Ball Lightning (球状闪电) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Ball Lightning (球状闪电) series filmed in 2019. The series filed by Shanghai Yingma Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The series produced by iQiyi and Yitong Production & Dream Media.

In addition, this drama will be streamed through the iQiyi membership online streaming service. The filming is set to commence in late 2021, with Xiangshan and Beijing as the filming location. The Chinese Drama Ball Lightning (球状闪电) will be shot over the course of about six months. The casting procedure for the series has yet to be completed.

Ball Lightning (球状闪电) is a drama based on writer Liu Cuxin's popular novel. The protagonist, Chen, and his family are slain when they are struck by a ball of light. When he was still in high school, his family was involved in an incident. He decided to explore ball lightning as a result of the incident. They make a shocking discovery concerning their findings with the help of a physicist named Ding Yun.

Ball Lightning (球状闪电) tells the story of Major Lin Yun, who was kidnapped by the "observer" from outer space and witnessed the tragic misfortune of his mother, led a special team to overcome difficulties and use the nuclear fusion triggered by ball lightning to completely destroy the Observer Project.

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Detail of Ball Lightning (球状闪电)

Chinese Title: 球状闪电 (Ball Lightning)

English Title: Ball Lightening

Genre: Science Fiction

Production area: Mainland of China 

Directed: Pan Anzi

Starring: Tong Yao and Wang Anyu

Number  of Episode: 42 episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Platform: iqiyi 

Plot Story of Ball Lightning (球状闪电)

Major Lin Yun returned to Earth with a cold and mysterious veil after being kidnapped by "observers" from outer space and seeing his mother's awful catastrophe. And defeat the "observer's" theft of the earth, as well as the observer's criminal gang, the Garden of Eden. Dr. Chen Chen, a gay, became obsessed with ball lightning after his parents died in an accident. Lin Yun accidentally witnessed the force of ball lightning during an operation against the Garden of Eden, bringing Chen Chen's study into the forefront of the creation of new idea weapons.

After that, they organized a ball lightning special group and began a series of ball lightning exploratory research projects. Everyone was continuously threatened by dark forces as study deepened and progressed. Lin Yun, on the other hand, remained courageous, leading the special team to overcome obstacles and finally unravel the mystery of ball lightning. Lin Yun exploited the nuclear fusion generated by the ball lightning to utterly ruin the alien observer's plan, dying along with it and transforming into a quantum state. Chen Chen finally grasped Lin Yun's apathy and perseverance as he gazed at a blue sun rising from the sky.

Cast of Ball Lightning (球状闪电)

Tong Yao 

Wang Anyu

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