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Enemy (对手) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Enemy (对手) is a modern spy war drama directed by Lu Lunchang, starring Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, Ning Li, starring Sun Jiayu, Wang Tianchen, Liu Shuailiang, etc., co-starring He Landou, and special starring Huang Yao.

Guo Jingfei and Tan Zhuo's new Chinese Drama titled "Enemy (对手)" is on the air. Is the annual finale of the spy war drama coming? The modern spy war TV series "Enemy (对手)" starring Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, and Ning Li will replace the original version of "Snow Fighter (雪中悍刀行)" from December 16th...

The genre of spy warfare is a highlight area of ​​domestic dramas because it satisfies people’s expectations of brain-burning, suspense, and human complexity. We all think that we have watched enough, seen enough, and aesthetic fatigue is beginning to come. But maybe "Enemy (对手)" can prove once again that as long as you are committed to solid quality and open up new perspectives, a good story will never be finished.

Detail of Enemy (对手)

Chinese Title: 对手 (The Opponent)

English Title: Enemy (对手)

Genre: Spy, War 

Production Company: iQiyi, Haidong Tomorrow's film and television 

Filming Location: Xiamen, Fujian 

Premiere Time: December 16, 2021 

Director: Lu Lunchang, 

Screenplay: Wang Xiaoqiang 

Producer: Zhang Haidong 

Starring: Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, and Ning Li 

Number of Episode: 37 episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online play platform: iqiyi 

enemy synopsis and cast
Image Via baike.baidu.com 

Plot Story of Enemy (对手)

A group of state security police officers with superb wisdom found clues of "spy" in their calm daily life. With their superb investigative skills and love for the country and the people, they overcome all difficulties and won the final victory.

5th Episode Summary of Enemy (对手)

Episode 1

A pair of spy couples living in the mainland from abroad, the life of the mid-life crisis is very difficult. In front of them, the female team leader of the National Security Agency's project team leads the team to investigate closely, and behind them, there is a cruel top line pressing step by step. What should this lost couple who are struggling to make choices in between?

Episode 2

Li Tang Design obtained the surveillance video of the taxi company, and used the cameras of all taxis in Xiamen to find Yaoji. Li Tang suddenly received a call, and Lin Yu, the new upline in place of Yaoji, connected with him and asked him to go to the bathroom of the 1970 bar to deliver a USB flash drive. A man in a suit took the USB flash drive, and the man in a suit However, he died unexpectedly, and the USB flash drive was handed over to the task force where Duan Yingjiu of the National Security Bureau worked.

Episode 3

When Li Tang returned home, he found that Yaoji had come, and Yaoji's purpose was to let Li Tang find out that he had been there and left information about his hiding place. Before Li Tang, it seemed that someone had found Yaoji first. After interrogation, Duan Yingjiu found that the mechanic was just an errand and could not catch the big fish above. Duan Yingjiu knew the code name of Phoenix for the first time.

Episode 4

In order to prevent Huang Deming from leaving, Taoyuan created a car accident. Hsinchu, Hualien, hurriedly boarded the ambulance where Huang Deming was, but unexpectedly encountered Baoping, a spy from another group of forces. During the fight, Huang Deming died, the three failed their mission, Baoping was tied back to his residence by three young spies, and the three speculated that he might be someone from the north. The three young spies couldn't be contacted online and worried about whether they would be able to return to the outside world. Baoping took the opportunity to go to the toilet to untie the ropes that bound his hands, and took the opportunity to release the gas in an attempt to choke the three to death and then escape.

Episode 5

Duan Yingjiu returned to the National Security Bureau to interview the newcomers, and was deeply impressed by Ding Xiaohe, Huang Hai, and Zhu Hui. Li Tang drove with Ding Meixi to Zhengxin Technology Company, Ding Meixi attracted everyone's attention, Li Tang disguised as a maintenance worker and took the opportunity to sneak into Liu Xiaohua's office to install a bug, but was almost discovered by Liu Xiaohua, Li Tang broke the water pipe in Liu Xiaohua's office and escaped . After the operation, Ding Meixi asked Liu Xiaohua to eat alone.

Cast of Enemy (对手)

Guo Jingfei as Li Tang

Li Tang is a taxi driver who hides in the busy city. He explores anxiously in cities that he does not belong to him every day, recording his secret thoughts in a small notebook. Looks a little sad, but seems to have seen the world through.

Tan Zhuo as Ding Meixi

Ding Meixi is Li Tang’s wife. As a people’s teacher, she is very charming on the podium, but she is very secular in her life. Her care for money is very different from the image of a teacher in school.

Yan Bingyan as Duan Yingjiu

Duan Yingjiu is an investigator of the National Security Agency. He is good at observing and learning. He can always see information that others have overlooked and observe subtle changes. Thoughtfulness is her professional characteristic, and "rough" is her attitude towards life. It is this talent and contrast between professions and beliefs that make her and Li Tang and his wife have a relationship that is constantly cutting and arguing.

Ning Li as Lin Yu

Lin Yu is a "ruthless character" with particularly strong self-control. As the "leaders" of Li Tang and Ding Meixi, he has his own unique management style. It is reported that Lin Yu, who played Ning Li this time, has hidden many unknown secrets, and his every move affects the fate of the main character

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