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Features and advantages of Aion V Plus: Chinese Future Cars

With the "ceiling" level of the three-electric system, can Aion V plus wrestle with the new forces? How much does this car cost?

As of now, I believe there will still be many people who think that the electric car market must be the world of Tesla and new car manufacturers. In fact, before I came into contact with GAC Aion, the author also thought so, because in recent years, Tesla And the new force of making cars is indeed very good in terms of propaganda. But since I got in touch with GAC Aion V plus, my mindset has been completely changed.

In fact, GAC Aion's accomplishments in the field of electric vehicles are quite high, and the layout of electrification is also relatively early. For example, the Aion S and Aion Y launched earlier are not only excellent products, but also really let consumers understand what is easy to use and affordable.

But GAC Aion’s ambitions don’t stop there. The newly released Aion V plus is a model that can fully compete with new car-making forces. Aion V plus is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV. The official guide price is 172,600 - 239,600 Yuan (27,000 - 37,600 USD) , if Aion V plus is more competitive in terms of price alone, is Aion V plus worth buying? Next, the author will give you an analysis in terms of product strength.

aion v Plus Chinese cars
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Unique shape and outstanding design

In terms of appearance, the Aion V plus is quite different from other Aion models. The design style of the normal version of Aion V is still maintained as a whole, but certain changes have been made in the design of the front face. The face penetrating transparent plaque, using the exclusive closed front grille for electric vehicles, makes the visual experience of the front face more concise, and the recognition of the Aion family still exists. For the author, my personal favorite design is the split headlight on the front face, which adds some sense of design to the simple front face, and the effect after lighting is also excellent.

Coming to the side, the design of Aion V plus is also full of design. The combination of suspended roof and hidden door handle makes the side of Aion V plus look full of sci-fi, and to a certain extent it is a bit like a "spaceship". ".

The body size is a relatively outstanding advantage of Aion V plus. The length, width and height are 4650/1920/1720mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2830mm. Although the length is average, the body width and wheelbase are still difficult to distinguish among cars of the same level. And like Aion Y, the front and rear seats of Aion V plus can also be "seamlessly integrated". Not only is the expandability greater, but the ride experience will be better than most SUV models of the same level.

The rear of the Aion V plus is also more distinctive, especially the design of the taillight group, which continues to the rear door, which has a fairly high degree of recognition. And it’s worth mentioning that Aion V plus has also added a new body color scheme of "Splendid Purple", which should be a good choice for female consumers.

The interior is still simple and the configuration level is still high. Like all models of Aion, the interior design of Aion V plus also adopts the "minimalist style" design techniques, but it is worth noting that, unlike some new energy models, the materials used in the interior of Aion V plus And the workmanship is still more elegant, most of the places are wrapped with a soft material with better texture. The central control screen of Aion V plus has reached 15.6-inches. 

The car machine has built-in entertainment functions such as video, music and game ecology, and it is matched with the Tony Bongiovi audio tone in the car to bring users an immersive visual experience. . And AR real-time navigation, panoramic image, seat heating and ventilation, fragrance system and other functions are also equipped, and the configuration level is indeed very high.

In addition, Aion V plus is also equipped with L2 level driving assistance functions. From the author’s experience on Aion S plus, this driving assistance system of the Aion family is relatively easy to use, especially adaptive cruise. The high-speed experience is very good, whether it is braking or acceleration, it will give the driver full confidence.

Technology "ceiling" level three-electric system

Since Aion V plus is a pure electric vehicle, the final focus must be on the three-electric system. First of all, in terms of performance parameters, Aion V plus has a certain improvement in performance compared to the ordinary version of Aion V. There are two power versions of 165kW and 200kW. The most important thing is that the Aion V plus is also equipped with a magazine battery. Three different battery packs are provided. The battery capacity is 70kWh, 80kWh, 95kWh, and the corresponding NEDC cruising range is respectively. It is 500km, 600km, 702km. It can be said that it has reached the level of the technical ceiling in the same price and the same level. In addition, the Aion V plus also realizes high-efficiency fast charging. It only needs 5 minutes to charge to the battery life level of 100+km, which is relieved to the greatest extent. The user’s mileage is anxious.


In fact, after analyzing the product strength of Aion V plus, the author really feels that it is quite a surprise. After all, the price range of 172,600 to 399,600 Yuan equivalent (27,000 - 37,600 USD) is indeed very cost-effective compared to the new car-making forces with a price of three to four hundred thousand yuan. protrude. And from the product strength, it can be seen that GAC Aeon attaches great importance to the Aion V plus. It does not blindly configure the stack, but specifically increases the mainstream configuration and improves the hard power, so regardless of the price In terms of product strength, Aion V plus is a pure electric SUV model that is worth buying.

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