchao to find the map of Sister Mountain. After Bao Jin was forcibly sent away by Wu Jianchao, he still remembered his brother's disappearance and Lao Wai's death, and ran back in search of an opportunity. He stayed in the river section of Sister Qiu on the condition that Ba Tuer's disease was cured. A section of Wu Jianchao's river bottomed out, and Lao Liu provoked a fight on the river beach. Wu Jianchao had to combine all the gold diggers to mine in one river section, and severely punished the sixth. The old six was furious and planned a plan to "wash the farm", preparing to loot the entire Yotsuki farm. In desperation, Magdeburg was encouraged by the sixth and decided to participate. The mine protection team caught gold diggers' private placer gold in Sister Qiu's convoy, but Baojin found out that the placer gold was forged from brass. Sister Qiu appreciates Bao Jin's cleverness and decides to let him help manage the river section she manages.

Episode 5

In the "ghost cave" in the back mountain, Wu Jianchao was bandaging the injured Chen Xiangdong. Chen Xiangdong, who pretended to be in a coma, suddenly woke up, knocked Wu Jianchao unconscious, and fled. Baojin finds "Guidong" again and takes the opportunity to tie Wu Jianchao, but he also misses his brother again. Baojin learned from Wu Jianchao about the previous festival between the two. Baojin did not believe that his brother was a bad guy who stole money and took money away. Looking at the map of Sister Ridge carved by Chen Xiangdong on the cave wall, he guessed that maybe Xiangdong went to Sister Ridge. At the same time, Lao Shan's thug Liu Wu caught Magdeburg, where explosives were placed in the "Ghost". Magdeburg lied that he had obtained the map of Sister Ridge, and wanted to trick Lao Shan to come to the "Ghost" to trade and blow him to death. , in order to cooperate with Lao Liu's washroom plan.

Cast of Gold Panning

Liao Fan as Wu Jianchao

The Chinese gold boss of Sikichang in Kuma Country. Known as Boss Jin, is deep and mature. He panned for gold side by side with Chen Baojin's brother back then, and had an emotional relationship with Aqiu. Has a sense of justice, is friendly to the gold diggers under his hand, and deals with other gold bosses for the benefit of the gold diggers. When Wu Jianchao faced A Qiu and Batul, the orphan and widowed mother, he said that he was good to A Qiu, but in fact he just wanted A Qiu to sleep with her.

Chen Feiyu as Chen Baojin

Wu Jianchao is a small half of Chinese gold diggers. A small half of Chinese gold diggers. Different from the uninhibited temperament of other small parts, everything about Chen Baojin is out of tune with Yoshiba. His skin is white, his clothes are clean and decent, and his Mandarin is very standard. Chen Baojin came to Yikichang originally to find his brother Chen Xiangdong, but in the end he let his brother die in front of him. Originally, he was an ignorant young man who accompanied his brother to pan for gold after a life failure. After his brother died unexpectedly, he was determined to find out the truth by himself.

Su Ke as Lao Shan

Peng Shan, the gold boss of Simuchang, Gongma Country. The boss of the four wood farms in Gong Ma Guo. Lao Shan was the mastermind of killing Chen Xiangdong. After Chen Baojin blew up the only mine hole, he went to find Lao Shan for revenge. However, Lao Shan was also carrying a gun, so the two sides were at a standstill for a while. In the end, Zhao Shengli suddenly appeared from behind Lao Shan and gave Lao Shan a fatal blow.

Lu Xiaolin as A Qiu

Pengshan River Section, Gongma Mine Head. A single mother, is surrounded by two gold rush bosses, Wu Jianchao and Lao Shan. With her ability to prospect mines, she has gained a position in the gold rush that many men cannot match. Her only weakness is her sick son, but when her son is kidnapped, she can also judge rationally, make quick decisions, and finally face the kidnappers, showing her ruthlessness that is not inferior to men.

Li Congxi as Wang Tianshui

In Wujianchao River Reach, old Chinese gold diggers, relatively old, came to Sister Ridge as early as 40 years ago. He was the only survivor of the Xixiling collapse accident. The reason why he was able to walk out of Xixiling alive was because he was only a "little half" at the time. Because the gold rush business is very rich, and many people in Yotsuki are recruited through his hands, so he knows Yotsugi very well.

Sun Yan as Magdeburg

Wujian Chaohe Reach, Gongma Mine, two-faced people who covet small profits, grass on the wall. As Wu Jianchao's partner, Magdeburg broke Lao Wu's heart. He often smuggled gold privately. Later, for the money, he and Du Mao joined forces to kidnap Sister Qiu's son. Lao Wu dismissed Magdeburg in front of all the foreigners. The boss of the position, he knew that only in this way can save Magdeburg.

Wang Tonghui as Laowai

Ding Guansen as Zhao Shengli

Shang Bai as Chen Xiangdong

Fan Shuaiqi as Allais

Li Shengye as Liu Wu

Liu Xiaoyang as Guo Zi

Wang Zheng as Du Mao

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