A Storm of Wind And Cloud (凭栏一片风云起) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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A Storm of Wind And Cloud (凭栏一片风云起) is directed by Jin Chen, starring Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xilin, Zhang He, Lin Zilu, starring Liu Jiatong, Zhang Yuqi, Li Mincheng, Ma Xiaofan, Cai Xinyang, Liu Yangke, starring Gao Weiguang with friendship, Hu Yajie, Wang Siyi , Xi Yuli, and Ma Li specially starred in the TV series.

Chinese Drama A Storm of Wind And Cloud (凭栏一片风云起) focuses on the national disaster period of 1937-1945, telling the story of the choices and sacrifices made by the two generations of three intellectual families in Peking, facing the great turbulence and changes of the times.

Detail of A Storm of Wind And Cloud

Chinese Title: 凭栏一片风云起 (Leaning on the Rails)

English Title: A Storm of Wind And Cloud

Genre: drama, war 

Production Company: Huace Group, Beijing Zhongtian Quexi Film and Television 

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Distribution Company: Huace Films (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 

Director: Jin Chen, 

Screenwriter: Mai Ling, Wu Xiaomei 

Producer: Sun Xu 

Starring: Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xilin, Zhang He, Lin Zilu 

Number of Episode: 40 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Producer: Zhao Yifang, Fu Binxing, Wu Xiaomei 

A Storm of Wind And Cloud synopsis
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Plot Story of A Storm of Wind And Cloud

Pingjin fell in 1937. In order to preserve the context, several universities in the north decided to move south to Changsha. Soon after, war broke out in Changsha. Meng Haitang, a lecturer at the National Peking University School of Medicine, escorted young students to Chongqing. During the escort, Meng Haitang, Kang Lanshang, Zhang Qi and other exiled teams from Southwest Associated University established the school in exile, and continued to sing songs all the way. Haitang and Zhang Qi fell in love with each other in the friction, and they supported each other, and then developed the medical school under Peking University in Chongqing. 

Soon, Haitang was dismissed from school for some reason. Haitang and Zhang Qixi entered Kunming, married under the witness of Ling Kang and his wife, and re-developed the medical school in Mengzi. The Myanmar-Burma battle was tight. Haitang and Zhang Qi led some students to the battlefield to establish a battlefield hospital. During the Battle of Pinggu, Zhang Qi was captured by the Japanese army and his whereabouts have been unknown since then. Begonia, who was pregnant at that time, had a miscarriage for the only blood of the Zeng family. 

In 1949, Haitang and Lan Shan refused the invitation to travel east to Taiwan and stayed in the new China. Haitang continued to engage in education, while Kang Lanshan inherited his husband's will and engaged in historical research. Haitang never stopped searching for Zhang Qi, and the two talents were reunited 30 years later.

Cast of A Storm of Wind And Cloud

Hu Yitian as Zhang Qi

Zhang Ruonan as Meng Haitang

Wang Jinsong as Ling Wenyue

Zhang Xilin as Meng Wuran

Zhang He as Zeng Nian Qiao

Lin Zilu as Ling Qianying

Li Mincheng as Ding Huansheng

Liu Jiatong as Dragon Pearl

Zhang Yuqi as Xu Yuanyin

Ma Xiaofan as Meng Haichen

Qin Bokun as Lu Ziyi

Liu Yangke as Li Donglai

Cai Xinyang as Zeng Poshan

Ma Li as Li Xinye

He Minghan as Tang Shizhen

Hu Yajie as Zeng Mu

Wang Siyi as Gao Aiju

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