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Dear Children (亲爱的孩子们) is an urban emotional drama directed by Meng Liang, starring Lunuo, Ma Li, and Wu Qijiang, and starring Shao Weitong, Cui Xinxin, Xin Yuxi, Tao Luoyi and others. The play was broadcast on CCTV Eight on December 2, 2021, and simultaneously broadcast on iQiyi, PP Video, CC Video, LeTV Video, Fengxing Video, Youku Video, and Watermelon Video.

Chinese Drama Dear Children (亲爱的孩子们) tells the touching story of a group of young people who are keeping up with the pace of the times under the great changes, guarding family relationships, chasing ideals on their own lives, and finally returning to their original aspirations. 

Detail of Dear Children (亲爱的孩子们)

Chinese Title: 亲爱的孩子们 (Dear Children) 
English Title: Dear Children 
Genre: Contemporary Urban 
Production Company: Nanjing Radio and Television 
Filming Location: Hengdian 
Premiere time: December 2, 2021 
Director: Meng Liang 
Screenplay: Wu Yihe, Chen Zhe, Ulan Na Risong , Li Xiang 
Producer: Sun Yannan 
Starring Lunuo, Ma Li, Wu Qijiang, Shao Weitong, Cui Xinxin, Xin Yuxi, Tao Luoyi, Min Chunxiao.
Number of Episode: 40 episodes. 
Length of Each episode: 45 minutes
Online broadcast platform: iqiyi, PP video, CCTV, LeTV video, popular video, Youku video, 

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Plot Story of Dear Children (亲爱的孩子们)

At the beginning of 1980, the Mu brothers and sisters with dreams felt the signals of the change of the times, and they worked hard to seize the opportunity to realize their dreams. Mu Feng's college dreams, Mu Lin's car dreams, Mu Chun's stage dreams, and Mu Yue's reporter dreams urge the Mu family to move forward. Many years later, Mullin's automobile fuel-saving device developed successfully, allowing him to own his life's first truck and his own business. Mu Xie adhered to the original aspirations and morals of the reporter, and exposed his elder brother Mu Feng's illegal behavior to destroy the ecology in pursuit of profit. 

On the road to entrepreneurship, Mullin solved the transportation difficulties for farmers, found product sales channels for them, and led the company step by step on a path of professionalization and standardization. The great changes of the times have not only made people's lives better and better, but also made people's spiritual realm more open and tolerant. The grievances of the Mu family and the Bai family that lasted for more than two decades gradually melted away, and the marriage of Mulin and Bai Ge also ushered in new hope.

5th Episode Summary of Dear Children

Episode 1

Several heavy freight trucks are parked in the yard of Hongguang Machinery Factory's motorcade, and some accessories are scattered around. The mechanics overhauled the car. Mullin lay on his back under the car for overhaul. He crawled out from the bottom of the car with a sullen face and let Minggang try to start a fire. The car's starter roared and Mullin turned to repair other vehicles to be repaired. In the song and dance rehearsal hall, Bai Ge and Zhang Chenguang are rehearsing, with graceful dance posture and tacit coordination. The dancers onlookers admired the gossip of the two while whispering, only Mu Chun watched Jin Yong's martial arts novels attentively. 

At the end of the song, the coach praised him and announced that the leading actor in the performance next month was Baige. Zhang Chenguang excitedly wanted to high-five with Bai Ge to celebrate, Bai Ge dodged, and left with Mu Chun. On the first day of the college entrance examination, Mu Feng calmly answered the paper. At the end of the first half of the exam, I discussed the content of the test papers with my friend Li Kaixuan. The two educated youths who had returned to the city could not keep up because they had gone to the countryside for several years. However, Mu Feng had a good foundation and went home and reviewed the system. It's just letting go of freedom. In Dongping No. 1 Prison, a girl dressed in casual clothes walked through the iron gate, and Mu Xue, the youngest daughter of the Mu family, was released from prison.

Episode 2

Mu Feng came to the alley and saw Xue Hua who was pregnant and defected. At the beginning, Mu Feng was to go back to the city to take the college entrance examination and divorced Xue Hua on a false basis. He promised Xue Hua that once he found a job, he would bring Xue Hua to the city. After the divorce, Xue Hua found out that he was pregnant. Now that he had a big belly, he could only come to Mu Feng. Mu Feng couldn't take Xue Hua home and planned to find a guest house nearby to settle Xue Hua. Mullin and Bai Ge had a date by the river, and they told each other sincerely. Mullin finally had a formal job. Bai Ge was happy for Mullin, but the relationship between the two people was met by family members when Bai Haowen exposed Mu Tianyang’s affairs. In the end, Bai Ge put pressure on Mullin and had to clarify the relationship. A month later, the two families sat together to discuss marriage.

Episode 3

For his marriage with Bai Ge, Mullin carefully prepared Li Ailing's favorite dishes at home. As a result, Li Ailing came back but made Mulin kneel in front of Mu's father's death photo. Li Ailing could never forget that it was Bai Haowen who wrote the big-character poster that led to the death of Mu's father. It was the Bai family that made the Mu family's harmonious family take a hit. With blood debts in front of her, she could not agree to the love between Mullin and Bai Ge. Xue Hua finally stayed in Xu Liqun's house. Before Mu Feng left, Xue Hua only asked Mu Feng to tell Mu's mother about her pregnancy. Mu Feng wandered all the way home, he didn't know how to speak. On the road, I met Liu Yang who was going home. Liu Yang asked Mu Feng whether he married a rural wife when he went to the countryside to be an educated youth. Mu Feng's heart suddenly became unbalanced. He denied that he had married a rural wife, and asked Xue Hua. The fact of pregnancy.

Episode 4

Mu Chun came to find Mullin, Bai Ge wanted to hop the house, Mullin urgently went to find Egret. It turns out that Bai Ge threatened to jump from the room because Wang Mudan hid the household registration. Wang Mudan didn't eat this set at all. Bai Haowen asked Wang Mudan to show his household registration to Bai Ge. Wang Mudan firmly disagreed and started quarreling with Bai Haowen. Zhang Chenguang arrived, in order to get Bai Ge down from the roof and confessed to Bai Ge in public. Bai Ge ignored Zhang Chenguang and bluntly said it had nothing to do with him. 

Wang Mudan is 100 satisfied with Zhang Chenguang. Wang Mudan irritated Bai Ge repeatedly, Bai Haowen said that Bai Ge had a strong temperament and couldn't help it. Mullin hurried there, but Wang Mudan let Mullin stay cool. Bai Haowen was dissatisfied with Wang Mudan's stimulating action, and the most important thing at the moment was to let Bai Ge come down from the roof. Bai Ge also repeatedly threatened that if he jumped off the roof, Wang Mudan would force it.

Episode 5

Li Ailing came home and asked about Mullin and Bai Ge. She said that Bai Ge is a good girl, but because of the grievances between her parents, she could not accept Bai Ge into Mu’s door and comfort Mulin. As long as she enters the factory, it’s okay. There are so many girls. Mulin didn't want to listen to Li Ailing's nagging, interrupted Li Ailing, and told her to drive with Chi Shuai on the weekend and take Mu Xue out to relax. When Liu Yang returned home, his parents joked that Liu Yang saw a boy taking her home. Knowing that Mu Feng is Li Ailing’s son, they praised Mu Feng, encouraged Liu Yang and Mu Feng to fall in love, so that Liu Yang had time to meet Mu Feng came to eat at home.

Cast of Dear Children (亲爱的孩子们)

Lenox Lu as Mu Lin

Leah Ma as Bai Ge

Wu Qi Jiang as Mu Feng

Shao Wei Tong as Zhang Chen Guang

Cui Xin Xin as Mu Chun

Tao Luo Yi as Zhang Xiao Qing

Min Chun Xiao as Liu Yang

Na Jia Wei as Li Kai Xuan

Xin Yu Xi as Mu Xue

Wang Hong Mesi as Wang Mu Dan

Han Ming as Chi Shuai

Xu Cheng Lin as Liu Xiang Nan

Zhang Yi Xin as Xu Feng Juan

Niu Zhi Qiang as Yu Tuan Zhang

Li Bao Min as Huang Guo Sheng

Zhu Hai Jun as Guo Yuan Chao

Jian Ze Qi as Xiao Yun

Luo Yong Chang as Yin Xiao Liang

Du Chang An as Chief Jia

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